Important Update for November 17, 2017! The Colossus Repository has folded up shop due to a massive DMCA notice hand-out that happened over the past 48 hours. Check the front page of KFire TV for up-to-date news and relevant info on TV addons and repositories that are still available. If you are looking for the Covenant addon, which made its home in Colossus, it has moved temporarily into the XvBMC REPOsitory.

The XBMC/Kodi Colossus repository steps up as the main contender for the TVAddons replacement your Firestick has been longing for. To install TV Addons expecting the glory you may have heard of is futile. If you are seeking the late Phoenix or Exodus, which were housed in the TVAddons repository, read on. While the TVAddons team still exists, they are essentially gone where third-party Kodi add-ons are concerned. In the wake of the TVAddons takedown and trial, others have disappeared as collateral damage. This includes the wildly popular Phoenix and Exodus Kodi add-ons. Their successors live on, however…

From Phoenix and Exodus come Bennu and Covenant

Follow this guide to install Colossus, the best available TV Addons replacement Kodi repository for your Firestick. Colossus is chock full of the best and brightest new stars in the third-party add-on line-up for Kodi. The Colossus repository houses both the Bennu and Covenant Kodi add-ons. Rebranded, Phoenix and Exodus became Bennu and Covenant. Many people still attempt to install these immensely popular add-ons based upon outdated information. With the Kodi Colossus repo, you may yet have what you want on your Firestick. It may be known by another name, though it still smells as sweet.

We’ve mentioned Bennu in a few articles lately. This is the revamped and renamed Phoenix in a different skin. The late, great favorite Kodi video addon Phoenix went down along with its parent repo TV Addons. Also included within the TVAddons repo was the late Exodus, another favorite of Kodi users worldwide. The Exodus codebase has been updated and redubbed Covenant. Both Bennu and Covenant make their homes within the Colossus repository.




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Most of the add-ons available in the Kodi Colossus repository serve pirated streams. This can make using these third-party add-ons a bit of a gamble without the protection of a VPN.

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Let TVAddons Be A Warning

The use of any Kodi add-ons can be a serious security risk. This is especially true if they’re unauthorized by the XBMC Foundation or Kodi Project. These third-party add-ons lack the strict code validation of XBMC Foundation authorized Kodi add-ons. These highly sought-after unofficial add-ons typically offer primarily pirated content. TVAddons was taken down due to this fact, and the litigation continues. Third-party add-ons are also quite a bit more vulnerable to corruption and hacking than official add-ons. Before you use any Kodi addon, take precautions. Set up and use a secure VPN to remain anonymous and protect your data. This is extremely important. We see over 20,000 unique visitors every day on this site. As a result, we hear a lot of horror stories from people not using a VPN. These links also get you 60% off of the very best VPN for Kodi users – IPVanish!

Kodi Colossus Repo Info for Experienced Installers

If you’ve installed Kodi repositories and plug-ins onto your Firestick before, then you probably only need the URL. You’ll find the Kodi Colossus repository located within the Ares repository at You can also install both the Ares and Colossus repositories from within the SuperRepo repository located at Maybe you’ve experienced installing items into Kodi from downloaded zip files. If so, you can go directly to the Kodi Colossus repository’s home source at or just download the repo zip file found at

Allow Unknown Sources

If you haven’t already, allow Kodi to install from unknown sources.

  1. Enter Kodi Settings (gear icon) above the home menu
    Install Colossus Repo - system settings

  2. At this point, go into the System Settings
    Colossus Installation - System Settings

  3. In the Add-ons menu item, then turn on Unknown Sources
    Toggle Unknown Sources

  4. And last, choose Yes on the warning dialog
    Colossus Install for Kodi - Warning Dialog

Install the Ares Repo

The Ares repository is home to some of the best Kodi add-ons to date. It also houses the Colossus repository, making it a super or mega repo. Follow along as we install it, then check out some tutorials we’ve written lately to install more great add-ons from the Ares Repo.

  1. Go back to the Kodi Settings screen (gear icon above main Kodi menu)
    system settings

  2. This time, select the File Manager
    Colossus repo for Kodi Installation - File Manager

  3. Now, choose to Add Source
    Colossus Installation for Kodi - Add Source

  4. At this point, select None (enables manual media source addition)
    Ares repo Installation - Choose None

  5. Enter the Ares Project’s repository URL (, then OK
    Install Ares repo for Kodi

  6. Then, name it Ares Repo and hit OK
    Give it Ares Repo name

  7. Check that your input was correctly typed, then choose OK a last time… for now.
  8. Return to Kodi’s Main Menu, then go into the Add-ons area
    Ares repository install - choose add-ons menu item

  9. Go into the Add-on browser (AKA Package Manager – open box icon) above the main menu
    Ares Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

  10. Choose to Install from zip file
    Colossus Installation in Kodi - install from zip file

  11. Next, pick the Ares Repo
    choose Ares Repo

  12. Next, you will see a file similar to Select it
    Select the Ares Project's repo zip file

  13. In just a moment, you should see a popup that says Add-on Installed
    Ares Repo installed popup

Install the Kodi Colossus Repo

Now, we install the late TV Addons repo’s timely replacement, the Colossus Kodi repository. If you’ve been following this step-by-step guide up to this point, you are in the Add-on browser. If you already had the Ares Repo installed and skipped the above section, go back and note step 9 to get where you need to be if necessary.

  1. Choose Install from repository for this repository installation. Seems odd, doesn’t it?
    Kodi Colossus - Choose Install from Repository

  2. We’ll use the Ares Project item to install the Kodi Colossus repo from
    Choose the Ares Project

  3. Enter the Add-on repository directory
    Add-on repository folder

  4. Select the Colossus Repository to install
    select Colossus

  5. Activate Install to the bottom right.
    install the Kodi Colossus repo

  6. In the event of a Select Version dialog, choose the Ares Project. Their updates will be the most up to date.
    select version

  7. The Colossus repo has been installed successfully once you see the popup dialog.
    Kodi Colossus install success

Install the Colossus repo on Kodi and use a VPN

Now That You’re Colossal

The Colossus repo grows rapidly in popularity every day. Containing the amazing add-ons Bennu and Covenant—even SportsDevil and Adult Swim—makes Colossus a must-have Kodi repo. Be careful though, as this makes Colossus a top target as well. That is what happened with the ill fated TV Addons third party repo before it was shut down. Please make sure you are protecting yourself with a highly secure VPN when viewing the content in the Colossus repo. Enjoy!