This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to install Kodi 17.1 Addons.  This process uses the Indigo tool to install TV Addons like Exodus in Kodi 17 Krypton and Kodi 17.1.

  • This TV Addons install tutorial works for ALL version of Kodi – particularly Kodi 17.3, 17.0, 16.1, 17.2, and even Kodi 15, not just 17.1!  It also works on all Kodi device types, such as Kodi Firestick, PC, Android, and all others.
  • Tip: Indigo Wizard can’t be installed using the normal source, since is offline.  But here’s a mirror (“alternate“) download link for Indigo Wizard – and a second alternate.  Simply use the steps below to install Kodi 17 TV Addons using the latest source.
  • Or instead of Indigo Wizard, install Cazwall Repository to get Exodus, Elysium (the former “Zen”), Evolve, and many other TV Addons installed the right way on your Firestick or Fire TV (or any other Kodi device you may have).  I personally tested this TV Addons / Exodus install method and it definitely gives you a perfect, working install of Exodus.

Before you install Kodi 17.1 Addons, we recommend you secure your Internet data due to the overwhelming new security threats we’re facing.  Specifically, U.S. Congress repealed Internet privacy laws – and Verizon confirmed they plan to sell customer data.  So use our Kodi VPN tutorial video to protect all your Internet data from third parties, hackers, your own government, and even your own ISP.

Follow the steps below to install TV Addons in Kodi 17.1 Krypton:

Kodi 17.1 Addons

  1. Launch Kodi, then go to SYSTEM (which is a “gear” icon in Kodi 17)
  2. Now go to System Settings.  Then select Add-Ons and turn on Unknown Sources.
  3. Then return to the Kodi home screen
  4. Go to SYSTEM again
  5. Now select File Manager
  6. Then choose “Add Source
  7. Select the box that says “None
  8. Until TVAddons comes back online with a new domain of their own, enter ““, then press OK
  9. With all that typing, this seems like a great place to mention that Kodi can be much more enjoyable to use with a HTPC Wireless Keyboard of some sort. This is like the one I use. Without it, I would feel quite encumbered now.

    Indigo Kodi Install with HTPC Keyboard

    Avoid typing through a directional controller by using a backlit HTPC Keyboard!

  10. Now select the empty box that says “Enter a name for this media source”
  11. Then enter “KFireTV” or any other name you want
  12. Then press OK.  Press OK once more to finish adding the Source and return to the File Manager.
  13. Now go back to the Kodi home screen
  14. Then go to “Add-Ons” in the main Kodi menu
  15. Select the Package icon, which is in the top left corner of Kodi 17 Krypton
  16. Then choose Install From Zip File
  17. Now select the new source you added (“KFireTV” in the example)
  18. Navigate to addons followed by plugin.program.indigo
  19. Then select the file.
  20. Wait a minute for the Indigo Wizard to install
  21. After the “Add-On Enabled” notification appears for the Indigo tool, return to the Kodi homescreen.
  22. Then find and select the Indigo icon to launch Indigo.  After Indigo Wizard launches, you have two options to install Kodi 17.1 addons:  A)  Use the Add-On Installer, or B) Use the Config Wizard
  23. Select Config Wizard and follow the prompts to install many Kodi addons at once.  Or choose Add-On Installer – then select an individual addon to install Kodi 17.1 Addons one-by-one.
  24. Set up a Kodi VPN to protect your streams and keep your data private.