Quick Guide: Install Kodi Cheetara Addon for Kodi 16 & 17

This tutorial shows you exactly how to install Kodi Cheetara Addon.  Using this guide, you end up with the Cheetara Addon for Kodi whether you use Kodi 16 (Jarvis) or Kodi 17 (Krypton) – even with a modded skin!

These are the two basic instructions for the installation of the Cheetara add-on for Kodi. The first guide is meant for those using the Kodi 16 version and other lower versions but can also be used by individuals using the Kodi 17+ with a modded skin. The instruction is meant for Kodi 17+ users using the default Estuary skin.

Remember that the Kodi Cheetara add-on is a third-party add-on. Avoid asking questions about it on the official forums of Kodi.

Provisions of this add-on:

  • Movies
  • 1 Click Flicks
  • TV Shows
  • URL Resolver & ResolveURL Login
  • Search Trakt
  • ..and Search TMDB
  • Finally, using Kodi Cheetara Addon you can even Search IMDB

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How to Install Kodi Cheetara Addon in Kodi Jarvis (or in Kodi 17+ with a Modded Skin)

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Choose SYSTEM, then File Manager (if you are making use of a modded Kodi version or a different skin, you may have to choose SETTINGS, and File Manager.
  3. Next, choose Add Source
  4. Select None
  5. Insert the following address without modification. http://cerbrepo.space/repo/
  6. Then click Done.
  7. Make sure you highlight the box below tagged “Enter a name for this media source”, type cerb and choose OK.
  8. Return to your Home Screen
  9. Select SYSTEM
  10. Then select Add-Ons
  11. Select Install from zip file
  12. Then select cerb
  13. Choose repository.hellhounds-x.x.zip
  14. Wait for the add-on enabled notification prompt
  15. Select Install from Repository
  16. Choose Hellhounds Repository
  17. Pick Video add-ons
  18. Opt for Cheetara
  19. Click Install
  20. Wait for few minutes for the Add-on installed notification prompt.

When you see the add-on installed notice, it is a message that the add-on is ready for use and will be in your section for add-ons.

Installation of Cheetara on Kodi Krypton with Default Estuary Skin:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Choose Settings on the icon located at the top left
  3. Choose File Manager
  4. Click Add Source
  5. Choose None
  6. Insert the following details without altering it. http://cerbrepo.space/repo/ and choose OK.
  7. Make sure you highlight the box below tagged “Enter a name for this media source” and type cerb and click OK.
  8. Return to your home screen and choose add-ons from the left hand menu.
  9. On the icon that resembles a box on the top left, select browser.
  10. Choose Install from zip file
  11. Pick cerb
  12. Select repository.hellhounds-x.x.zip
  13. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  14. Select Install from Repository
  15. Then select Hellhounds Repository
  16. Select Video add-ons
  17. Then select Cheetara
  18. Select Install
  19. Wait for Add-on installed notification

The add-on will be available in your add-ons section as soon as you see the add-on installed notification.

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Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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