This comparison article shows you the differences in Kodi 17.1 vs 17.0.

Kodi 17.1 is now available as a stable version for download from the official Kodi website.  

This new update brings quite a few major improvements in Kodi 17.1 vs 17.0, such as HTTPS support (which is now required for most TV add-ons).

The Kodi Team mentioned on their website that users might still find a few bugs in the latest release since the improvements to Krypton release are still being made.




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Kodi 17.1 vs 17.0

According to the TVAddons team, the latest Kodi 17.1 krypton release brings a couple of important updates to Estuary and Estouchy skins, including some improvements and bug fixes.  

Kodi 17.1 Skin:  The default Kodi 17.1 skin is the same as Kodi 17.0 skin: Estuary.  So don’t worry!  You can just use the (default) Kodi 17 Estuary skin, or change Kodi’s skin to Confluence to make Kodi look and feel exactly like Kodi 16 Jarvis.

Kodi 17 Skin, Estuary

Kodi 17 Skin (Estuary)

But the biggest change in Kodi 17.1 is the ability to play HTTPS streams:

What Are Kodi HTTPS Streams?

  • Kodi addons now require Kodi to use HTTPS when they stream movies & TV shows to you.  Kodi HTTPS Streams are HTTP Secure streams.  What does this mean?  Until April of 2017, Kodi addons primarily used HTTP to transfer data (not HTTPS).  The “HTTP” protocol is un-secured by nature.  But – when you add security to HTTP, it becomes HTTPS, or HTTP “Secure”.  So, with Internet privacy becoming an increasingly larger issue every day, Team Kodi protects us by forcing TV Addons to use HTTPS encryption.
  • Therefore, the biggest change in Kodi 17.1 is the added ability to play HTTPS streams because TV Addons like Kodi 17 Exodus already switched to using HTTPS.  So, Kodi 17.0 Krypton and Kodi 16.0 Jarvis will not work with most Kodi add-ons.
  • The take-away is that you must upgrade your Amazon FireStick or other Kodi-enabled device to Kodi 17.1!

Kodi 17.1 Changes and Fixes

  • Updated Estuary and Estouchy skins with bug-fixes and improvements
  • Fixed EDL skipping
  • Bug fix so Kodi won’t close subtitle stream when switching audio
  • Fixed replaygain for music files
  • Repaired controllers buttons on Android
  • Improved music cleanup hanging on large MySQL music database
  • Fixed use of SMB on Android on new installs
  • Repaired possible Kodi upgrade migration hang during add-on update process
  • Fixed add-ons not being marked as broken when they are updated with a broken flag
  • Upgraded slow song smart playlist
  • Updated Chorus web interface
  • Made several PVR fixes
  • Added limiter on random songs which should prevent large memory usage on big libraries
  • Improved keyboard mapping during button mapping
  • Changed analog stick handling
  • Improved plugin performance when building the content list
  • Included RTMP input stream add-on on Windows
  • Added check in Windows installer for Service Packs and critical updates that Kodi needs to operate
  • Bug fix: Don’t try to read tags from internet audio streams
  • Added setting to disable controller rumble on notifications

Kodi 17.1 Improvements

Moreover, the new release fixes the problems with EDL skipping and slow song smartplaylists feature in kodi 17.0. Kodi 17.1 brings updates to the Chorus web interface and fixes several problems that users encountered with PVR.

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With the latest build, users receive a much better keyboard mapping, analog stick handling and the performance of plugins while content lists remain populated. Listed below are the major changes in the new Kodi 17.1 release:

If you are interested in more details, you may find them here and here.

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