How to Do Kodi 17.1 Exodus Install + Add Trakt and Real-Debrid

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This tutorial shows you the Kodi 17.1 Exodus Install process.

Exodus is a popular video addons for Kodi. It has a set of wonderful sources and an awesome user interface. Exodus keeps track of your favorite TV movies and shows using the services of It was created by Lambda. Exodus is the successor to Genesis. Some of the improvements in Exodus compared to Genesis include:

  • More Reliable Streams: The chance of getting better streams on Exodus seems far better than that of Genesis. Apart from the fact that Exodus is more reliable for getting good streams especially if you have subscription to Real-Debrid.
  • Better Organization of your Movies and TV Shows Watch list

Getting Kodi 17.1 Exodus install will give you a better movie watching experience on your Kodi-enabled device. Several people are now moving to Kodi 17.1 to enjoy a better interface and streaming experience.

How to Install Exodus for Kodi 17.1

  1. On the home screen of Kodi, select SYSTEM. System in Kodi 17.1 is in the top left corner.
  2. Choose file manager
  3. Out of the options, select “Add Source
  4. Now choose “None
  5. Input and choose OK
  6. Choose the box immediately below “Enter a name for this media source
  7. Input “KFire Exodus” or any name you may want, after that press Ok
  8. Press OK again to complete the process of adding the new source
  9. (For users of Kodi 17 only), Press the back button before returning to the home screen of Kodi. After that, choose system settings and then select Addons. Switch on “Unkwon Sources” (same as Apps from Unknown Sources)
  10. Go back to Kodi home screen
  11. From the Kodi main menu, select Addons
  12. (only for users of kodi 17) Select the “Package” Icon which you will find at the top left corner of your screen
  13. Choose “Install from Zip file”
  14. Then choose the new source you added(“Kfirecastway”)
  15. Now choose “begin-here”
  16. Now select “”file
  17. Then wait for some few moments to enable Kodi to install Indigo Addon Installer “Wizard”
  18. After the displaying of the “Addons Enable” notification by kodi, now go to “My Addons”
  19. Now select “program Addons”
  20. Now select Indigo, then choose “open”
  21. Allow the indigo wizard to launch
  22. Select “Addon Installer” after the launching of the Indigo Installer
  23. Now select the featured Addons menu item
  24. Then select Exodus
  25. Finally, choose “Install” to complete the Exodus Kodi 17.1 install process


This is a completely free service that allows you to easily keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies. It can be used on your smartphone or the browser. It keeps tabs on the movies and shows you liked through a rating system that pops up after the end of every show or movie.

Try Kodi 17.1 Exodus Install and you will see a big difference that Trakt brings to the table.

How to set up TRAKT in Exodus

  1. Open Exodus
  2. Choose “Tools”
  3. Now select at Settings: Account
  4. Now Select “Trakt>Authorization”
  5. Exodus will thereafter display a popup and direct you to visit a Trakt URL where you will input a number
  6. Visit the given URL immediately. This can be done on any of your internet enabled device.
  7. Then input the pin gotten from Trakt URL into Exodus
  8. Exodus will now ask whether you want to allow Exodus to have access and also mage/view your Trakt account, Select Yes.
  9. Exodus will now that it has been granted access
  10. Exodus will thereafter use the Trakt online service for its “My Movies” and “My TV Shows” section

It has two distinct features:

The Collection: This feature enables you to organize your favorite movies and shows. It is almost similar to the Kodi library. It is one of the things to enjoy with Kodi 17.1 Exodus Install guide.

  • You can view your collection by selecting “Collection at the top-left corner of the Menu”
  • To select movies and shows, you can get it easily done through the use of Filter

Lists: Trakt comes with an added advantage of coming with a default list which you can use to join together all the movies and shows you probably want to check out or watch.

  • Select “Lists” in the menu to view your watch list
  • The “Add Lists” button allows you to add new lists.
  • Adding a new show to your collection is very easy. Just select TV in the top menu, select the green book button below the image of your favorite or preferred show.
  • The search box allows you to search for particular movies or specific shows.
  • The trending or popular buttons allows you to explore new shows.

Real Debrid

Real-Debrid is paid and premium service that gives you access to large number of file hosts from different sources on the internet. The difference between Real-Debrid and the free ones is that while the free services usually operate on servers with limited download speeds and uploads that are capped to save space, the $4.31 monthly fees you pay for Real-Debrid goes into the management of the servers to ensure there is not download speed limit or upload cap. You can use Real Debrid after following Kodi 17.1 Exodus Install Guide

How to Install Real Debrid in Exodus

  1. Sign up or create a Real Debrid Account through here
  2. Start Exodus
  3. Then select tools
  4. Now select SETTINGS: Accounts
  5. Move or scroll down, After Real Debrid, now select Authorisation (Same as Authorization that US Kodi users see)
  6. Follow the instructions that the screen prompts: visit and input the PIN (digits and letters) as prompted
  7. You will be asked if you want to authorize the Lamba add-on, Select Allow
  8. After the whole process is completed, go back to Exodus and Real Debrid links appears in the content listings.

Some of the compatible devices with Exodus include; Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, PC, MAC, Android and all Kodi-capable devices. With any of these compatible devices, just follow the above process and you will have an awesome Exodus on your Kodi. Kodi 17.1 Exodus Install guide was created to give our readers the perfect streaming experience.

Note: this method of installing Exodus is different from the previous methods of installing Exodus on Kodi/FireStick and XMBC because Exodus has been moved Inside the Indigo Installer.

It is very advisable that you stay anonymous and hide your IP while streaming online.

You can also check out my other Kodi 17.1/16 guidelines and tutorials and Firestick stubs. You may also check out our constantly updated KFire TV homepage and KFire YouTube Channel for lots of original video tutorials on Kodi.

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