Kodi Disable Subtitles by Default

How to Make Kodi Disable Subtitles on ALL Videos:

Disable Subtitles in Kodi by default

Kodi: Disable Subtitles by default

Have you ever sat down to watch a great movie using Kodi only to find out that you need to have Kodi disable subtitles on ALL videos individually?  If your first language isn’t English, this may be a reasonable option for you.  But for most users of this site, our primary language is English.  Learn about subtitles and the difference between Forced Subtitles vs Hardcoded Subtitles.  More importantly, find out how to how to Remove Hardcoded Subtitles.

The fact is, Kodi subtitles can be annoying – especially when your first language is English and 99% of your movies were recorded in English.  So, to have Kodi disable subtitles in all movies, simply disable the subtitles for an individual movie and tell Kodi to save it as the default for all movies.  The steps for this can also be found at the official Kodi wiki.

Here is the step-by-step guide to make Kodi disable subtitles by default:

  1.  While playing a video, click the mouse on the screen to bring up the on-screen display.
  2. In Kodi’s on-screen display under Audio Options, uncheck the Enable Subtitles button.
  3. At the bottom of the on-screen display, select “Save as default for all videos“.  That’s it!  Kodi disable subtitles is now part of your life.
  • Tip:  If you’re using Kodi with a device that has a full keyboard, press the letter “t” to disable subtitles.

Here are some fun screenshots of Kodi subtitles that should probably have been disabled:

Kodi Subtitles Still Showing Up?

If you had Kodi disable subtitles but they’re still showing up, it’s likely that you have hardcoded subtitles or forced subtitles.  This means the subtitles don’t exist in a separate file, but are actually part of the video frames in the movie.  This can be difficult to get rid of – but it can be done.  Keep reading to see how to remove hardcoded subtitles for viewing in Kodi.

Forced Subtitles vs Hardcoded Subtitles

  • Forced subtitles = subtitles for foreign language sections of the movie, where the majority of the movie is in a native language (usually English).
  • Hardcoded subtitles = Subtitles are embedded in the video file itself and can’t be separated out.

Example of forced subtitles:  Kill Bill Vol. 2.  In this movie, some scenes have Japanese audio.  For viewers who don’t speak Japanese, these scenes would be tough to figure out if it weren’t for Forced subtitles.

How to Remove Hardcoded Subtitles

  • Try Delogo (for VirtualDub video software.  You’ll have to download and Install Virtual Dub, then install Delogo)
    • You can specify the Area which should be cleared with ease using Delogo
    • This results in a bar over the subtitles which blends the surrounding colors, and which is clearly visible.  This is the best solution to remove hardcoded subtitles.
    • Here’s a nice forum topic on removing hardcoded subtitles with Delogo
  • Try LogoAway
    • This is another “logo-go-away” app, which may be applied to disabling hardcoded subtitles
  • Try Alpha Masks
    • Alpha masks is yet another hardcoded-subtitles-remover app.

Final Words on Kodi and How To Make Kodi Disable Subtitles:

Basically, if your video’s subtitles are hardcoded, it’s difficult to remove them.  But it can be done with Delogo or other apps (read above).

If your video’s subtitles and not hardcoded, it’s easy to have Kodi disable subtitles (see above).  It’s just a matter of viewing a video in Kodi, opening the audio settings, disabling subtitles, and then clicking the button to apply it to all future views.

Happy viewing (subtitle-free)!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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