Updated Tuesday September 22, 2020.  This guide shows you how to Install Kodi 17.1 on FireStick or how to Upgrade Kodi FireStick to version 17.1.

Kodi 17 Release Date:  Kodi 17.1 was released April 2nd, 2017.  Previously, Kodi 17.0 was released February 5th, 2017.

  • Upgrading to Kodi 17.1 from a previous Kodi version is now mandatory.  Why?  Because streaming sources are moving to HTTPS, which is only supported by Kodi 17.1 + future versions.

To install the new Kodi 17.1 version, just install the free “Downloader” App on your Amazon FireStick.  Then use Downloader app to download the Kodi 17.1 apk file.

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  1. Go to the FireStick / Fire TV Home screen.  Do this by pressing the Home (house icon) button on the FireTV remote.
  2. Then Enable ADB Debugging on your Fire TV.  Do this by going to the System / Settings area.  After you’re there, turn ON ADB Debugging.  Also enable Apps From Unknown Sources. Kodi needs both of these options turned on to install Kodi 17.1 on FireStick.
  3. Now go back to the Fire TV homescreen
  4. Find and then select Search
  5. Enter the word “Downloader“ into the Search box
  6. Select the word “Downloader” to search for the Downloader app
  7. In the results, choose “Apps & Games” (if necessary; for the newer version of Amazon Fire OS for Fire TV boxes)
  8. Now choose “Download” or Install or “OK”
  9. Wait up to a minute for the Kodi Downloader app to finish installing
  10. Then choose OPEN
  11. After the Downloader app is launched, Enterhttp://bit.ly/kodi173arm” without the quotes to download and install Kodi 17.1 on FireStick.
    • The link above is the short link to download Kodi 17.1 (“Krypton”) APK file for Android & Fire TV / FireStick.
    • Or, install (the “older”) Kodi 16.1 Jarvis instead of Kodi 17 Krypton: Just enter “http://bit.ly/kodi161arm“.
  12. Then choose “DOWNLOAD”
  13. Wait up to a minute for the Kodi download to finish.  If the Kodi installer doesn’t start, choose “Open App”.
  14. Once the Kodi installer file launches, the FireStick / FireTV asks if you want to “Cancel” or “Install”.  Choose “Install“.
  15. Wait once more, this time actually finish the install Kodi 17.1 on FireStick process..
  16. Once Kodi installs, choose “Open App”.
  17. Now you need to install TV Addons and protect your Kodi streams (use our exclusive Coupon Code FIRETV25 to take a total of 60% Off a 1 Year VPN Subscription)


Why is this important?  The last step of the process above is important for two reasons:

  1. Because this step protects your data by using a secure VPN.  Our tutorial video (links below) show you how to protect your streams by using automated securities features that are seamlessly built into the VPN I prefer.
  2. The last step above also shows you how to install TV Addons in Kodi 17.1.  Kodi does not come with content pre-loaded.  To get streaming content, you must install TV Addons or other Kodi plugins.  We cover that entire process below. Use my Kodi VPN YouTube video to set this up in just a few minutes on FireStick, Android, iPhone, PC or any other device.
  • Some users see an error when they start Kodi for the first time.  If you see a “Cannot download OBB“ error message, then re-launch Kodi until the error Cannot Download OBB error message goes away.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and power of Kodi 17.1 Official Release on your FireStick or Fire TV! (We also have download links for Kodi 16.1 Jarvis and Kodi 17.0 Krypton * Note: * Kodi 17.0 no longer works – you must update to 17.1 using the Steps at the top of this page.)


The video below shows you what to do after you install Kodi 17 FireStick.  These instructions also work for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV Box, or literally any device with Kodi installed (because Kodi is the same on all operating systems, or “cross-platform”):