How to Install Supremacy Auto-Select Kodi Firestick TV Addon

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The Supremacy Kodi Firestick TV addon auto-selects the best stream available from your choice of SD or HD link options. If you ever fail to get a selection on your first try, simply choose the next on the Kodi Firestick list. Supremacy will work its magic to get you the best available stream onto your Kodi Firestick for your chosen media. An all-in-one Kodi Firestick TV add-on to easily rival the late Exodus, Supremacy has 3D Films, 4K Movies, IPTV and much more. That includes Live TV, New Releases, current TV Series, and even Live Sports!

On the KFire TV front page, you can always find many great, new, working Kodi Firestick TV addons to try out. Also, make certain to check out the list of best working Kodi Firestick TV Addons, builds, and Repos. This colorful list can be found in the menu to the right on most articles, so look over there –<. If viewing KFire TV from your Android or iPhone, then you may find this link list at the bottom of the page.

Allow Unknown Sources

Kodi 17 Krypton requires “Unknown Sources” enabled before it will allow the installation of third-party Kodi TV addons. If you have this taken care of, then jump to the Supremacy Installation. If not, then you can find out how to enable this in our Allow Unknown Sources in Kodi tutorial guide. This simple process will grant access to all third-party Kodi TV addons, builds, wizards, and repositories. The Supremacy Kodi Firestick TV addon finds itself in this third-party list, so we’ll remain here while you get this important step done!

How To Install Supremacy Kodi Firestick TV Addon

Now, we’re ready to get this install taken care of. We make the installation of Supremacy a very simple three-part process with our guide, so don’t worry.

Install the Supremacy Repo Source

  1. Click the Settings icon, which looks like a gear cog.
  2. Then, enter the File Manager.
  3. On the left, then click on Add Source.
  4. Select NONE, so you can input a new external source.
  5. Type the URL:, then click on OK.
  6. Name this Supremacy in the text box below, then click OK again.
  7. Check everything for typos, then click OK once more.

Install the Supremacy Kodi Firestick Repository

  1. Head back to the main Kodi menu, then click Add-ons.
  2. Click the Add-on Browser (open package) icon, so you can work with your Kodi Firestick files.
  3. Then, choose to Install from zip file.
  4. In the box that pops up, then select the Supremacy source we added earlier.
  5. Click, though the version number may have changed since this article was written.
  6. Then, click the file. The version number here may have changed also, so prepare yourself.
  7. Wait until a popup says Supremacy Installed, then move on to the next section.

How to Install the Supremacy Kodi 17 Firestick TV Addon

  1. If you find yourself back in the Addons Browser, then click Install from repository. If not, well, then get there and do so.
  2. Select the Supremacy repository, so we can see all the goodies it contains.
  3. Then, enter the Video addons area.
  4. Select Supremacy, then in the popup dialog, click on Install.
  5. After the Supremacy Kodi Firestick TV addon successfully downloads and installs, you can find it in the Kodi Video add-ons menu.
  6. You can install a Firestick VPN app if you aren’t protected yet.

After all that, you probably want to kick back and watch a nice new movie. Amirite? Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to utilize a highly secure VPN when accessing the streams available in the Supremacy Kodi Firestick TV addon. Enjoy safely!

Enjoy Supremacy Kodi Firestick TV Addon Only While Protected By A VPN



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December 21, 2017

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