This article is a guide with a complete tutorial (with screenshots) on how to install the Maverick TV Kodi add-on. 

First of all, Maverick was earlier known as “Joker TV,” but the developers have decided to rename this brand. Duncan developed this Kodi TV addon.  Furthermore, MaverickTV allows its users to view all kinds of TV shows and channels on a single platform. The categories available in Maverick TV Kodi addon are:

  • Maverick Movies
  • Plus Maverick TV Boxsets
  • Maverick Sports
  • New Releases
  • The Comedians (18+)
  • UK-IPTV-Sky
  • World IPTV
  • World News Live
  • Documentaries
  • Live in Concert
  • Music TV
  • UK Radio Stations
  • NASA Live TV
  • Finally, the last category in Maverick is the “Test Area”

From the above list, it can be noticed that no matter what you want to watch, you will easily find it in Maverick TV addon. So, instead of searching different sources for different videos, Maverick narrows down your search zone.  Also, the add-on provides its users with functional links. If you are looking for one platform to view all your favorite shows and channels, then installing Maverick TV on Kodi is a must.  This article discusses how to install Maverick TV add-on in simple steps.

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Process to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon

You can easily install Maverick TV as an addon in Kodi by following the steps given below:

1. Start Kodi on your Amazon Firestick / Fire TV, your PC, or whatever device you use for Kodi.

2. From the home screen, select the “Settings” icon (which is visible as a “Gear” symbol).

Streamhub Kodi Addon

3. Then select “File Manager.”

Install Streamhub Kodi Addon

4. In the left-navigation panel, click on the “Add Source” option.

installing Streamhub Kodi Addon

5. Then  pop-up window saying “Add file source” will appear on the screen. Click “None” here and enter this address: Kodi

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6. Click “OK.”

Kodi Addon Install

7. Then name the new source. Name the new source “Maverick” or any name you’ll remember. After naming it, click on “OK.”

Streamhub Addon

8. Return to the home screen.

10. Then select “Add-ons.”

Streamhub Kodi Add-on

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11. Click on “Add-on Package Installer” icon, which is present in the top left section of the window.

12. Select “Install from zip file.”

install addon from zip Streamhub Kodi Addon

13. Select “Maverick” and then click on “”

Stream hub Kodi Addon

14. A notification will be issued on the top right section of your screen saying “Maverick TV Repo- Add on Installed.” After this, click on “Install from Repository.”

15. Select “Maverick TV Repo.”

16. Then click on “Video Add-ons” and select “Maverick TV.”

17. Finally, press “Install.”

After the installation is completed, you will be notified with a message saying “Maverick TV- Add-on installed.” Now you can open Maverick TV directly from the main menu of the Video Add-ons present in Kodi.


Kodi lovers surely have the Maverick TV addon installed in their system because it fulfills all their demand.

Another benefit of the Kodi Maverick TV add-on is that it provides you with working links.  Hence, it becomes effortless to stream your favorite videos. Also, you have the freedom to choose the video quality on the basis of the internet speed of your network. The users, however, should note that the Kodi add-ons should be used on a VPN to protect their privacy and security. When you have a VPN, watching shows on Kodi becomes a lot safer.  As a result, stream without having anything to worry about.  Finally, the experience becomes more fun!

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