Install third-party Keyboards for Android for an excellent way to add more features to your phone.  Also, enjoy access to new functions and possibilities that wouldn’t be available with the use of your standard keyboards.

This article takes an in-depth look at some of the best keyboards for Android.  By the way, they’re all free.

Keyboards for Android

#1:  Google Keyboard (aka Gboard)

One of the most popular options out there is definitely the Google keyboard. Also known as “Gboard”, this particular product borrows from the smooth input of the iPhone.  Although it is now available for Android users as well!

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This keyboard improved significantly since its release.  And it now features a wide variety of advanced functionalities, including built-in Google search, which was actually long overdue!

Other features, including gesture typing for words or even entire sentences, are actually really flexible and forward-thinking.  Also, Gboard is totally free.

Google boast an advanced array of speech to text algorithms, which are also integrated within this clever keyboard.  This means that you can actually simply tell your keyboard what to type and it will do the tedious work for you. This article is actually being dictated to this keyboard right now!

This keyboard is considered to be the most reliable and best alternative for Android users.  Text messages and other common tasks are a breeze with Gboard.

The keyboard’s performance is actually very fast, immediate and easy to work with.  This makes it an absolutely excellent choice among many other Android keyboards out there.

#2:  Swiftkey

If you are looking for something a little bit different, SwiftKey might be what you want.

These keyboards actually exist pre-installed on a wide variety of devices.  So you might even already have one in your phone. The SwiftKey keyboard is particularly well-known for their trademark fluency engine.

The fluency engine is actually a prediction method, which allows the keyboard to guess what you are going to type, making it faster to type full sentences on your mobile phone.

SwiftKey offers free keyboards for all Android devices..  However, several additional features are available for an extra fee, including different keyboard themes.  SMS texting is FAST with SwiftKey.

All in all, if you are looking for something different than your average Google keyboard, SwiftKey is a great alternative.

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#3:  Swype

Swype is another really popular keyboard alternative for android users. This particular keyboard has one distinctive feature. It allows users to actually swipe through the letters using one gesture in order to form words and sentences.

It might be a little bit tricky to use at first, but once you get used to the system, you will be able to create full sentences easily in no time at all.

This is not a free keyboard, although it does offer a free trial version, which is rather cool. If you are interested in buying this keyboard, it will actually surprise you with a really low price tag: 1 dollar. This particular keyboard also features some extensive archives of additional custom themes, which you can download for an extra fee if you want to customize the looks of your Swype Keyboard and go for a more personalized approach.

Swype greatly improves the speed at which you send texts, too!

Wrap Up

We strongly recommend that you replace your smartphone’s stock keyboard with Gboard, Swiftkey, or Swype.  These keyboards all improve your typing experience significantly.  So check out these keyboards!  And don’t forget to do some searching of your own in the Google Play Store to see what other keyboards are out there.

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Keyboards for Android:  Get Voice Dictation & Speed Up Your Texting
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