This guide shows you the easy way to install Kodi 17 Android.

If you are using an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, use our Kodi 17 FireStick install guide.  Why?  FireStick requires a slightly different process to install Kodi 17 because those devices don’t have Google Play Store.

So, if your device does have Google Play Store (such as Android smartphones, tablets, TV boxes), then follow the instructions below to install Kodi 17 on Android devices with Google Play Store:

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Kodi 17 Android

  1. If your Android device has Google Play Store installed, simply open Google Play Store.  Then go to Step 2.  If your device doesn’t have Google Play Store, then use our Kodi 17 FireStick install video install instead of these steps.
  2. Now search for Kodi in the Google Play Apps Store
  3. Select the official Kodi app in the search results
  4. Press INSTALL
  5. Wait for the Kodi installer to finish.
  6. Then press Open
  7. Now install Kodi 17 TV Addons and protect your streaming data

Kodi 17 TVAddons

Wrap Up

Kodi 17 is an amazing improvement in Kodi’s features and flexibility.  So get Kodi 17 Android on your smartphone, Android TV Box, Amazon Fire Tablet, or even Amazon FireStick.

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