This tutorial walks you through (step-by-step) how to install Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build.  This build install method works in Kodi 17.4 Krypton for Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, or any other Kodi streaming device.

UPDATE:  Tomb Raider build is verified as Working Properly on the newly-released Kodi 17.5 Firestick software version!

First we give you some “technical details” about Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build (immediately below).  Then we show you step-by-step how to Install Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build.  Last but not least, we show you what’s inside Tomb Raider build.  Finally, we show you how to fix any problems you might encounter while installing and/or using Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build.

  • Build Name:  Tomb Raider
  • How to Install:  Ares Wizard
  • Total Time to Install:  20 mins (Part 1: 10 mins, Part 2: 10 mins)
  • Size of Download:  346.66 MB
  • Speed:  1.7MB/sec
  • Time to Download this Build:  3m30s
  • Download Server Reliability:  100% (1/1 Attempts Succeeded)
  • Files to Extract:  25605
  • Time to Extract (Fire TV 2nd Gen):   2m

Part 1 of 2:  Install Ares Wizard

First Install Ares Wizard using the steps in this section (Part 1).




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Then use Part 2 to install Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build using Ares Wizard!  It’s that simple.

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  1. Launch Kodi
  2. In Kodi, select the gear icon in the top left corner (this is the “System” button)
  3. Then choose “System Settings
  4. Now select the “Add-Ons” menu on the left side of the screen using your Fire TV remote.
  5. Then select “Apps from Unknown Sources“.  Then confirm the selection by selecting “Yes”
  6. Now press “Back” on the Fire TV remote to return to the “System” area.
  7. From the System area, select “File Manager
  8. Then choose Add Source
  9. Select the box that says “None” by pressing the Center button on the Firestick / Fire TV remote
  10. Then enter this address:
  11. Now select “OK” to finish adding the address of the Ares Wizard installer.
  12. Then select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source
  13. Enter “kfiretv ares wizard” or any other name you’ll rembember
  14. Press OK to finish naming the new source.  Then press OK once more to completely finish adding the new Kodi source.
  15. Now press back on the Fire TV remote until you’re at the Kodi home screen.
  16. From the Kodi home screen, select the “Add-Ons” menu
  17. Now, choose the “Package Installer” icon in the top left corner of the “Add-Ons” menu (the Package Installer looks like a small icon of an opened box).
  18. Select “Install From Zip File
  19. Then choose the new source you added (“kfiretv ares wizard”)
  20. Now select the zip file that appears on-screen (should be named something like
  21. Wait a few seconds for the Ares Wizard zip file to install
  22. Now select “Install From Repository“.  (If you don’t see “Install From Repository”, then press the “Back” button just once on the Fire TV remote to see the Install From Repository button).
  23. Choose “Ares Repo” from the list of Kodi repositories currently displayed on your screen.
  24. Now select “Program Add-Ons
  25. Then choose Ares Wizard from the Program Add-Ons sub-menu
  26. Wait a minute for the Ares Wizard Kodi app to install
  27. Return to the Kodi home screen by pressing the “Back” button on the Fire TV remote several times
  28. Then select “Ares Wizard” from the “Add-Ons” menu in Kodi.

Now that you have Ares Wizard installed, proceed to Part 2 below to install Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build using Ares Wizard.

Part 2 of 2:  Install Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build using Ares Wizard

In this section, we simply install Tomb Raider Build using the Ares Wizard:

  1. Launch Ares Wizard from within Kodi (if Ares Wizard isn’t already running in Kodi)
  2. Select the Browse Builds button
  3. Then choose “Pyramid Builds
  4. Now, on a separate device, browse to in the device’s web browser.  This is easiest on your smartphone!
  5. After you’ve browsed to the URL above, write down the PIN number displayed.
  6. Then, select the “Enter Pin” button displayed in Kodi.  After that, enter the PIN number you wrote down and select “Done”.
  7. After Kodi refreshes the list of Builds onscreen, select “TomB Raider Krypton” (Adult or Non-adult).
  8. Then choose “Install“.  Finally, select “Proceed” to begin downloading Tomb Raider Build for Kodi (Firestick, Fire TV, Android, or any other Kodi-enabled device).
  9. After Kodi finishes downloading and processing the Tomb Raider Build, select “No” when Kodi asks “Do you want to backup the skin/profile?”.
  10. Then select “No” once more.
  11. Now choose “OK” to close Kodi.  You’re almost done installing Tomb Raider Build!
  12. Launch Kodi.  You should instantly see a new “video” version of the Kodi splash screen made specifically for Tomb Raider Build!  Cool, huh?
  13. After the splash screen video goes away, you should now see Tomb Raider build’s home screen
  14. NOTE:  If Tomb Raider Build freezes, crashes, or gives you trouble, then be patient!  See the section BELOW if you experience these issues – they’re normal and expected if you run into them.  Don’t give up!
  15. If a popup appears in Kodi saying “Tomb Raider Wizard”, then simply choose “Continue“.
  16. Now, Kodi should say “Currently no build installed from Tomb Raider Wizard”.  Just select “Ignore” when you see this.
  17. If your screen now says “Brettus and White devil Streams”, then just choose “OK” to make the notification go away so you can start streaming with Tomb Raider Build for Kodi 17.4 Krypton!
  18. At this point, you’re free to select any of Tomb Raider Build’s menus you wish to explore.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see ALL the menus that Tomb Raider build has to offer.
  19. For example, select “Live TV” – then choose something to watch and enjoy!

