This tutorial walks you through How to Install Sky TV Build Kodi for free streaming TV.

How to Install Sky TV Build Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Go to File Manager, which is just below SYSTEM in the Kodi main menu.
  3. Now select “Add Source“, then choose NONE
  4. Enter” into the box, then select DONE
  5. Now select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source”
  6. Enter a name, such as “KFire Sky TV“, or any other name you wish
  7. Now press OK
  8. Return to the Kodi home screen
  9. Go to SYSTEM
  10. Now select AddOns
  11. Then select Install From Zip File
  12. Choose “tdbrepo
  13. Now select the “” file
  14. Wait a few seconds for Kodi to display the “Add-On Enabled” notification / “popup” that usually appears in the bottom right corner of Kodi after installing an addon
  15. Return to the Kodi home screen (aka dashboard)
  16. Now go to PROGRAMS
  17. Then select Install From Repository
  18. Choose TDB Repository (aka tdbrepo)
  19. Now select “Program AddOns
  20. Then choose TDB Wizard
  21. Now press Install using your mouse / keyboard / touchscreen / Fire TV / FireStick remote or other input device
  22. Wait again for an “Add-On Enabled” notification to show up
  23. Now return to the Kodi dashboard by pressing the Back button on the Fire TV remote, or Esc on a standard keyboard.
  24. Now go to PROGRAMS
  25. Choose TDB Wizard
  26. Then choose “Team TDB Builds
  27. Now press “Sky (All Add-ons)
  28. Press “Download Build Now
  29. Choose “Yes” at the point when it asks to Install the Build
  30. Wait for the install Sky TV build Kodi process to download, extract, and complete the installation
  31. When the process is finished, Kodi will attempt to close itself.  If it doesn’t close itself successfully (which is common), just press “OK” in the popup box and “Yes” – then reboot your device (which means unplug the power cord on a FireStick).
  32. After you restart Kodi, the Sky TV Build should now be installed on your Kodi!
  33. Now just use the menus within Sky TV Build to play free Live TV, movies, and episodes.

What is TDBRepo?

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TDBRepo is a repository that contains the TDB Wizard, which is what enables the Install Sky TV Build Kodi process for us!  Install TDB Repo using the steps above.  After installing the TDB repo, in Kodi you can go to PROGRAMS > Install From Repository – then you can install any Kodi apps you see in that repository.  This is how Kodi repositories work!

More Kodi Builds

Wrap Up

If you want to install other Kodi builds, check out the KFire YouTube channel!