IPVanish Coupon: 60% Off (For KFireTV Users ONLY)

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IPVanish coupon for unblocking all Kodi addons

IPVanish coupon: 60% OFF for KFireTV users only

KFireTV users get preferential treatment from IPVanish!  That’s right – we’ve partnered with IPVanish and they were kind enough to give KFireTV users this 60% off IPVanish coupon!

What is IPVanish?

IPVanish is a secure VPN service.  This means when you use their service, your Internet traffic will be routed through their secure Private Network of servers around the world (Yes – they let you choose which server from which country you’d like to use).

How Can This IPVanish Coupon Help ME?

  • IPVanish gives you access to all blocked Kodi addons.
  • IPVanish prevents your ISP from throttling your bandwidth due to the nature or source of your streaming content. (How? IPVanish encrypts your streaming data so nobody can see it – not even Big Gov).
  • IPVanish makes all of your Internet traffic private, secure & encrypted.  To enable this, use the IPVanish router setup guide so all your traffic is tunneled through the easy-to-use VPN.  Our exclusive IPVanish coupon is the fastest path to optimizing your Kodi streaming experience.

Who Receives This Discount?

This is an across-the-board discount for KodiFireTVStick.com users only.  Click the coupon button below to be taken to the IPVanish site, where you’ll see our custom-made landing page.

IPVanish Coupon: 60% Off

View IPVanish coupon (60% OFF)

Why is This IPVanish Coupon So Valuable?

IPVanish coupon for 60% off VPN service!

Our VPN coupon will Enable all addons in Kodi

The value of this coupon is equivalent to how much you value your own Internet traffic security, privacy, and anonymity.

And did we mention it’ll unblock Kodi TVAddons?  Whatever your reason is to buy IPVanish service, we hope you enjoy unblocked Kodi addons and un-throttled bandwidth!

Questions?  Ask us in the comments below!

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