How to Install Clowns Replica Kodi Addon

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Kodi media player cares about their users, and that is the reason they keeping on introducing new things in the software.  Third party developers also create some awesome Kodi addons, such as the Kodi Clowns Replica addon.

They launched the Clowns Replica Kodi addon to make different TV shows and Movies much more accessible for the user.

But what exactly is the Clowns Replica Kodi addon?  To answer this question, we have written a guide on this addon. Let’s see How to Install Clowns Replica Kodi Addon.

What is Clowns Replica Kodi Addon?

Clowns Replica Kodi Addon is another fantastic addon that authorizes the user to watch various movies, TV Sports and other media file via the Kodi media player.

This addon is present in MR Invisible Repo, and it contains various categories, including movies, Sports, Kids, TV shoes, YouTube, Documentaries, and many more.

  • MR Invisible Repo is the name of the Clowns Replica repo.  The MR Invisibile repo zip file name is

These categories also have multiples subcategory that grants a huge list of media files for the user.

Now that you know what Clowns Replica addon is, the next thing is installation!

So the question arises How to Install Clowns Replica Kodi Addon? If you are not familiar with the installation process, don’t worry because below is the comprehensive guide on the installation process of this addon.

Install Clowns Replica Kodi Addon

  1. First of all, open the Kodi software and search the “System Settings.”
  2. The “System Settings” icon must be available at the top left corner. Click on it.
  3. After clicking it, you will see a “File Manager” option in the first place from the left side. Select it.
  4. Following this, the screen with display different option where you will see the “Add Source.” menu option. Choose it.
  5. Then select the “NONE” option when the software asks you to browse the media location.
  6. Enter in the URL section. Then type “Invisibles” in the name section.
  7. After you are done with the URL and name, recheck both the thing and make sure it is correct so that the add-on is correctly installed.  Press OK to finish adding the new source.
  8. Now go to the main menu option where you will find the “Add-ons” option at the side of the panel. Click on it.
  9. After that, at the top left corner, the “Package Installer” icon will be displayed. Select it.
  10. Following this click on the “Install from zip file” option.
  11. Now choose the zip file named as “Invisibles.”
  12. Further, you may see multiples zip files. Select “” from the options.
  13. Now, wait for some time until the Repository download. After the download process gets completed, a popup will be displayed.
  14. After that, select the “Install from repository” option.
  15. Following this select the “MR Invisible Repo” option that is located below the all repositories option.
  16. Now at the very bottom of the software screen, you will see “Video add-on” option. Click on it.
  17. After this choose the “Clowns Replica” option that is present in the first place.
  18. Now choose the “Install” option, which is present at the extreme bottom of the right side.
  19. Wait for some time so that the Clowns Replica Kodi Addon get installed.
  20. Start streaming with the 13 Clowns Replica addon!

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