XvBMC hosts many of our favorite addons. Some TV addons they have taken in a temporary capacity while those add-ons seek new homes after the anti-piracy shake-down last week. From the best movie and television show TV addon Covenant to the best sports Kodi add-on SportsDevil, XvBMC carries a huge selection of top quality third-party plugins.

The Kodi third-party landscape undulates and writhes with ever-changing players upon the field. Here, we present one of the unsung heroes in the scene. XvBMC has taken in one of the greatest third-party Kodi TV addons in existence, Covenant. They’ve given hope that some developer will take up the torch and further its development. Its the tear jerking, heart wrenching story of a homeless waif in the throes of despair and the guiding hand that pulled them from certain destitution. Be sure to check in with the KFire TV home page to keep up with the latest news and greatest developments in home entertainment.

Be Careful

Always use a highly secure VPN when utilizing third-party Kodi TV addons. After the concerted efforts of the MPA and ACT last week, I’d think everyone gets it now. Your internet activities are seen by anyone caring to look. That you appear to be accessing the internet from Ashburn, VA is enough information to get less scrupulous hackers started in on you. This includes private and government agencies, and even your own ISP. The number of online identity thieves grows in number every day. Your information and activities get digitally recorded unless you access the internet from within a secure VPN.

Setup XvBMC Source Location

  1. Enter the Settings (gear icon – above the main menu)
    Covenant Install for Kodi - system settings

    Enter the System Menu

  2. After this, choose the File Manager
    Covenant for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    Next, the File Manager

  3. Now, choose Add Source
    Covenant Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Select Add Source

  4. Then, choose None (enables manually adding a media source)
    Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None

    Select None

  5. Enter this URL: (http://archive.org/download/repository.xvbmc), then OK
    New Temporary Home Repo XvBMC URL

    New Temporary Home (XvBMC Repo) URL

  6. repository.xvbmc seems okay for a name here, so we’ll leave it at that, then hit okay once we check for typos
    Double Check Covenant Repo Info and OK

    Double Check Covenant Repo Info and OK

  7. Notice that repository.xvbmc is now an available source from which to install, then head back to the Kodi home screen
    Notice the New Temporary Covenant Repo Source Added

    Notice the New Temporary XvBMC Repo Source Added

Install XvBMC REPOsitory

Install the XvBMC Repository in the same manner as any other. Set the source up within Kodi so it knows where to find the repository file first. You should look around at what they have to offer once you get the XvBMC Repository installed. I think you’ll find it to your liking.




Your location is: Ashburn VA

Your current IP address is: 2001:4455:2f7:b700:f880:7bad:b46b:1768

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  1. Return to the Main Menu in Kodi, then enter the Add-ons section
    Covenant - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons back at the main menu

  2. Enter the Add-on browser (open box icon) located above the menu
    Covenant Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Select the Add-on Browser (AKA the Package Manager)

  3. Tap or click Install from zip file
    Covenant Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Choose to Install From zip File

  4. Select the XvBMC Repository in the dialog that opens up, which we left named repository.xvbmc.
    Select repository.xvbmc

    Select repository.xvbmc

  5. Next, look for repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip and open it. The iteration (numbers) may have changed, though maybe XvBMC enjoys having this number.
    Choose repository.xvbmc.4.2.0.zip File

    Choose repository.xvbmc.4.2.0.zip File

  6. When you move over to the OK button, the repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip file will not appear to be selected anymore. This is just a visual glitch within Kodi. The status bar in the bottom og the dialog box still shows it selected, so go ahead and click on OK
    Notice the Status Bar Still Shows Selection - Hit OK

    Notice the Status Bar Still Shows Selection – Hit OK

  7. Wait just a moment, then you should notice a popup in the top right indicating XvBMC (Add-ons) REPOsitory: Add-on Installed!
    Covenant new temporary home - XvBMC Installed

    XvBMC Installed, Covenant’s New Temporary Home

Once you have the XvBMC REPOsitory installed, you have access to many high quality Kodi TV addons. I hope you enjoy what you find in there!

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The XvBMC REPOsitory and a VPN can make you happy