Install TVTap on Firestick: Quick & Easy Setup Guide

In this guide, we discuss how to install TVTap on Firestick. The instructions mentioned below work on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV 2nd Gen, Fire TV Cube, and Firestick 4k.

What is TvTap

TV Tap is a TV streaming Android app with which you can watch TV channels from around the world, including paid ones, without spending a dime. Yes, there are several other apps out there that let you watch free TV streams; however, only a few consistently deliver when it comes to playback. The TvTap is special in more than one way. It not only hosts a huge catalog of channels but also ensures they work. 

In the past, TvTap was known as UKTvNow. Now, the developers have changed its name again to TvTap Pro. For this article, we will use both names interchangeably. So don’t get confused if we change it up a bit in our how-to-install TvTap on Firestick instructions. 

The streaming app hosts an impressive library of 700+ channels from countries such as India, Italy, France, Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, and others. Content is categorized into movies, sports, documentaries, music, news, etc. So whether you are a politics enthusiast, movie buff, or sports lover, TvTap Pro takes care of everything. 

Perhaps the biggest reason behind its fame is because it isn’t just available for Android users. Instead, you can download it on your Amazon Fire devices and watch TV for free. Before we show you how to install TvTap on Firestick, let’s look at some of its distinctive features. 

TvTap on Firestick screen


  • The user interface design isn’t very impressive, but it’s definitely user friendly, which makes it easy to navigate.
  • No Ads. You read that, right! There are no long annoying ads to interrupt your streams.
  • Free App. No registration. No sign-up. The process to install TvTap on Firestick is a breeze. Just download the APK and find a corner on your couch to enjoy live TV on the big screen. 
  • Channels are categorized by their genre, such as entertainment, food, kids, etc, which makes your favorite content available in a single space.
  • The possibility to bookmark your favorite channels makes them easily accessible. 
  • Possibility to schedule your favorite shows. View the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for every channel so you’re never missing out on your favorite programs. 
  • Compatible with Chromecast, which means you can send any content from your phone to the big screen. 
  • The built-in program search tool makes the search process very quick.
  • Option to filter out the main menu by nationality of a particular channel.
  • No buffering. The HD content comes from high-speed servers for a totally buffer-free TV streaming experience. 
TvTap Home Screen

How to Install TVTap on Firestick

Unfortunately, TvTap isn’t available at the Amazon App Store. This means you can’t download it like you download other apps. Instead, you will need to sideload the APK file from a third-party website. To install TvTap on Firestick, you first need to enable the option that allows apps from unknown sources. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Turn on your Firestick. Once the Home screen comes on, go to the Settings option on the top.
  • Choose My Fire TV (Device on some Fire devices)
  • Go to Developer Options
  • Here you can see that “Apps from Unknown Sources” has been turned off by default. Tap to turn it ON. 
  • Settings will ask for a confirmation. Click Turn On when the prompt appears. And you’re done. Now you can install third-party apps on your Fire device. Be careful, though. Some third-party apps may harm your device. 
Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

There are two ways to install TvTap on Firestick. Let’s take a look at the step by step process for each of them. 

1. Install TvTap on Firestick with Downloader

Using Downloader is one of the simplest ways to sideload any app on Firestick. Simply install the Downloader app from the official Amazon Store. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. On your Home screen, select the search option
  2. Type Downloader using your remote and hit enter
  3. Select Downloader App for Fire Stick in the search results
  4. Download and Install

Once you have successfully installed Downloader, follow the steps below to complete your install TvTap on Firestick process: 

Step 1: Run Downloader

Step 2: Select the Home tab on the left if not already selected and click on the URL text box on the app screen’s right-hand side. 

Step 3: Type: and hit Go.

Step 4: The downloader will redirect you to the Browser. Once the TvTap URL has loaded, scroll down to the bottom and click the APK download option for Firestick/Android Boxes. This may take a while as Downloader connects to the TvTap servers. So be patient and have a snack!

Step 5: As the APK is downloaded, you will be prompted to proceed with the installation process. Tap Install to continue the install TvTap on Firestick process. Wait a few seconds. Installation doesn’t take much time. 

Step 6: Click Done once the installation is complete. We’re not opening TvTap for now.  

Step 7: Return to the Downloader and delete TvTap’s installation package. It’s useless after installation, so it’s better to free up some space. 

