How to Install Pubfilm on Kodi Addon [Updated for 2023]

This guide shows you how to install Pubfilm Kodi addon quickly and easily to stream Movies & TV shows.  Use the steps below to install Mucky Ducks repo, which will install PubFilm for us in Kodi (aka “XBMC”).

Sections in this Kodi Addon install tutorial (click a section title to go to that section):

Mucky Duck updated Pubfilm addon again to the latest version (v2.1.0 as of Thursday April 18, 2024)!  So enjoy the streams from the Pub film addon with the step-by-step install tutorial below.  To Install PubFilms AddOn Kodi, simply use the steps below to add Mucky Duck Repo to Kodi 17 or 16.  Then use the Repo to install Pubfilm.

  • ProTip:  This Kodi add-on is great for parties!

The amazing Mucky Duck put lots of hard work into the PubFilms addon for Kodi.  Furthermore, Pubfilm has all the Movies and TV show episodes you’ll ever need.  Here’s how to install Pubfilm on Kodi 17 using Mucky Duck Repo / “Wizard”:

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Get the latest version of Kodi

To get the latest version of Kodi, visit their download page, scroll to the “choose your weapon section,” select your OS, and then run the application installer. Once it has downloaded successfully, then you can go ahead and simply install the latest version on your device; you don’t have to uninstall your previous version.

Kodi Logo

How to Install Pubfilm on Kodi 17

Using the steps below, we show you how to install Pubfilm on Kodi 17.  For Pubfilms on Kodi 16, scroll down past this section.

Part A:  Enable Third Party Addons in Kodi

  1. From the Kodi home screen, select the SYSTEM icon.   (In Kodi 17, the Kodi System menu is a “gear” icon in the top left corner of the screen.)
  2. Now select “System Settings” from the system menu.
  3. Then choose “Add-Ons” from within the System Settings menu (“Add-Ons” is on the left side of the Kodi screen).
  4. Now turn on Unknown Sources on the right-hand side of the Kodi screen.  Then return to the Kodi homescreen by pressing Back on your keyboard, Fire TV remote, or media remote.

Now that Apps from Unknown Sources are enabled in Kodi, we continue on with the next step: installing the Mucky Duck Repo.

Part B:  Install the Mucky Duck Repo

In this section, we install the MuckyDuck Repo in Kodi, which enables us to install Pubfilm on Kodi 17.

  1. From the Kodi 17 home screen, select “System”.  Then select “File Manager”.
  2. In the “File Manager” screen, select “Add Source”.
  3. Now select the box that says “None” and enter  Then press OK.
  4. Then select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source”.  Enter “.pubfilm” and press OK.
  5. Now press OK once again to finish adding the new source.  (Note:  If Kodi says “Unable to connect to this source” or something similar, select “Yes” to add the source anyway).
  6. Return to the Kodi home screen.
  7. Select “Add-Ons”.
  8. Then choose the “Package Installer” icon, which is a small icon of a Package in the top left corner of the “Add-Ons” screen.
  9. Now choose the new source you added: “.pubfilm”.
  10. Then select the file (where x.y.z are some numbers).
  11. Wait for the “Enabled” notification to appear in Kodi 17.

After the notification appears, continue with the next section to finish installing Pubfilm addon in Kodi 17.

Install Mucky Duck Repo

Part C:  Install Pubfilm on Kodi

After you install the Mucky Duck repo, this is how you install Pubfilm in Kodi:

  1. From the Kodi home screen, select “Add-Ons”.
  2. Then choose the “Package Installer” icon, which is a small icon of a Package in the top left corner of the “Add-Ons” screen.
  3. After you select the Package Installer icon, choose “Install From Repository”.
  4. Then select the new source you added, “.pubfilm”.
  5. Now select Mucky Ducks Repo
  6. Then choose “Video Add-ons”
  7. Select “Pub Films”.
  8. Then select “Install”
  9. Wait for the “Add-On Enabled” notification to appear in Kodi.

You’re done!  Now just launch Pubfilm..

Launch Pubfilm for Kodi 17

To launch Pubfilm for Kodi 17, select the “Pubfilm” icon from the Kodi home screen.  Or to to “Add-Ons” from the Kodi home screen and select Pubfilm.

MuckyDuck Resources

aMucky Duck Wizard Zip File:

Mucky Duck Repo Zip File:

What is in MuckyDuck’s addon?

  • HD movie content
  • Engsub Watch Movie links
  • Watch Movies HD (High-Definition-style)
  • Excellent streaming content & categories in general
  • Movie TV Show playlists
  • Some great video categories like HD Free for the best high-def content
  • Video content playlists like HD Watch Movies and more

If you experience any trouble installing PubFilms for Kodi 17, let us know on the KFire YouTube channel and we’ll try and help you out!  If this Kodi plugin / app doesn’t work for you, see our list of Best TV Addons and try another!