Problems with Tomb Raider Build?  Don’t Worry, Mon!

After I installed Tomb Raider Build, it crashed on me!  It actually froze my Fire TV on a black screen.  But this is what I did to fix it:

  • Press the “Home” button on the Firestick / Fire TV remote to go back to the Fire TV home screen.
  • Then (in the top menu in the Fire TV home screen) select “Settings”.  Now choose “Applicatins” from within the Settings menu.
  • Now select “Manage Installed Applications”
  • Scroll down to Kodi and select Kodi.
  • Now chose “Force Stop”.
  • Finally, select “Launch Application” to launch Kodi with Tomb Raider Build installed.
  • When Kodi re-launched with Tomb Raider Build installed, you should see the standard “Kodi 17.4 Krypton” splash screen (with a RED Kodi logo) – followed by the (custom-made) splash VIDEO brought to you by Tomb Raider Build.
  • After that, you see a box on your screen that says “Tomb Raider Wizard”.  Just select “Continue” when you see this!
  • Now, Kodi says “Currently no build installed from Tomb Raider Wizard”.  At this point, select “Ignore”.
  • If you see a notification box on your screen now that says something similar to “Brettus and White devil Streams”, then press “OK” to get rid of this screen so you can start using Tomb Raider Build!

Recommended:  Do a Fresh Start to Clear Out Kodi Before Installing Your Build

  1. Now select “Fresh Start”.  Then choose “Yes”.
  2. Select “Proceed” to make sure Kodi is nice and clean for the Build we’re about to download & install!
  3. After the Ares Wizard clears out Kodi to make way for the new build, press “OK”.
  4. Now re-launch Kodi.
  5. Then launch Ares Wizard from under “Add-Ons” in the main Kodi menu.
  6. Now proceed to repeat the steps from the “How to Install Tomb Raider Build” toward the top of this page.

What’s in Tomb Raider Build from Pyramid Builds?

Tomb Raider Build Main Menus include:

  • Live TV
    • Adryanlist
    • Tiggers
    • IPTV Bonanza
    • The Machine
    • Made in Canada IPTV
    • Delorean Live
    • FTFA
    • TEEVIE
    • CCloud TV
  • The Pyramid
    • Docu Zone
    • Kids Zone
    • Sports Zone
    • Movie Zone
    • TV Zone
    • Kodi Zone
    • Music Zone
    • Webcam Zone
  • Top Add-Ons
    • Bennu
    • Supremacy
    • Skynet
    • Quantum
    • BOB
    • Release Hub
    • Stream Army
    • Project M
    • Wolfpack
    • White Devil
    • Halow TV
    • CCloud TV
  • Sport
    • Project D
    • Follow Follow
    • Celtic FC
    • Motor Replays
    • NBA Full Games
    • Pro Sport
    • Sportsdevil
    • Boxing Hits
  • Live Sports
    • Halow Live
    • The Fixtures
    • BOOM!
    • Sportie
    • Sportsworld
    • Live Premiership
    • Deliverance
    • Zem
  • Kids Zone
  • Docs Zone
  • Favourites
  • Music
    • The Music Source
    • Bin@Ural
    • Thunderstruck
    • The Jukebox
    • Now Music
    • UK Music Video Jukebox
  • Add-Ons
    • Music Add-Ons
    • Program Add-Ons
    • Video Add-Ons
    • Addon Installer (requires Echo Installer, which you can install by selecting “Yes” after choosing Addon Installer.  This is also known as the Package Installer in Kodi 17.4 Krypton.)
    • Picture Add-Ons
  • Tools
    • Wizards
    • Maintenance
    • Build Updates
    • Weather
    • V 3.05 (this is the version of Tomb Raider Build)
  • Settings
    • Add-Ons
    • Skin Settings
    • File Manager
    • Video Settings
    • System Info
  • Power
    • Quit (this is how you exit out of Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider build using just the Fire TV remote).
  • TV Shows
    • Networks
    • Covenant TV
    • Elysium TV
    • Delorean TV
    • Specto TV
    • SALTS TV
    • Bubbles TV (pulls from torrents, usenet, and various other sources like Web DL)
  • Movies
    • Elysium Movies
    • Delorean Movies
    • Specto Movies
    • SALTS Movies
    • Bubbles Movies
    • Safehouse Movies
    • Real Movies
    • Movie Dude
    • Sky Movies
    • Covenant Movies