Congrats! Now you’ve finished installing TvTap on Firestick.

2. Install TvTap on Firestick With Filelinked

FileLinked is another downloader tool for Amazon Firestick and other Android devices. It was previously called DroidAdmin. With this app, you can create and access user-created lists containing Android APKs to download and install. Here’s how you can utilize it to install TvTap on Firestick:

Step 1: Go to the search option and type Filelinked. Yes, it’s available on the official App Store. 

Step 2: Select Filelinked from the list of displayed options. 

Step 3: Download and install the app

Step 4: once the app has been installed, open it, and type 085702 code. Press Continue. The app will now display the downloadable link for TvTap. Don’t worry, it’s safe!

Step 5: Download and install TvTap on Firestick. 

That’s pretty much it. You have successfully install TvTap on the Firestick process. 

Make Way for TvTap App

Whenever you install TvTap on Firestick, by default, it doesn’t show up on the Home screen. Here’s how you can access and move it to your Home page. 

  • On the Home page, long-press your remote’s Home button until a new window pops up.
  • Click Apps
  • Scroll down below and tap on the TvTap Pro icon to select it
  • Click on the Move option. It’s on the tiny menu that appears on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Drag and drop TvTap Pro to one of the top rows
install tvtap on firestick

TVTap: A Few Things About the App

The app displays all the channels on the main screen by default. You can sort them by category by clicking on the hamburger menu located in the top left corner. These are available categories: 

  • Entertainment
  • Movies
  • Music
  • News
  • Sports
  • Documentary
  • Kids
  • Food

There are two ways to look up channels. Either by using the Search option in the top right corner by using the remote control. Search is straightforward. Simply type the name of a channel you want to stream, hit enter, and the app will open it up for you. The second method, however, is a bit complicated. You have to press the Play button on your remote once to filter out all the channels by country. 

Stay Safe Use a Trusted VPN

Now that you’ve managed to install TvTap on Firestick, it’s worth mentioning that your online activity is visible to the Government and your ISP. This means streaming free movies can get you in trouble. You need a good VPN for Firestick to keep your streaming activity hidden. It will mask your IP address and help you overcome any geo-restrictions, surveillance, and ISP throttling issues. 

Not many people know that VPNs are a great hack that allows you to get extra free content without ever having to jailbreak your Firestick or download 3rd party free streaming apps. You can get free, blocked content on paid streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and YouTube that is currently being kept from you!

Paid subscription streaming sites will block certain content depending on where you are. Downloading a VPN like IPVanish will allow you to trick streaming services into thinking that you’re streaming from different regions, thus unlocking region-blocked content! If you’re paying for a service, we think you should get everything that the service offers.

In fact, there are tons of great benefits of using a VPN that most people don’t know about. If this sounds like it would improve your streaming life (and it’s definitely improved ours), use our link to get our reader discount on the best, most reliable VPN available.

I highly recommend using IPVanish because it’s one of the best VPN out there. It has unbeatable same country speeds and highly advanced security features (like IKEv2 & AES-256) ideal for streaming live TV. Plus, it’s been following a strict no-logs policy since 2017. 

IPVanish VPN Mobile

This is how you can install IPVanish on your Firestick.

Step 1: Subscribe to IPVanish HERE. It has a 30 days money-back guarantee, which means you can always get your money back if you’re not satisfied with their services. 

Step 2: Go to the search option on your Firestick Home page. Type IPVanish and select it when the option shows up in results. 

Step 3: Click on Download to download & install the IPVanish VPN automatically. 

Step 4: Once done, open the IPVanish app and enter the login details you created while subscribing to its services. Click Sign in. 

Step 5: Click the Connect option to secure your device. That’s just about it. You can also change the server location if you want. 

We highly recommend you do this if you choose to install TvTap on Firestick.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the most significant aspect of any TV streaming app is its ability to play listed channels without any problem. In this regard, TVTap always comes on top. It has an extensive library and successfully plays nearly all of them.

The app itself is pretty fast – in playback as well as navigation. To be honest, I am not really impressed by the user interface. I believe smaller channel icons would have been a better fit for Amazon Firestick. That said, TvTap is still a great free TV streaming app. Channels work as expected, and they’re fast enough to load without any buffering. Give it a shot! 

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