How to Install Numbers Kodi Addon

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What is the Numbers Kodi addon and how do we install it? Below is the complete detail on numbers Kodi addon that will let you known about this fantastic addon.

What is Kodi?

Kodi software is an open-source, free media player that let the user watch videos, movies, live streaming, music, and much more.

This software was created by the XBMC Foundation back in 2002, and since then it has gained much popularity in the media player category.

The Kodi software helps the user to manage and access a vast collection media player in just a single click, and the best thing is that its free software.

Kodi users don’t need to spend a lot of time while searching for its favorite media file. The user can view various online videos file, including TV Shows, Movies, music, and many more via this software.

The Kodi media player also comes will different addons to make things easier for the use. Numbers Kodi addon is one of those addons.  Let’s install it now!

What is Numbers Kodi Addon?

Numbers Kodi Addon

Numbers Kodi Addon is just like the other Kodi addons with unique functionality. This addon helps the user to stream various movies, TV shows, music, or live TV channels.

It contains a list of several TV shows, movies, and many other media player file so that the user can access them easily.

The Numbers Kodi Addon is present on the Cellar Door TV repository. Number addon is easy to use and has a simple layout that makes it easier to understand even for the beginner.

One thing that you need to know while streaming from the Numbers Kodi Addon is that anything that you are going to stream may be visible to your Government department. So make sure that you are always streaming the right thing to make yourself save for copyright and other issues.

Install Numbers Kodi Addon

We have made a detailed installation process guide for the Numbers Kodi Addon. You can read it, and we guarantee that you will not find any challenging in the installation of Numbers Kodi Addon after reading the guide.

Numbers Kodi Addon

  • The first thing you need for the installation of Numbers addon is the Kodi Software.
  • If you have the Kodi Media player installed on your PC, open it.
  • But if you don’t have the software, you can download it from their official website, and after downloading, you can install it easily.
  • After you have open the software, you will see multiples option. At the top left side of the software, you may see the “System Settings” icon, click on it.
  • The system settings option will display various option on your display screen. Choose the “File Manager” option from all the options. File Manager will be located at the top first place from the right side.
  • After that, you may see an “Add source” menu below the profile directory, select the “add source.”
  • Then, the Kodi software will ask you to browse the source file. Instead of browsing media location, you will click on the “NONE” option.
  • A small URL box will display at the top of next pop up screen, enter the URL in it.
  • Following this, it will ask you to name the media file, called it “Cellar Door” on the name box.
  • Now, before selecting OK, check all the detail that you have entered and make sure that the detail is correct so that your addon works fine.
  • After checking, you may press the OK button.
  • Now the other step you will require to do is to go back to the main menu.
  • At the main menu, you will see an Addon option at the 4th place on the right side of the display screen. Choose the addon option.
  • Following this, you will see the “Add-on Package Installer” at the extreme left side of the screen, click on it. (Note: There the first symbol represents the “Add-on Package Installer”)
  • Now a new screen will display, you will encounter the “Install from zip file” option click on it. The “Install from the zip file” is present on the 4th place below the “Install from Repository” option.
  • A new popup screen will display with multiples option. Select the “Cellar Door” option, which is present in the first place.
  • Now the Kodi software will ask you to select any zip file to proceed with the installation process. Choose the “” file. This will be the only file displayed on the options bar so you will don’t face any challenges in finding it. (Note: this file will only be available for the new install version of the software so make sure to install the latest Kodi edition.)
  • Now let the Repository file download. Wait for some minutes so that the file gets completely installed.
  • After the installing will be complete; a popup file will be displayed on the screen saying “Repository Installed.”
  • Now as the file is completely installed, you can click on it. Select the Repository file.
  • Now you will see different options select “Install from repository” option below the new update option. The Install from the repository is present on the 3rd place.
  • After doing all the process, select the “cellardoortv Repo” from the new display screen.
  • Following this, now click on “Video Add-ons” option that is located at the last option on the list below the Program addons.
  • Now, different addons will appear; you can install any addons of your choice. But in this article, we are guiding about the installation process of the Number addon so click on “Numbers” from the list.
  • Now you may see a various option on the bottom of Number option. Sect “install” among those options.
  • After that a new pop up screen will appear, that screen will let you know about all the additional addons that you are going to get with the Number addon.
  • Click on, OK.
  • Now, wait for sometimes, until the Numbers addons get installed.

After completing the process, you can now enjoy this fantastic Kodi addon and streaming your favorite media player file.





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