Jailbroken Firestick or Fire TV / Stick – How to Free Your TV

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This article covers what you need to know about how to make your very own jailbroken Fire Stick. You can buy a jailbroken Firestick directly from many third parties (not from Amazon), but the sellers of these typically lack trustworthiness. We have heard horror stories tied to spyware and keyloggers embedded within some of the pre-jailbroken Fire Sticks found on the open market. Thankfully, making your own jailbroken Firestick proves a very simple, straight-forward project using the techniques outlined here.

Can your Firestick freely access all of the extensive content available on the internet without being jailbroken? If not, then you most likely have a stock Fire Stick without any form of jailbreak or hack involved. So, what exactly does a jailbroken Firestick allow? Moreover, how exactly does one go about jailbreaking their Firestick themselves?

What is a Jailbroken Firestick?

When new, Fire Sticks don’t allow third-party software installation. This means Amazon built some (read: a LOT of) content restriction into your new Firestick, so the default settings keep many wanting more. Some people view jailbreaking as a necessary evil, then others simply deem it essential fun. They get their new Fire Stick, then find it full of proprietary, black-box (not open-source) software. A simple settings adjustment allows the jailbroken streaming device access to third-party software, so opens a world of entertainment.

The ability to access third-party apps comes courtesy of some simple modifications you can do to the Firestick settings. This will enable it to access apps from unknown sources, then you can install whatever you want. Therefore, the act of “jailbreaking” simply means enabling the Fire Stick to accept the installation of apps from unknown sources. After making this switch, you could proceed by using one of the numerous file download options available. Jailbroken fire sticks are legal, but we advise that you purchase an Amazon firestick and personally proceed to jailbreak the device yourself. The easiest and most efficient method of accessing the third-party apps after jailbreaking a device is through the use of a downloader app to access an APK file. This will directly download the app, then you can proceed to install the app on the device.

Necessary Essentials to make a Jailbroken Firestick

  • First, you must have an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Surprise! I’ll bet you couldn’t see that coming. The Amazon Fire TV Stick remains on sale quite often, so currently only costs
  • Amazon requires that you have an account with them, so you can set up your Amazon Firestick initially. Actually, they set it up with your account in their system, then send it to you.
  • A fast internet throughput speed helps prevent constant, lagging stream buffering. Many Internet Service Providers intentionally throttle speeds for people streaming video, so a VPN should be used in this case. The fastest VPN available makes it impossible for anyone, even your ISP, to recognize the type of traffic on your connection. Your ISP won’t even know what addresses you visit, so get this VPN into your life now.
  • You need a television with an HDMI input to connect the Firestick, which most modern television sets have. The TCL 55-Inch 4K LED TV shown here gets you the best of both worlds once you get a jailbroken Firestick hooked up to it.
  • An HDMI cable extension. The greater the distance between your firestick from your television set, the better the Wi-Fi reception will get.

How to Jailbreak A Firestick

This streamable content is only courtesy of jailbreaking. The device gets extensive access to so much content because it has access to KODI. KODI is what allows your device to have this extensive access. Amazon Firestick is a good example of a KODI streaming firestick device. The use of KODI is 100% legal unless you proceed to stream content that you lack copyright on. The following is a systematic guide on how to install KODI 17/ jailbreak your device in no more than ten minutes. Of course, this depends in some part on your internet connection speed.

How to make a Jailbroken Firestick, Explained Step-by-Step

You can then proceed to incorporate as many Add-ons as you want to your Fire TV Stick. Make sure you protect your KODI streaming by hiding your internet traffic from everyone, even your ISP, through a VPN service. You can get the best VPN for Kodi users right here and get 60% off.

Enjoy Your Jailbroken Firestick Safely With A VPN

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Ben Wilde



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Ben Wilde

December 13, 2017

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