Here’s a list of the best Kodi builds available on the world-wide Internets.  These builds are easy to install and have everything you’d ever want in a Kodi build: TV Addons for days which feature Movies, TV Shows, and Live IPTV stream sources.

Kodi Builds

  1. The Beast Build has quickly become a favorite of Kodi fans.  Install Kodi Beast (Video by KFire TV)
  2. Sky TV Kodi buildis an all-inclusive Kodi build.  Check out the author’s Twitter page.
  3. Wookie Build: The New Look is a Kodi build that really got our attention with its clean interface and great selection of TV addons.  The Wookie Wizard is a Kodi build auto-installer that provides you with an easy to use dashboard and skin-selection menu full of attractive Kodi skins.
  4. Schism Build: All In One is a great, comprehensive collection of plugins & TV Addons.
  5. Duggz Build
  6. The BlackBox
  7. XBMC Hub Wizard aka Kodi Config Wizard is one of the first Kodi builds, and was made by the TVAddons team.
  8. SilenceROM is a Kodi build that puts together several great IPTV addons in an intuitive interface.  After you click the link, go to the bottom of the page to download SilenceROM for Kodi.  Or just install SilenceROM build using Wookie Wizard.
  9. SpinzTV Wizard
  10. Wullies Mini Build is a lightweight Kodi build that performs well even on low-power devices, such as Amazon FireStick or cheap Android TV boxes.  Wullie’s build can be installed using Wookie Wizard!
  11. AChief Build is another lightweight build for Kodi that excels even on cheaper streaming devices.
  12. Nemesis is a Kodi build that emphasizes TV & movie plugins.
  13. Simplify Build
  14. The NJMSKIN Build gives us a whole array of builds from which we can choose to install.  See their Twitter page here.
  15. Alpha Build is a Kodi build made by a cat who goes by “British Barley”
  16. AQUA Build for Kodi is a collection of plugins we found to do the trick for general streaming.
  17. Mega’s Wookie Build is yet another lightweight Kodi build that’s intended for low-power devices like the Amazon Fire Stick.  See their Twitter page here.  Install Mega’s Wookie Build using the Wookie Wizard.
  18. Fire TV Build is a Kodi build made by a person who goes by “The Fire TV Guru”.  The Fire TV Build for Kodi uses the CCM Skin and features a nice selection of TV Addons to watch.  The Fire TV Build is meant to be suitable for the entire family, but you can optionally Update Fire TV Build to include adult-content-based TV Addons.
  19. Dad Life is a Build for Kodi that’s family friendly and includes a great list of Kodi plugins.  See their Facebook page here.  Dad Life is included in the Ares Wizard: To find Dad Life in Ares Wizard, scroll down ’til you see Kodi UK. Then select KodiUK and there will be 3 builds in there – one of these will be Dad Life Kodi build.
  20. Ares Wizard (aka “Ares Build”) is one of the biggest, most popular Kodi builds.  It’s a full-featured build that includes some awesome TV plugins for Kodi.
  21. Apollo is another top-ranking build for Kodi, due to its all-inclusiveness and comprehensive selection of plugins that it installs for you.  You can install Apollo using the Wookie Installer.
  22. Apollo XXXtreme is a version of Apollo focused on adult content (XXX).
  23. Gears of War Build for Kodi is a comprehensive build that should satisfy all your TV Addon needs.
  24. Horus Build is a collection of plugins that most people would like to have in their Kodi installation.
  25. Pulse CCM is one of the more popular Kodi builds.  So check it out for its great choices for TV and movies Addons!
  26. The Spinz TV Wizard / Build for Kodi has a wide selection of device types for which it can configure itself.  It can be considered a “cross-platform” Kodi build.
  27. Tomb Raider is a build for Kodi that’s lightweight and all-inclusive when it comes to TV plugins.
  28. Saints Build is yet another Kodi plugin that contains various Live TV, movie, and TV addons for your enjoyment.
  29. T2K Builds are some of the best Kodi builds out there.  Choose from an arcade T2K Build or a non-arcade T2K Build.
  30. FireTVGuru is intended for, you guessed it, Fire TV & FireStick devices by Amazon.

Apollo Build

Apollo is a great-looking Kodi build that worked amazingly well for my Amazon Firestick.  The setup time was roughly 20 minutes or so (total), but it was worth it after the install!  The Apollo build install completely upgraded the interface of my Kodi installation, installed tons of amazing TV Addons, and then was ready for me to stream.

Apollo is highly recommended, and is one of the best Kodi builds.  This Kodi build is also the only one that I found to work 100% on the Firestick (which means the Apollo Kodi build not only successfully installed all the TV Addons, but also the Skin and interface as well!).

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Apollo Install Success Rate:  100%

Skins & Interface Work on FireStick?  Yes

TVAddons Work on FireStick?  Yes

Apollo Kodi build links & resources:  

Apollo Facebook:

Apollo Repo for install wizard:


FireTVGuru Build

When we attempted to install FireTVGuru, the FireTVGuru Kodi build installed TV Addons, but not the Skin / Interface on my Firestick.

Success rate:  50% (Skin wouldn’t install on FireStick)

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Skins & Interface Work on Firestick?  No

TVAddons Work on Firestick?  Yes

FireTVGuru Kodi build links & resources:  None


Wrap Up

Kodi Builds are a great way to unleash the power of Kodi, so try out some Kodi builds.  If you’re not ready for a Kodi build, install a super-easy collection of TV Addons like those provided by Config Wizard.  Or use AddOn Installer to install TV Addons 1-by-1.

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