This is a Kodi Complete Setup Guide 2017 version, with everything you need to know about your Fire TV / FireStick & Kodi.  We show you how to install Kodi, install TV Addons, install Config Wizard, Kodi Builds, how to reset Kodi, Enable ADB Debugging, and all other Kodi power-user necessities.

Kodi Complete Setup Guide 2017

  1. Enable ADB Debugging
  2. Install Kodi on FireStick, AndroidWindows
  3. Add XBMC Hub Wizard (aka “Fusion“) as a File Source in Kodi
  4. Install Config Wizard to install the best TV Addons
  5. Install Kodi Skins and find them here
  6. Use Add-On Installer to Install TV Addons individually
  7. Use the Kodi Fresh Start tool to Reset Kodi (video tutorial) clear out your Kodi installation and restore it to factory settings
  8. Install Kodi Beast Build
  9. How to Use Exodus for Kodi with Fire TV Remote
  10. How to Set Up Kodi with the CetusPlay Sideloader & Remote App on Smartphone
  11. How to Control & Navigate Kodi with Bluetooth Mouse / Bluetooth Keyboard for Kodi

Kodi Builds

Best Kodi Addons




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What is Kodi?

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Kodi is simply just an app which happens to be a great platform for watching Videos.

History of Kodi?

To summarize the History of Kodi, the Kodi app has existed for several years under another name, XBMC, which was originally created for the Original Xbox console.  Although the platform was so great at playing Video content that developers from all over created different “ports”, or version of Kodi that work on all kinds of operating systems like Windows, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

How Does Kodi Work on FireTV?

Therefore, the way that Kodi “works” on FireStick & Fire TV is by utilizing the Android version of Kodi, since the Fire TV Operating System is just a customized version of Android OS.  This is why we can download the “Android ARM” version of Kodi (which is a .apk file) and use that to install Kodi on FireStick.

So the Kodi app is just a Video app to which many developers have contributed some amazing streaming TV Addons.  But don’t forget that Kodi is still the best at playing local video files, playing games, and various other paid subscription services and free movie streaming services like Crackle & Popcornflix.

Wrap Up

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

This Kodi complete Setup Guide 2017 Version should be enough to educate you on how to do a Kodi Complete setup on FireStick & Fire TV.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, let us know on the KFire TV YouTube Channel!