How to do Kodi 17.1 JailBreak Perfectly in Few Minutes Even If You Are A Newbie

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This tutorial shows you how to do the Kodi 17.1 Jailbreak process on Amazon FireStick (“Fire Stick”) and Fire TV.

Why Do a Kodi 17.1 Jailbreak?

With the moving of Kodi streaming to HTTPs sources, users must now upgrade to the newest version called 17.1 which was released on 2nd of April, 2017.

The movement to the HTTPS sources was necessitated by security reasons. Streaming and TV addons from HTTPs sources are not possible on any version of Kodi preceding 17.1.

Released with the version 17.1 was a quick download link to enable users download Krypton on FireStick and Fire TV.  Here’s the download link for Kodi 17.1:

To download Kodi 17.1 Krypton on Fire Stick, just add the downloader app to the FireStick. Now use the Downloader app to download Kodi 17.1 version of the apk files

Important Security Notice for Kodi Users

After the latest release, users from the UK and US has been complaining about receiving letters from DMCA. It is crucial that you protect your streaming data by using a VPN as this will protect your identity and avoid DMCA letters in your mail.

It is highly recommended you do this after installing the new version. You can get a VPN at 60% lower than normal price by using our exclusive coupon code FIRE25. To set up VPN on any device including FireStick, follow my set-up videos and written tutorials.

How to Do Kodi 17.1 Jailbreak on FireStick

  1. On your Fire TV/FireStick, navigate to the Home screen by selecting the Fire TV remote home button
  2. To install Kodi, Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging must be enabled. You can enable ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources by going to the system/settings area in your Fire TV.
  3. Return to home screen of your Fire TV after enabling Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging
  4. Go to the SEARCH box and search for the “DOWNLOADER.”
  5. Select Apps and Games in the search results (This is for the Amazon Fire updated version)
  6. Select Install, Download or Ok
  7. Wait for some few seconds to enable the DOWNLOADER app to install
  8. Then launch the DOWNLOADER APP by choosing OPEN in the Fire TV Remote
  9. Without the quotes, Enter “” in the DOWNLOADER App
    1. The above link is the direct short link to download directly the official release of 17.1 Version (krypton) released 5th of February, 2017.
    2. To install the Jarvis version instead of the 17.1 (Krypton). enter without quotes “” which is the official short link to download the Kodi 16.1 ARM Version
    3. Alternatively, ), enter for the candidate 3 FireStick installer apk file release of Kodi
  10. Select Download
  11. Allow the app to download completely
  12. Select ‘Open File” in case the downloader app didn’t automatically launch the Kodi Installer.
  13. After the launching of the Installer, the Fire TV should ask whether you want to “Install” or “Cancel”. Choose “Install.”
  14. Then allow for the installation of the app.
  15. Select “Launch App” or “Open App” after the installation to start Kodi for the first time and finish the Kodi 17.1 Jailbreak for FireStick.
  16. You can now install TV Addons and also protect your Streams (Don’t forget to use code FIRETV25).

Why You Must Not Forget the Last Step in the Kodi 17.1 Jailbreak Process

The setting up of TV Addons and automatic encryption which protects your streams can only be possible if you follow the last step in the above process. You can use my VPN video on YouTube to set up the final process on FireStick within a few minutes.

Note: if there is an error when you launch the app after the installation (the error will explicitly say “Cannot Download OBB”) try restarting until the error disappears.

Usually you are not supposed to have trouble using the above installation method.  Therefore, if there seems to be any problem, you can try the alternative install method below (scroll down).

You can now enjoy the  17.1 official release krypton candidate 3 RC3 release).

Watch the Kodi 17 After-Install Tutorial Video

The video below details the things you are to do after installing Krypton. The instructions in the video work also for Android TV Box, Amazon Fire TV and any possible device with Kodi Installed (because it is the same on all operating systems).

With the Indigo Wizard (Formerly Kodi 17 Config Wizard) you will be able to use the steps above to install TV Addons in Kodi Krypton

How to do Kodi 17.1 JailBreak (Install Kodi 17 BETA 2 on FireStick)

  1. Go to the Home Screen on the Fire TV/ FireStick by pressing the Home Button on the Fire TV Remote
  2. Go to Search and search for “es file.”
  3. To perform the search, select the yellow letters “es file.”
  4. Now select the ES File Explorer in the search results and press Ok/Download/Install
  5. After the successful installation of the ES File Explorer, go back to the Home Screen of the Fire TV
  6. Go to the Apps
  7. Launch the ES File Explorer by selecting ES File Explorer
  8. Navigate to Download Manager (Under tools) after starting ES File Explorer
  9. Now move the cursor to bottom of the screen and select the “+New ” button
  10. Enter (without the quotes) in the file path field
  11. Enter “k17b2” in the Name field (k1b71 stands for Kodi 17 krypton Beta 2) or any other name you want
  12. Select the download button
  13. After downloading the 17 krypton APK file, click open file
  14. Select install
  15. Go back to the home screen of Fire TV after installation
  16. Go to Apps
  17. Now Launch by selecting the Kodi button
  18. Though Optional, this is Recommended: Install TV Addons (Video Guide) by adding the following link as a new file source in Kodi “”
  19. Optional but Highly Recommended: Unblock the Kodi Addons by using this perfect VPN which comes with a 60% off coupon

Another Alternative Method to Install Kodi 17 Firestick

In case the above steps didn’t work, start again from this step above that says “Navigate to Download Manager (Under tools) after launching ES File Explorer” and then continue with the steps below

  1. Go to favorite instead of going to Download Manager
  2. Choose Add
  3. Enter “” after selecting the Path field and enter Ok
  4. Now choose the Name Field and enter “k17b2” or any name you want and press the OK button.
  5. Select Add
  6. At the bottom of the favourite menu In the Left Side of the ES File Explorer, Find and choose the newly added favorite. After the loading of the new favorite in the ES File Explorer Window, you will see “Index of /” and a list of folders and files just below.
  7. After the appearance of “” “Index of /” in ES File Explorer, you can now download the Kodi krypton 17 Beta 2 by selecting the “apk
    1. Note: The “kodi17b2arm.apk” file is for 17 krypton Beta 2 while the “kodi161arm.apk” file is for the Jarvis
  8. Select open file after the download has finished.
  9. Go back straight to the Home Screen of the Fire TV after it finishes installing.
  10. Go to Apps
  11. Launch Kodi

The Major Difference between Kodi 17 krypton and Kodi 16 Jarvis

The new default skin of Krypton is much easier to navigate and smoother on the eyes when compared to the Confluence screen in Jarvis (Confluence is till cool though)

The media playback throughout Krypton is much improved than that of Kodi 16 Jarvis. In almost all the basis for comparison, the Kodi 17 Krypton is much better than Jarvis.

I will advise that you install the awesome Kodi 17 Krypton since the installation process is just the same.

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