2 Steps to Install Kodi Exodus Redux Addon (UPDATED)

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This easy tutorial shows you How to Install Kodi Exodus Redux Addon.  This addon is a reincarnation of the Kodi Exodus addon, which is possibly the best Kodi addon ever!

However, it is good to note that Exodus is a third-party extension of Kodi. Therefore, the creators of Kodi do not support the extension in any way.

Through this guide, you will easily install a recent copy known as Exodus Redux.

What is Kodi Exodus Redux Addon?

Up to this moment, Exodus remains the top popular Kodi extension, because of its many available choices of documentaries, kids shows, television shows, and movies.

Although the real creators of Exodus add-on disowned it last year, the modern Redux model managed to crowd-pull the site, and it is much better than it has ever been.

We shortlisted Exodus among the best Kodi extensions due to its high amount of content, and popularity.

Some amazing filtering choices are offered by Exodus Kodi add-on, hence enabling you to choose television programs and movies according to categories, such as Western, War, Thriller, Sport, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Musical, Music, Horror, History, Fantasy, Family, Drama, Documentary, Crime, Comedy, Biography, Anime, Animation, Adventure, and Action.

Also, Exodus features other amazing classes, which include New Movies, In Theaters, Oscar Winners, Box Office, Most Voted, and Most Popular.

Here are our step-by-step guides to use in installing Exodus Kodi extension on your device. We have compiled both a screenshot guide and a video tutorial.

Golden hint: Whenever you are streaming unpaid TV shows and movies using third-party extensions like Exodus Redux, ensure you are always using a VPN, for the security and protection of your identity.

How to Install Kodi Exodus Redux Addon

Here is a guide to teach you how to install the Kodi Exodus Redux extension in about 5 minutes:

  1. Open your Kodi
  2. If it is turned off, enable Unknown sources. Go to system settings, then add-ons, and select toggle, which is next to unknown sources.
  3. Now click the settings button followed by clicking the file manager.
  4. Click add source, and then click<None>
  5. Enter the Exodus repo address URL: https://i-a-c.github.io/
  6. Then select OK.
  7. Under the source which you have just entered is a box. Highlight it and add a suitable name for the media source, and click OK button. You can name it exodus or whatever name you wish, although it should be easier to remember.
  8. Move to the Kodi home screen. While on the home screen, click the Add-ons icon.
  9. At the top-left corner of the Add-ons page, click the open box icon.
  10. Select install from zip file
  11. Select the name you gave your media source, which we named exodus in our case.
  12. Click repo zip folder, followed by clicking the repository.exodusredux.zip file.
  13. Relax until you get a notification showing Exodus Redux Repo add-on have been installed.
  14. After receiving the message, select install from Repository.
  15. Now select Exodus Redux Repo, followed by clicking Video Add-ons.
  16. Finally, select Exodus Redux and then click the install button.
  17. After some time, you will get a notification message indicating Exodus Redux Add-on has been installed successfully.
  18. Get back to the primary menu of Kodi and launch Exodus.
  19. Select the tools button.
  20. After the expansion of the tools window, click the Settings icon, and select providers.
  21. Modify the provider source module to Lambda Scrapers, to activate it.
  22. Now click the OK button.

Experience the best from Exodus Kodi

Whenever you are streaming or downloading, ensure you have protected yourself.

To maintain privacy and protect their devices, all Kodi users are advised to ensure they are always using a VPN, whenever they are streaming live channels, sports, TV shows, and free movies.

If you are accessing the internet without VPN connection, your online activities can be accessed by hackers, your government, and an internet service provider.

KodiFireTV uses IPVanish VPN to stream and access the internet, hence recommending it because it offers an all-inclusive package.

Here is the Special IPVanish promotion

Grab a lifetime IPVanish VPN at $3.74/ month discount. If the service will not impress you, IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back assurance.

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Detailed Description of Exodus Kodi

It is worth noting that most movies that have been shortlisted under the In-Theater category in Exodus add-on are either of low quality or feature hard-coded and permanent Chinese subtitles. Thus, KFireTV suggests you view movies that are presently on DVD or Blu-ray for an amazing experience.

However, there are other high-quality third-party services and Kodi extensions that you can combine with Exodus via the Tools segment.  To trace anything that you have watched on any of your devices with Kodi installed, you can combine Exodus with your Trakt account.  Furthermore, you can set up the RealDebrid, which is an uncontrolled downloader service that aids in eliminating buffering in Exodus.

After installing the Exodus add-on, you can watch the bonus video on our site, which explains how you can auto-play excellent Kodi Exodus streams without having to authorize the mandatory code. Anyone using the Exodus Kodi add-on must watch the video.

Repeatedly Asked Question- Is Kodi Add-on Legal?

Each country has its own laws, hence varying laws. However, just like the various kinds of technology, whatever you are watching via Kodi add-ons like Exodus determines if it is legal. There are movies and TV shows which are available in the public domain, which you can view via Exodus. Thus, in such cases, there is no violation you have done.

Best Movies in Public Domain

Although there are many copyrighted TV shows and movies that you can access through Exodus, accessing them is treated as a violation of copyrights in most countries.

Therefore, it is advisable you use a VPN at any time you are using Kodi, to maintain your streaming logs private. Getting connected to a VPN before using Kodi makes your online presence anonymous. Thus, your internet service provider cannot trace whatever you are viewing via Kodi extensions like Exodus.

To access free tutorials about how to install VPN on Kodi, kindly check our website.

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