PubFilms Addon Main Menu

  • Search
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Genre
  • Years
  • In Theaters
  • Newly Added
  • Recommended
  • My Favourites
  • Meta Settings
  • Addon Settings

How to Install Pubfilm Kodi Addon in Kodi 16

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to File Manager – which is located just below SYSTEM
  2. Now select Add Source
  3. Then press None
  4. Enter“.  Note: This is the latest Mucky Duck source (for 2017;)
  5. Now press DONE
  6. Select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source
  7. Enter “.kfire” or any other name
  8. Then press OK
  9. Return to the Kodi home screen
  10. Go to SYSTEM
  11. Now select Add-Ons
  12. Then select “.kfire” (or whatever you named the new source)
  13. Now select the “” file
  14. Wait for the mucky Repository to install.  When the installation is complete, you’ll see “Add-On Enabled” appear within Kodi
  15. Now return to the Kodi homescreen
  16. Go to SYSTEM, then Add-Ons
  17. Then select Install From Repository
  18. Now press “Mucky Ducks Repo
  19. Select Video add-ons
  20. Choose PubFilm
  21. Then select Install
  22. Wait for the Install PubFilm process to complete.  When it’s done, you’ll see a notification.
  23. To launch Pub Film, go to the Kodi home screen.  Then select VIDEOS, then go to Add-Ons.  Select Pub Film and then use the menu within PubFilms to watch streaming TV & movies!

How to Install Mucky Duck Wizard

  • Use the same steps above, but instead of Install From Repository select Install From Zip File
  • Then select the file
  • Wait for the MD Wizard to install (you’ll see a notification in Kodi)
  • Now go to PROGRAMS from the Kodi home screen
  • Then go to Video Add-Ons
  • Now select MD Wizard
  • After MD Wizard launches, follow the on-screen prompts to install Mucky Duck Wizard!
  • Then launch individual Mucky Duck addons by going to VIDEOS > Add-Ons from the Kodi dashboard (aka “home screen”).  Finally, just select a TV Addon to launch the new TV Addon.  Then use the TV Addon’s menu to start watching Kodi movies & TV streams.

Add-Ons Like PubFilms

How to Install New Repos and Add-Ons

Perhaps you have tried to install Kodi add-ons in the past; then, you would know that you also need to install repositories.

To install a Kodi repository

Step 1 – Open the Kodi application, and locate the settings menu by clicking the gear symbol at the top left corner.

Step 2 – Click on System.

Step 3 – The click on add-ons.

Step 4 – Switch ON the Unknown Sources option.

Step 5 – Then click on Yes to permit the Unknown Sources function to remain ON.

Step 6 – Then head back to Settings.

Step 7 – Click on File manager.

Step 8 – Click on Add source.

Step 9 – Click on <None>.

Step 10 – Type the exact link of the repo you want to install (Ex. To install Lazy Kodi/Kodi Bae repository, type

Step 11 – Then click OK.

Step 12 – Then give a name to the source. Make it as easy and relevant as possible (Ex. LazyKodi).

Step 13 – Then click OK.

Step 14 – Return to the settings window.

Step 15 – Click on Add-ons.

Step 16 – Click on Install from zip file.

Step 17 – Locate the source name you saved earlier (Mine is LazyKodi).

Step 18 – Then click on the Zips folder.

Step 19 – Locate the zip file of the repository you wish to install.

Step 20. Wait till you get an installed message. Once you get this, it means that your repository has been installed successfully.

Step 21 – After this is done, you can click on Install from repository > Then click on the repository name> Then click on Add-on category (It can be a Program or a Video add-on), then the add-on you have selected would be installed.

Top 5 Active Add-Ons for Movies and TV Shows

  1. Tempest

This Add-on is packed with a rich library of both old and new movies, and it also provides some free 1080p streaming links. It is sleek and easy to use. The menu offers options for numerous Movies, Tv-Shows, and Live Tv. You can easily install it with the guide provided above.


  1. The Magic Dragon

It features a whole lot of entertainment in various categories. The Magic Dragon has been rebranded just for your utmost delight. Are you like me looking to enjoy some good movies, tv shows, sports, documentaries, and lots more, then you have found a great fit.


  1. Exodus Redux

It provides excellent options to stream your movies, tv shows, and lots more. Its filter option allows you to streamline your search to a particular Genre. This add-on pulls a lot of attention because of its similarity with the Exodus v8. some think they are the same, but from my experience, having used both, they are not the same.


  1. Scrub v2

Scrub v2 has a fantastic User interface and vast functionality. It is an Add-on from the Jewbx repository and has loads of content and sections such as Movies, My stuffs, Sky channels, Widgets, and lots more. Its developers ensure that it is updated regularly, so you are assured of getting the latest stuff right at your fingertips.


  1. 7of9

7of 9 has been one of the best Kodi add-on I have ever used. It comes with a rich collection of about everything you need. It cuts across Movies, Sports, News, and it also has special sections such as Podcasts and YouTube.  It also permits you to sign in directly into your Trakt and Real-Debrid accounts, which would unleash its full potential.


Wrap Up

MuckyDuck’s fine Kodi add-on gives us movies show and tons of great video content.

Whether you’re looking for those elusive engsub movies or just a great show to watch, this addon has you covered.

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