Kodi 17.1 How to Install Addons + Top 5 TV Addons for Krypton

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This guide shows you the Kodi 17.1 how to install addons process.  Get Exodus for Kodi 17 and all the best TVAddons for Kodi 17.1 with this tutorial!

Use this tutorial to learn how to install add-ons on the new Kodi 17.1. We also took our time out to reveal all the best Kodi add-ons you can get Kodi 17.1.

Important Warning

Due to recent legislation by the US Senate, your privacy can be intruded into by overzealous internet service providers who may want to know what you are streaming. This can lead to your internet speed being throttled or DMCA sending letters of warning to you over copyright infringement and violations.

To protect your privacy while streaming, you must make use of a VPN like IPVanish. This will ensure the encryption of your internet browsing and streaming. With a VPN, you can stream with absolute confidence. You can watch our VPN video tutorial.

we are particularly emphasizing the importance of VPN in our Kodi 17.1 How to Install Addons guide to ensure you have a perfect streaming experience.

How to install Kodi 17.1 Addons

The two main options for installing add-ons on Kodi 17.1 are the Config Wizard and Addons Installer both of which can be found in Indigo. Follow this Kodi 17.1 How to Install Addons guide and you will find either of the two steps easy and quick.

Kodi 17.1 How to Install Addons

  1. Go to System (represented by the gear icon).
  2. Now go System Settings
  3. Go back to the home screen of Kodi
  4. Return to System again
  5. Now select File Manager
  6. Select Add Source and Input http://fusion.tvaddons.ag as the new source.
  7. Now select the “Package” icon.
  8. Now choose Install From Zip File
  9. Select the newly added source you used in step 6
  10. Select “Begin-here.”
  11. Now choose the plugin.program.indigo.x.x.x.zip file
  12. Wait for about 2 minutes to enable the Indigo tool to install completely.
  13. Return to the home screen of Kodi after seeing the “Indigo enabled” notification
  14. Under Addons, select Indigo.
  15. After the launching of Indigo, choose Addon installer or the Config Wizard.
  16. With Addon installer, you will only be able to install add-ons on Kodi 17.1 one-by-one while Config Wizard, in contrast, allows you to automatically install most of the best add-ons available.

With the above Kodi 17.1 addons how to install guide, you will get the best TV add-ons on your new Kodi version easily.

2017 Top Kodi 17.1 Addons


The most popular add-on that isavailable on Kodi 17.1 in 2017. The popularity of exodus can be attributed to its very rich content library. Other add-ons are finding it tough to compete with Exodus on Kodi 17.1 as its regularly updated and fresh content keep it above others.  Users can get all the latest TV Shows, Documentaries, movies, animes, cartoons and even sports streaming live on Exodus.

Some of the favorite shows you can stream or watch on Exodus includes Breaking Bad, Stranger things, Game of Thrones, Handmaids Tale, Girlboss and 13 reasons. You will be amazed when you check out the list of TV shows and movies available on Exodus in Kodi 17.1.

Another feature that makes Exodus to stand out is the ability of users to filter through the available content. Undeniably, Exodus is the best available addon on Kodi 17.1.

Installing Exodus after following Kodi 17.1 How to Install Addons will be quite easy and fast.


A popular fan favourite on Kodi, Xmovies8 have some of the best available HD movies you can stream on your Kodi device.


The addon that seems to be the replacement for Phoenix, Valhalla and Blue, BOB is a new introduction on Kodi. Available in the new Kodi 17.1, Bob offers a broad range of impressive HD movies, Live TV and a large music content altogether in a single Kodi addon. BOB offers users streaming of some of the top TV shows around.


This is a popular choice for lovers of blockbuster hit TV shows, time movies and premium music streaming.  It is becoming more widely accepted and popular because of its highly impressive media library.

iPlayer WWW

A very popular Kodi TV Addons that enables users to stream live shows from the BBC iPlayer. Some of the TV shows you can stream here include Top Ge3ar, Shylock, Sherlock and many other fantastic shows. After following Kodi 17.1 How to Install Addons guide, just search for iPlayer WWW in your Kodi 17.1 and you are good to go.


A big community of people from diverse cultures and countries around the world, Reddit offers discussion on different topics and categories. With the Reddit Addon, users can stream all the video on Reddit through their Kodi enabled device. Definitely, one of the best video add-ons on Kodi as millions of videos are added to Reddit every day. You can search, add, remove or play videos hosted on Reddit directly on Kodi 17.1.

CNET Podcasts

This is a video addon from one of the top technological discussions and improvement community on the internet. Dedicated to latest technological innovations, developments and gadgets, CNET Addon on Kodi gives you the chance to watch latest videos on technology and gadgets.


With over 1 billion views per day, YoutUbe is the most popular video website on the internet. Currently, with a subscriber’s base of over 1 billion, YouTube needs no more introductions. You can watch TV shows, music and videos hosted on YouTube directly on your Kodi through the YouTube addon.


Definitely of the very few add-ons that can even be compared to Exodus, Zen offers the best when it comes to watching TV shows and movies. If you need the latest cartoons, movies or TV shows, Zen is one of your options. This is a must have add-ons for those who values excellent movies and Tv shows.

cCloud TV

A cloud-based Tv addon on Kodi,  cCloud TV offers some of the best streaming channels for sports, documentaries and news. It has different channels with many languages.


Developed by Shanis, this is a PPV addon available on Kodi for lovers of live sports. You can watch several live sports channels like TSN, Sky, BT Sports and ESPN. Leading movies, dramas and TV soaps from India and Pakistani are also available on Zem.

Football Repeat

Designed for football enthusiasts, Football Repeat is a leading addon on Kodi that offers one-click access to latest matches in Bundesliga, English Premiership, La-Liga, Champions League, Europa League and other top football leagues around the world.


Solely dedicated to Anime shows and films, AnimeGo offers over 500 vibrant and fantastic anime series and movies. The streaming speed is extremely fast and will give you pleasant streaming experience on your Kodi 17.1


With over 6,000 anime movies and shows, nothing beats KissAnime among the Kodi add-ons in this genre. If you are a favourite of Japanese animation, KissAnime is a must have for you.

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