This tutorial walks you through how to install Kodi 17.1 Pulse Build in just a few minutes.

Use my step-by-step tutorial below or my YouTube tutorial video on How to install Pulse Build on Kodi.

After you install Kodi 17.1 Pulse build, also check out these Kodi Builds:

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Kodi 17.1 Pulse Build Install:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Go to SYSTEM, which is the Gear icon in the top left corner.
  3. Then go to System Settings
  4. Now select “Add-Ons
  5. Then turn on “Unknown Sources“.  After that, press Yes.
  6. Go back one level by pressing the back button on the Fire TV Remote
  7. Then select File Manager.
  8. Now choose “Add Source“.
  9. Select “None” and enter the path
  10. Then select OK.
  11. Now choose the box that says “Enter a name for this media source”.  Enter a name such as “kfiretv pulse” and press OK.
  12. Then select OK once more to finish adding the new Kodi source.
  13. Now go back to the Kodi homescreen.
  14. Then select “Add-Ons“.
  15. Now press the Package icon in the top left corner (this is the Kodi 17.1 Package Installer).
  16. Then select “Install From Zip File
  17. Now choose the new source you added, “kfiretv pulse“.
  18. Then select the “repository.aresproject” folder
  19. Then select the file in that folder, which is named something similar to:
  20. Now wait a minute for the Ares Wizard (which installs Pulse Build for us) to finish installing.
  21. After you see the “Ares Wizard” add-on enabled notification, go to “Install From Repository”.
  22. Then select “Ares Project”.
  23. Now choose “Program Add-Ons”
  24. Select Ares Wizard.
  25. Then press Install.
  26. Wait a minute for Ares Wizard to finish installing – you’ll see the Ares Wizard enabled notification.
  27. Now return to the Kodi homescreen by pressing Back on the Fire TV remote.
  28. Then under Program Add-Ons, choose Ares Wizard.
  29. Wait for Ares Wizard to Launch and load the Best Kodi 17.1 Builds.  You may need to attempt launching Ares Wizard two or three times.
  30. After Ares Wizard is open, select Pulse.
  31. Then use a second device like an Android / iOS smartphone / PC to browse to the address displayed on your Kodi screen (the address for mine was
  32. Enter the PIN number shown by your browser into the Ares Wizard “Enter PIN” box on your screen.
  33. Then finally select “Pulse Build Krypton”.  After that, select “Install” to start the Kodi Pulse Build install process.
  34. After Pulse Build is done installing, restart Kodi to enjoy the madness.
  35. Don’t forget to unblock all Kodi streams with our Kodi VPN tutorial.

Here’s my YouTube tutorial video on how to install Kodi 17.1 Pulse Build using Ares Wizard:

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Kodi Pulse Build Download:

Here’s what the zip file for Pulse build for Kodi 17.1 Krypton looks like in its natural habitat:

Kodi 17.1 Pulse Build Repo Location

Kodi Pulse Build ZipFile

What is Kodi Pulse Build?

Kodi Pulse Build is one of the best arrangements of TV Addons you can install in Kodi.

  • Pulse Build lets you instantly start watching the latest movies, using the auto-populated menu at the top of Pulse’s homescreen.

Pulse build contains all the best movie addons, TV Addons, Live TV (IPTV) addons, and all kinds of extra goodies to play with.  Here’s a run-down:

  • There’s a menu at the top of the screen which auto-displays all the latest movies available to stream
  • The “usual” horizontal Kodi menu is still prevalent across the center of the Pulse build home screen
  • Below the normal Kodi menu is a “secondary” menu to show sub-menu items, such as Genres
  • At the bottom of the Pulse build graphical interface (“theme”) is one last menu to show you the TVAddons you can choose to watch.

So, all told, Pulse Build has at least 4 main menus.  This means you have TONS of options for great TV shows and movies to watch.



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