Here’s the Kodi Download for Android.  This includes direct download links for the Kodi APK file, the Kodi Android installer on Google Play, and Kodi for Fire Stick..  First we show you the links (immediately below).  Then, we show you how to install Kodi on Android and Fire Stick / Fire TV.

Kodi Download for Android

What is Kodi for Android?

KODI is available as an Android app and you can easily download Kodi for free. This award-winning platform is highly acclaimed by the public and critics alike (KODI won several awards and recognitions over time).  But one of the most exciting things about this platform is that it is completely open source.  This means that users enjoy the ability to play a wide variety of content, from movies and TV shows to songs, photos and other media.

The XBMC foundation developed KODI as a native application for a wide variety of systems, including iOs, Windows and Mac OS X.  Therefore, it is also possible to download a version of the platform that has been specifically conceived for Android users.

Kodi TV Addons

If you are looking to download KODI, it is important to understand that KODI does not contain content: it is a way to stream and play content! You can provide your own material from your own personal libraries as well as from other add-ons that can be available for free download. If you want to get Kodi up and running FAST, then just install TV Addons:




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For example, if you want to play Youtube videos in your Android device, you can easily do this with KODI: all you need to do is download and install an add-on that will allow you to stream YouTube content. This is only an example: the possibilties are truly endless, particularly because KODI is an open source platform, as mentioned earlier. This means that many developers from all around the world offer different add-ons, or “Kodi plugins” / “Kodi Addons”.

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What are Kodi Addons?

These TV Addons add streaming TV functions to KODI.  This is necessary n order to customize Kodi’s features, as well as give you more and more content to stream. Furthermore, this is a great platform for Android users looking for an amazing media player.  Enjoy this streaming solution that allows for a versatile, quick and easy operation spanning many different types of content.

Kodi Download for Android (Official Download Link)

Here’s the official Kodi website‘s download link for Android.  If you want to download KODI for Android, all you need to do is visit the following URL link:

On this page, you will be directed to the native version of KODI for whichever platform you desire. Options for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOs, and even Windows are available. If you want to install KODI on an Android device, then you will have to select the Android version and proceed to download the app on Google Play.  The download process should be extremely easy, but if you are experiencing any issues, then go over to the following link:

Problem Installing Kodi?

The cool folks at KODI were kind enough to provide an amazing network of advice, solutions, tips.  So, use their information to help you install KODI on your Android device as simply and as quickly as possible.  Although, you will find many solutions in our videos on the KFire TV YouTube Channel.