This easy tutorial shows you How to Install TVAddons using the fastest method available.  The method in the below steps shows you how to install TV Addons like Exodus using the Config Wizard for Kodi.  Keep reading to install TV Addons now:


  1. In Kodi, go to File Manager, which is just below SYSTEM.
  2. In File Manager, select Add Source
  3. Now select <NONE> to enter the path for the new source.
  4. Enter” without the quotes
  5. Select OK
  6. Now select “Enter a name for this media source”
  7. Then enter “KFire TV” or any name you’d like
  8. Select OK once again
  9. Now select Done
  10. Return to the Kodi dashboard by pressing the Back button on the Fire Stick remote (or press Escape if on PC or Mac) a few times
  11. Now select SYSTEM (press direclty on SYSTEM this time, not File Manager)
  12. Then select Install From Zip File
  13. Now choose the new source you added (“KFire TV”)
  14. Then select “begin-here
  15. Finally choose the “” file
  16. If Kodi asks whether or not you’d like to install Add-On Installer, select “Yes” or “Install”
  17. Wait a minute for the Add-On Installer to install
  18. After the Add-On Installer is finished, return to the Kodi home screen once again by pressing Back on your input device (aka Fire TV remote)
  19. Now go to PROGRAMS
  20. Then select Program Add-Ons
  21. Now choose Config Wizard
  22. After Config Wizard launches, select ANDROID
  23. Then select “Yes” or “Install” when Kodi asks whether or not you’d like to install Config Wizard
  24. Wait for Config Wizard to automatically configure Kodi by adding the best TV addons automatically for you.  Config Wizard is basically a light-weight Kodi build.
  25. After Config Wizard is finished setting up Kodi, exit Kodi and then re-launch Kodi to make sure Config Wizard sets itself up completely.
  26. Now install any missing / broken TV Addons individually using the Add-On Installer – and make sure to protect your outgoing data with a Secure Internet tunnel.

Problems Installing TVAddons

  • No Stream Available is one of the most common Kodi errors, which you’ll commonly see for various reasons.
  • “TVAddons won’t launch” is a Kodi error we often see.  Fix Exodus by reinstalling your TV Addons and/or Kodi.  Also check your WiFi connection.
  • Kodi Buffering is an all-too-common Kodi problem we see, so check out our guides on How to Fix Kodi Buffering and Fix Fire TV Buffering.

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Wrap Up

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This is the easiest way to install TV Addons for Kodi.  Other than this, you can install TVAddons individually using the Add-On Installer.