How to Install Kodi Cellar Door Build (UPDATED) YouTube Tutorial

Here’s how to install the (UPDATED) latest version of Kodi Cellar Door Build.

In this article, I give you two ways to learn how to install this Kodi Build:

  • Watch my YouTube tutorial (below)
  • or follow the step-by-step guide (below the video)

Cellardoor TV is a great Kodi build that features lots of Kodi addons and content. It’s one of the most popular Kodi builds out there and it works great with most streaming devices (like Amazon Firestick).

Kodi 18 Cellar Door Build YouTube tutorial  

Click here to watch my YouTube tutorial on how to install CellarDoor TV Kodi Build.

How to Install CellarDoor Build in Kodi 18.2 Leia

Click the image above to watch my Kodi Leia CellarDoor TV Build install tutorial on YouTube

What’s in CellarDoor Build?  You can find lots of amazing options in this Kodi 18 Leia build.  And you do get 3D streams, even 4k as well as regular movies. It all comes down to learning how to install this build adequately and using it as quickly as possible to make everything work the way you want it to.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Cellar Door Build for Kodi 18 Leia

  1. You need to launch Kodi at first and then select the Settings Icon, click the System Settings and then choose the Add-ons Menu.
  2. Here you want to make sure that you turn on the Unknown Sources option, otherwise you will not be able to install Cellardoor TV.
  3. Select File Manager, Add Sources, press NONE and then add this link:
  4. Then click OK.
  5. You will have to add a name for the media source, type in “Cellar door repo” or anything you want, just press OK after that and you will be fine. Go to the Home screen now.
  6. Select the Add-ons menu, click the small open box under Add-ons, click install from Zip File.
  7. Now you need to click the media name assigned above. Click on and wait for the message to appear. Click install from repository, click the Cellardoor TV repository, click the program add-ons, CDTV Wizard, Install and then wait for it to install.
  8. You will press continue, go to the main menu, Add-ons, program add-ons, enter the Cellardoor TV wizard, CDTV builds, select the desired build and then click standard install.
  9. Then wait for Kodi to download and install the CDTV Build you selected. (Kodi usually shuts down after the installation. But if that doesn’t happen you can unplug the power cord for 15 seconds and then you plug it back in.)
  10. Restart Kodi and it should all work fine.

Using the Cellardoor TV build is a very good idea as it has lots of amazing features. And as you can see the installation process is not as complex as you might imagine. It does take a bit to get used to, but you have all the features and benefits you want in a single package, and that always helps a lot.

You do want to check it out as it’s a very good option and one that will work really well if you do it properly!

Kodi Cellar Door Build Screenshots

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside CellarDoorTV Build for Kodi 18.2 Leia:

Movies in CDTV Build


TV Shows in Kodi 18 CellarDoor Build

TV Shows

Kids movies in CDTV Wizard

Kids stuff

Kodi addons in CDTV


Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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