Kodi 19.3 Matrix: What’re New Features, Bug Fixes, Compatibility Upgrades & More!

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Kodi 19.3 Matrix is here. Surprised? You should be because the new release comes a mere two weeks after Kodi 19.2 rolled out worldwide. Developers identified some problems with the Xbox release. Instead of releasing a bug fix, they decided to address issues across all the major platforms. As a result, we got a new, updated version of the popular home theater software. 

So, Kodi 19.3 is officially out.

Like the previous versions, it supports all the popular streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire lineup of devices, Android Tv boxes, Windows, PC, Mac, and Android OS compatible streamers. It is expected to offer a better experience than the previous versions. But do not expect a major overhaul that transforms your streaming experience.

Kodi 19.3 Matrix: What’s New, Features, Bug Fixes and More

Let’s look at all the major changes, the latest feature updates, and how they impact how you interact with Kodi addons. 

Major Changes at a Glance

According to the official statement, the new Kodi 19.3 Matrix improves in the following areas. 

  • The new version is Xbox-ready. Microsoft Store’s specific requirements have been implemented. So the new version is now ready to roll out on the Windows Store for Xbox. 
  • The long-standing Dolby Atmos audio problem on the TrueHD passthrough platforms has also been fixed. 
  • The Airplay bug in the 19.2 release has been fixed. 
  • There are also a bunch of gaming bug fixes in the new release, including a controller fix and Retroplayer’s shader fixes. 
  • A major bug that affected thumbnails for watched episodes when a user was trying to hide episode spoilers has been fixed. 
  • Metadata shown on various Linux app stores has also been improved. 

Download and Installation Guide

The newest version, 19.3 of Kodi, is available for download on all the popular Kodi 19.1 supported streaming devices.

Here’s a quick look:

Download & Set up Kodi 19.3 on Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and all the other Fire OS devices

Whichever Fire device you are using to stream your favorite content, you can download and install the new Kodi 19.3 Matrix in a few minutes. 

Our complete step by step guide to install Kodi 19.3 on Firestick

Download  & Set up Kodi 19.3 on Windows 

As the new Kodi 19.3 Matrix is officially available on the Microsoft store, you can find it here. In case you face any trouble finding it in the app store, below are the links to 64 bit and 32-bit installation packages. 

32-bit Installation Package Download

64-bit Installation Package Download

Installation is very straightforward. The downloaded file will be in the usual .exe format like any other installation package on windows. Simply double click the file, follow the on-screen installation instructions and install it like you install any other downloaded software. However, if you are having any trouble with the installation process, you can follow our simple step-by-step installation guide by clicking here. 

Download and Set up Kodi 19.3 on MAC

Kodi runs natively on MAC OS X. If you are using MAC, you can download the latest release from the link below: 

Kodi 19.3 for MAC Download

Like all the MAC apps, the downloaded file will be in .dmg file format. Simply double-click the file, move it to a new application folder and follow the on-screen installation guidelines. You can also check our detailed installation guide here to get Kodi 19.3 working on your MAC. 

Download and Set up Kodi 19.3 on iOS

Unfortunately, there’s still no Kodi 19.3 on the official Apple Store. So you have to sideload Kodi 19.3 matrix for iOS devices. Below is the link to download the installation package. 

Kodi for iOS Arm64

You can learn to download and install the new Kodi 19.3 version on iOS by following our step-by-step installation guide here. 

Download and Set up Kodi 19.3 on Android

The Kodi 19.3 version is available on the Google Play Store all over the world. However, if you face any issue in your region, you can get it from the following resources. Note: You will have to sideload the APK in that scenario. 

32-bit Android Installation Package

64bit Android Installation Package

Installing Kodi 19.3 on Android devices is very simple. We have covered it well in detail in our step-by-step installation guide here. 

Download and Set up Kodi 19.3 on Xbox One

As we already covered, the Kodi developers have met Microsoft’s specific requirements in the new release.

Therefore, Xbox One will soon be able to get Kodi 19.3 via the official Microsoft Store.

Below are quick tips for installing Kodi whenever the new version is available. 

  • Turn on your Xbox One
  • Go to the Search option on your home screen
  • Write Kodi in the Search Box
  • Click on the Kodi icon you see in the search results
  • Tap on Get in the following screen
  • Wait a few moments/minutes for the installation process to finish

Download and Set up Kodi 19.3 on Linux

The best way to Install Kodi 19.3 on Ubuntu and any of its derivatives (such as Mint, Kali, or Pop_OS! Etc) is by using the official Kodi PPA. 

By using the command line terminal, you have to enter the following bunch of commands.

After that, you have to follow the prompt like any other software installation on Linux. 

Official Kodi PPA repository commands

sudo apt install software-properties-common

sudo add-apt-repository -y PPA:team-xbmc/PPA

sudo apt install Kodi

General Steps to Install Kodi 19.3 Matrix 

Below are some generic installation instructions for the new Kodi build. These instructions should work on most platforms. 

  1. First of all, go to the official Kodi website to get your installation package. Here’s the link: https://kodi.tv/download
  2. Choose the operating system of the device you want to use for streaming
  3. Click the link to download the requisite installation package for your OS
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step to complete the installation process

Note: In some cases, you may have to sideload the installation package if you are unable to find it in the official store.

We recommend downloading Kodi 19.3 from the official website instead of using third-party resources. 

Final Thoughts

Usually, whenever a new version is released, all the Kodi existing version users get an upgrade automatically. So, you can install it over the top of your existing version.

We have also included all the links to relevant files if you install them manually on your device. However, in any case, before upgrading your Kodi version, we advise backing up your user data to stay on the safe side.

The new Kodi 19.3 Matrix upgrade is a relatively “minor version bump,” as the developers are calling it. There are a few bug fixes, compatibility upgrades, and improvements. However, there’s nothing too major.

Therefore, expect no change to the database versions or similar changes on any platform (except, of course, if you are installing from 18.x Kodi version to 19.x version).

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