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Let’s install Nova TV on your Firestick right now!

Nova TV is currently one of the most popular streaming apps on APK Time right now, so we’re here to let you know how to try it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about! some people have reported having difficulty with the links in the Nova TV Firestick app, but enough people seem to like it that’s it shooting up the charts in popularity. In this article I’m also going to show you three or four Nova TV alternatives that you can use for streaming movies and TV shows on your Firestick.

UPDATE: The newest version of Nova TV APK is v1.1.1. This is newer than the previous Nova TV v1.1.0. So use the Filelinked code below and/or the Nova TV APK download URL below in the Downloader app for Firestick to install Nova TV.

Nova TV FileLinked code: 66575558

Nova TV APK Download address:

First Look at Nova TV

First off, I’m going to actually show you how Nova TV looks on the Firestick just so you can see a little bit of what it looks like. It’s actually not a clone of Terrarium TV! It has its own interface. So without further ado, here’s the app that everyone has been talking about. Behold:

Nova TV Screenshot

As you can see, Nova TV has got a totally different layout. At least in this way, it’s a very different app for streaming movies and TV shows.  What you see here is the default opening screen. You can see that it opens up to TV shows, but if you prefer movies you can switch over to movies just by pressing the hamburger menu (the three lines in the top left corner). Then after you go to Movies in Nova TV, you can see the categories laid out across the top of the screen for you to choose from if you like. Alternately, you can use the search function on the home screen of Nova TV if you already know exactly what you’re looking for.

Customization and Settings

If you’re using Nova TV, there is a handy setting I’ll show you real quick that will save you some clicks:

  1. Go to settings in Nova TV
  2. Scroll down until you get to the Player category
  3. Under Player select Choose Default Play Action
  4.  Select Play from the top of the menu that appears.

Most of the time you will end up selecting the Play button anyway after you select a source in Nova TV, so this will save you a little time and convenience while you’re watching shows on the app.

Which Media Player to Use?

You do have a few different options available to you here, and none of them are really wrong. The Nova TV internal player seems to work, so you can certainly use that if you like. You could choose the popular and versatile VLC Media Player. Then you also have MX Player, which is highly recommended in the Amazon Fire Stick community. I recommend you install MX Player using APKtime.

MX Player Nova TV

Most Popular Firestick App, But Is It the Best?

The Firestick Nova TV app is number one right now in popularity at APK time like I mentioned before. But like I said, there have been a lot of reports of people having bad luck with the video stream links in Nova TV. That’s why toward the end of this Nova TV article, we’ll show you links to some alternatives to Terrarium TV / Nova TV on your Firestick.

Nova TV Works on Android Too

Keep in mind that this also works on Android devices too! So Nova TV works on your Android phone or tablet as well, which is great for when you want to watch something on the go. Definitely put this in the pro column for Nova TV.

Nova TV on Windows & Mac

Another note is that if you have a PC or a Mac computer you can run any of these Amazon Fire Stick apps like Nova TV on your Mac or PC.  Do this by installing an Android emulator known as BlueStacks. I have an article and video that shows you how to install Firestick Apps on Windows / Mac using Bluestacks. You can do that on your PC or Mac if you want this app right now.

VPN for Nova TV App

There’s one really important thing that I have to point out. When you are using any of these apps, and anytime you’re using the internet in general, I recommend that you use some privacy protection. What that means is use a VPN. If you don’t have a VPN, then look in the go here for the best VPN available for your Amazon Firestick or Computer.

Go ahead and visit that link get protected and make your information private. This way you’re not leaking your personal information onto the internet as you browse the web. This is especially important as you use the streaming TV apps shown in my Firestick tutorial videos.

If you run into any trouble at all, read this article to learn how to install a VPN on all of your devices.

Using a VPN gives your fire stick total security

How to Install Nova TV on Firestick

We’re going to use APKTime to Install Nova TV on your Firestick right now. No worries, it’s super easy, and we’ll be going through it step by step.

  1. Press the Home button on the Firestick remote
  2. Search for Downloader
  3. Select Downloader in the search results
  4. Now select Install
  5. Press Open
  6. Enter this address:
  7. Press the button on your screen to download APKTime
  8. Then press install to install APKTime
  9. Give that just a few seconds to install.
  10. Then press Open to launch APK time.

That’s it! There’s really nothing else to it. Now you’ve got Nova TV, the number one tv streaming app on APK Time, all set up on your Amazon Fire TV.

Nova TV Alternatives

Earlier in this article, I promised you some alternatives to Nova TV that you might have better luck with. Check out the links below for fantastic TV streaming alternatives that will make sure your watch queue is never empty!

Blake Fire

Blake Fire

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