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This tutorial shows you how to install Kodi addon.  This addon can be installed using the Fusion Wizard (aka Hub Wizard / Config Wizard), so if you’ve installed Kodi TV Addons using the XBMC Hub Wizard before – then just repeat that process and go into the “xbmc-repos” folder, then use   If you haven’t installed Kodi plugins with the Hub Wizard, this is how to install using the Hub Wizard:


  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Now go to File Manager, which is found just below SYSTEM
  3. Choose “Add Source
  4. Then select NONE
  5. Enter
  6. Now select DONE
  7. Select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source”
  8. Enter “KFire Fusion” or any other name you’d like
  9. Now choose OK
  10. Return to the Kodi home screen.  On Fire TV / FireStick this can be done by pressing the “Back” button on the Fire TV Remote.
  11. Now go to SYSTEM (not File Manager, this time)
  12. Go to Add-Ons
  13. Now select Install From Zip File
  14. Then choose the new “KFire Fusion” source you added
  15. Then select the “xbmc-repos” folder.
  16. Now choose the “nickat’s Kodi Repository
  17. Then select Video AddOns
  18. Now choose
  19. Finally, select INSTALL.
  20. Wait a few seconds for the “AddOn Enabled” notification to appear.
  21. Then launch Kodi addon by returning to the Kodi home screen – then go to “Add-Ons” which is just below VIDEOS.  From the VIDEOS > Add-Ons screen, you will see  Select to launch the app!

What’s in

The Movie 4K plugin for Kodi generally contains – you guessed it – movies.

Error Installing

If you encountered an error while installing this Kodi plugin, we strongly recommend you first uninstall Kodi.  Then install Kodi again.  Finally, use this guide to install one more time.  Usually this process will fix broken TV Addons in Kodi.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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