King IPTV Review: How To Install on Android, IOS, and Firestick

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This guide reviews King IPTV, a relatively new yet premium IPTV service. But what makes it different from hundreds of other IPTV services in the market?

Is King IPTV safe to use? Is King IPTV legal in the US? How to get King IPTV on Firestick? In this article, we answer all of these questions and more. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What Is King IPTV?


As previously mentioned, King IPTV is an internet-based video streaming service. It comes with 19000+ channels, VOD content, Live TV, and more for just $ 12.99 per month.

You can watch your favorite movies, news, tv shows, documentaries, sports, international content, etc., in stunning HD resolution. You can install it on any android device, including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Fire TV Cube, and more. 

Highlights And Important Features

  • Access to over 19000 channels, mostly in full HD resolution
  • Video On-demand options for TV shows and movies
  • Subscription plans for as low as $12.99./month 
  • Subscription is available on 3 months, 6 months, yearly, and bi-yearly basis
  • 12 hours free trial available to check the service
  • The standard plan comes with only one connection, but you can get more
  • Friendly for most VPN services
  • M3U URL compatible
  • Comes with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Access to major sports events, including PPV and more
  • International channels are also available 
  • Adult Channels
  • Supports two payment methods, Paypal and Bitcoin
  • Customer support is available via email and the contact form
  • Support external video players like VLC 
  • Favorites manager
  • Compatible with most IPTV players available 

What Makes King IPTV Different From Others?


Here’s what makes King IPTV ahead above the rest. 

Diverse Content

Having an extensive library of content is one thing, but offering content that fulls the demands of a wide array of users is another. The sheer depth of content on King IPTV boggles the mind.

It allows users to watch local, international, regional, and national channels with just one click of a button. It also has customized streaming packs that allow you to stream content per your needs. 

Quality Video Streaming

A video streaming platform is just about as good as its video quality. And King IPTV win’s this race simply because of its exceptional video streaming capabilities. With a simple (yet stable) internet connection, you can stream HD, FHD, and 4K quality content.

So, whether you want to watch Sky Sports or catch on the latest WWE event, you can do so in the best possible video quality. 

Impressive Uptime

The problem with many free streaming sites is that they have a horrible uptime. They go down just when you’re about to watch your favorite content.

But King IPTV is a premium streaming service, providing almost 99% uptime. All the video channels and links within the platform work exceptionally with minimal or no disruption. 

Great Website Design

A streaming website’s design is vital in providing a good user experience. You may need help finding the content you want if it has no style or wonky navigation.

Thankfully, King IPTV has a great website design. From its exceptional layout to well-designed menus, all elements complement each other in providing an excellent user experience. 

Custom Packages

Most video streaming platforms come with rigid payment plans. Fortunately, King IPTV is very flexible with its pricing and payment packages.

You can choose from a wide variety of bundles. Doing so helps the audiences select a suitable plan according to their budget and requirements. 

Is King IPTV Safe?

Yes, the King IPTV website is a legit streaming site. We found no malicious ads or suspicious activity on its platform while using its services.

Moreover, we found no such complaints on various online and social media forums. So, you can use King IPTV without any worries. 

King IPTV Channels

King IPTV Channels

As mentioned, King IPTV offers over 19000 streaming channels starting at $12.99 per month with its standard plan. These channels include sports, International, entertainment, Kids, music, Family, news, documentaries, etc. 

What’s more, it even has a category for PPV, offering all major sports channels, adult content, and more, which is often absent in most IPTV services. It also has an EPG Guide for those who prefer this format. 

King IPTV Pricing 

This premium streaming service provides four different subscription plans. There’s also a 12-hour free trial for those who want to test this service before committing full-time.

Its pricing varies depending on the duration of the subscription and the number of connections available. Below are its popular subscription plans.

  • $39.99 for 3 months (offers 19000+ channels, VOD content, 1 connection)
  • $49.00 for 6 months (offers 19000+ channels, VOD content, 1 connection)
  • $79.99 for 1 year (offers 19000+ channels, VOD content, 1 connection)

Pro Tip: When subscribing to any online IPTV service, always go with monthly plans. You never know when a service will go down, which can lead you to lose money if you subscribe to year-long plans.

How To Get King Iptv On Firestick And Other Streaming Devices

King IPTV app is available for installation on all major streaming devices on the Android operating system. However, you must register for a subscription on its official website before installing and using its app. 

As King IPTV offers an M3U URL, you can use it with different IPTV players like IPTV Smarters, Tivimate, Perfect Player, and more. 

Important Note: Use A Reliable VPN Service When Streaming King IPTV

Whenever you are accessing any IPTV service like King IPTV, it’s essential to use a reliable VPN service. This will help you avoid being tracked or monitored online.

Using a VPN is essential because some of the content on IPTV service is not copyrighted, and streaming such content can result in legal trouble. 

Long-time readers of our website know that we recommend IPVanish. It’s one of the best VPN services, offering a zero-logs policy, advanced encryption, geo-restrictions bypass, and unmetered connections, among other benefits. Its pricing starts from as low as $3.19 per month, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

How To Install King-Iptv.Net Apk On Firestick

Follow the instructions below to install this app on your Firestick. 

  1. Launch Firestick and go to the Find tab on your main page
  2. Tap on the Search option
  3. Look up Downloader and install it on Firestick if you don’t have it already
  4. Press the Home button on Firestick remote to go back to the Home page
  5. Now follow this navigation path: 

Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps > Downloader

  1. Enable Downloader to install apps from unknown sources by turning it ON 
  2. Next, launch the Downloader and type in the King IPTV APK URL:
  3. Click on Go to start downloading the King IPTV apk file on your Firestick
  4. Finally, log into your King IPTV account and choose the content you want to stream


Is King IPTV Legal? 

Video streaming sites host content from a wide variety of countries. Since content licensing varies from country to country, it’s hard to determine whether King IPTV is legal in your region. On top of that, copyright and piracy laws also vary in different regions.

For the US users, we found out that sometimes it does offer unlicensed content. Therefore, it’s important to check the laws in your region before using King IPTV. 

What Channels Does King IPTV Have? 

Well, there are over 19000 channels as of writing this article. These channels are divided into news, entertainment, sports, PPV, catch-up content, and more. 

What Devices Does King IPTV Support?

This IPTV service is available for any android-based streaming device. Amazon’s Fire lineup of streamers, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV, and Android smartphones all support King IPTV. 

Do IPTV  Kings Have TV Series On It?

Yes, King IPTV offers several TV shows and TV series. 

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