The Looking Glass repository is new to the Kodi third-party scene, but boy is it a welcome addition! With the recent downfall of the Ares Wizard, the new Looking Glass Wizard brings the magic back into your entertainment centers just in the nick of time.

With anti-piracy coalitions and government agencies both constantly gunning for unofficial Kodi developers this past year, we present a striking new-comer. The Looking Glass repository includes some great structure, wonderful TV addons, and a wizard capable of bringing a smile to your face. There are Looking Glass builds to fit on the smallest Firestick and some full builds to keep you entertained until the next ice age and beyond. Make certain that you check in regularly on the KFire TV home page to know what happens within the undulating landscape of the Kodi third-party community.

Keep it Secret; Keep it Safe

You probably know by now that accessing the internet requires the use of a highly secure VPN if you value your safety or privacy. Since the MPA and ACT crackdown last week, nobody in the Kodi third-party community can doubt that. Your online activities get monitored and recorded when you access the internet without one. Hackers only need the information learned very easily by spending 5 minutes watching one of several available YouTube videos. Your ISP and agencies governing Ashburn, VA don’t even need that; they already record your data streams routinely. Most of our readers use the best VPN for Kodi, IPVanish.

Looking Glass Repository

Setup Looking Glass Repo Source Location

  1. Enter Settings (cog icon above main menu).
    Looking Glass Install for Kodi - System Settings

    Enter the System Menu

  2. Then, access the File Manager.
    Looking Glass Repo for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    Go Into The File Manager

  3. Now, select Add Source.
    Looking Glass Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Add Source

  4. Then, choose None, which lets you add a Kodi media source location manually.
    Kodi Looking Glass Installation - Choose None

    Choose None

  5. Now, input (, then say OK.
    Enter Looking Glass Source URL and OK

    Enter Looking Glass Source URL and OK

  6. Give it the name Looking Glass, then check for typos and click okay
    Name it Looking Glass, then OK

    Name it Looking Glass, then OK

  7. Then, notice that Looking Glass is now an available install source on your way back to the home screen of Kodi.
    Notice Looking Glass Source Accepted

    Notice Looking Glass Source Accepted

Install Looking Glass Repo

Here, we’ll install the Looking Glass Repository from that source location. Once installed, make certain to browse around inside of it. I think you’ll find many pleasant surprises. We’ll go over some of those surprises in very-soon-to-come articles. Check the KFire TV home page for the most recent articles and tutorials to get the most out of Kodi.




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  1. Head back to Kodi’s front page, then select Add-ons
    Looking Glass Repository- choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons from Kodi’s Main Menu

  2. Enter the Add-on browser (opened box icon above menu)
    Looking Glass repo Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Go Into the Add-on Browser

  3. Choose Install from zip file
    Looking Glass Repo Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Select “Install From zip file”

  4. Choose the Looking Glass Repository source, which we named Looking Glass earlier.
    Choose Looking Glass Source

    Choose Looking Glass Source

  5. Next, select
    Select File

    Select File

  6. If you mouse over to the OK button, the file won’t appear selected anymore. This Kodi visual glitch confuses some people. Check the status bar below, which should still show it as selected, then click OK.
    Check Looking Glass zip Selected Still and OK

    Check Looking Glass zip Selected Still and OK

  7. Hold your horses for a mere moment, then you’ll see a popup at top right letting you know Looking Glass Add-on Installed!
    Looking Glass Repo Installed Successfully

    Looking Glass Repo Installed Successfully

Once you’ve successfully installed the Looking Glass Repository, you have easy access to some fantastic entertainment. Make sure to enjoy yourself safely with the best VPN available for Kodi users!

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Enjoy The Looking Glass Repository Safely With a Secure VPN