In the KFireTV Podcast / Screencast, I show you an in-depth look inside the streaming media services available to you.

But more importantly, I’m going to show you how to set each of them up and make them work together in harmony.

Below this paragraph, watch the YouTube video version of this week’s Episode + my computer screen while I was recording the Podcast (aka “screencast”).  Below the video are some images that go along with the Podcast:

What’s in Episode 1 of the KFireTV Podcast?

  • Ultimate Home Theater Setup: In this section of each Podcast, I walk you through how to set up your own Home Theater and/or Plex media server.
KFireTV Podcast Episode 1 Jonesin for Streams PDF Page 4

Part 2 of each Podcast walks you through setting up your own home theater / media server




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  • KFire TV FireStick Podcast & Kodi Podcast

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  • CURRENT News on Streaming TV & Movies:  With Part 2 of every podcast, I keep you updated with all the latest info on the best streaming services to use today – not yeterday.
Streaming News

Streaming News: Kodi, Usenet, Torrents, Ad-Supported Services, Free Services, OTA

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  • My Step-by-Step Tutorials in Part 3 of every Podcast / screencast show you how to perform the latest tasks in setting up a solid, reliable media system in your home or business.  For example, in Episode 1 (“Jonesin’ for Streams”) I talk you through how to Install Kodi 18 PREVIEW on Firestick.  Eventually I’ll even show you How to Install Kodi 18 Builds on Firestick!
Streaming TV and Movie Podcast Tutorials

Streaming Media Tutorials in every Podcast

Home Theater Tutorial Example

  • Have a back yard? I’ll show you how to set up a movie theater in it with a projector, some speakers, and a Firestick.
    KFireTV Podcast Back Yard Movie Theater Setup

    Learn how to set up your own Back Yard Movie Theater that streams EVERYTHING (Photo: Jason Gessner)

    Thanks Jason (on Flickr) for the awesome photo.