How to Install All TVAddons with Kodi 17 .1 Config Wizard (via Indigo Wizard)

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This well-prepared guide shows you perfectly how to Install Kodi 17 .1 Config Wizard that ensures the automatic set up of all the best TV Addons. With Kodi 17 .1 Config installed, you simply don’t need to worry again about installing TVAddons one by one. It does everything at once.

Compatible Operating Systems

You can utilize this guide on Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, PC, Linux, Devices with Jailbroken iOS (iPhone, iPad) and all other operating systems that support Kodi.

Is there any difference between Kodi 17 .1 Config Wizard and Kodi 16 Config Wizard?

The Config Wizard of Kodi 17 .1 is not different from the Kodi 16 Config Wizard.

Indigo Wizard

The new Config Wizard is entrenched in the Indigo Wizard. The TV/Addons teams simply introduced the Indigo as a way of packaging all their best apps into a single wizard.

There are some cool tools in the Indigo wizard. Check out some of them below

  • Addon Installer: This is a tool that ensures the simplification of the installation of 3rd part addons on kodi which are hosted by the TVAddons Meta repository. This tool has both addon repositories and addons which allow you to view them directly in Kodi instead of having to search for them online. Any addon or repository you see can be installed through the interface of Addons Installer instantly several popular addons at once. It contains several features that you will find cool. Once installed, you don’t need to worry about configuring or installing addons manually. This wizard does everything for you. It is a “click and forget” process
  • Config Wizard: This is the first and most important tool in Indigo. Note that you will only be able to see this tool if you have not installed it before. It allows you add the addons at once.
  • System Information: You can check information about your device and Kodi system. An example of what you can check includes disc space (storage) or the Kodi version you are using.
  • Log Uploader: This is very useful especially when you are being provided assistance for online. This great tool saves you the trouble of having to retrieve the log file manually. In essence, it automates the process.
  • Network Speed Test: This tool allows you to check internet speed issue on Kodi. It also checks lagging issues.
  • Maintenance Tools: This is another fantastic tool on indigo. It is a set of tools that helps keep your Kodi installations cleaner and lightweight. It is set automatically to clear cache, block scripts that seem malicious and remove addon packages that are not needed.
  • Rejuvenate Kodi: This is the tool that will wipe away your addons, Individual and Kodi configuration and after that start the Config wizard. We don’t really recommend that you use this tool unless probably your Kodi is malfunctioning seriously as you will need to start afresh. It is just like deleting everything from your machine and then reinstalling same thing again.
  • Backup/Restore: You can have either partial or full backup to a selected location. This is very useful if you intend to do a restore of your Kodi to a prior version.
  • Factory Restore: Almost the same thing as the Rejuvenate tool, the difference being that it leaves behind an empty Kodi and it doesn’t initialize Config Wizard
  • Log File: This allows you to see from inside the interface of Kodi your log file
  • Sports Listings: You can view sporting events that are scheduled for that particular day.
  • Notifications: You can use this tool to opt-in or even out of TVAddons motivations do send out periodically.

Kodi 17 .1 Config Wizard

Any user that already has Indigo tool installed in his Kodi 17 .1 should just launch their Indigo and select Config Wizard>Install. However, if you don’t have Indigo, follow the below guide on how to Install the Kodi 17 .1 Config Wizard.

  1. Launch Kodi and then go straight to its home screen
  2. Navigate to the top left where you will see a gear ICON representing SYSTEM, select it.
  3. Go to System settings
  4. The next thing is to turn on unknown sources
  5. Go back to SYSTEM (Gear icon) under the home screen of Kodi again
  6. Select the File Manager
  7. Select “Add Source.”
  8. Choose “None” and input, now select ok.
  9. There is a box below the area that displays “Enter a name for the media source”, select it
  10. Input “Kfire Indigo” or any name that you deem perfect and quite easy for you to remember always
  11. Now Press Ok, Select Ok again if it is necessary to finish the process of adding the New Source
  12. Go back to the home screen of Kodi again
  13. Move to “Addons.”
  14. Now select package icon. It is in the top left corner
  15. You will see “Install From Zip File”, select it
  16. Select “Kfire Indigo” which is the newly added source
  17. Now choose the file. It can take a minute to install, be patient.
  18. Re-launch Kodi after installation finishes
  19. After the relaunching of Kodi wait for some few moments so that all new TV Addons can be updated.
  20. Kodi 17 .1 Firestick + Config Wizard have the best TV Addons of 2017 (Indigo Wizard and Krypton)

What you will find in Kodi 17 .1 Config Wizard

You will be able to enjoy excellent movies like IPTV Streams, TV shows and fantastic contents from the addons on Kodi like the following:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Navi-x
  3. Castaway
  4. Exodus
  1. And many other great Kodi/XBMC addons!


What exactly is Config Wizard?

The Config Wizard is a Kodi program that downloads and installs the best addons on Kodi for you automatically. It also changes the Kodi background screen. Just like the Beast Build, Config Wizard is just a Kodi Build.

Understanding Kodi Builds

Instead of downloading individually all the plugins on Kodi, Kodi Builds enables you to install quickly and at once this set of pre-configured collection of Kodi plugins.

Final Verdict

One of the easiest ways of getting all the best streaming addons into your Kodi.

KFire TV Editor

KFire TV Editor



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April 28, 2017

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