The Kodil Repository hosts many all-time favorite addons. The anti-piracy shake-down last week broke many repositories and TV addons, but the Kodil repository remains strong. From the all-time favorite movie and television show TV addon Exodus to the best sports Kodi add-on SportsDevil, Kodil includes nearly everything people have bee clambering for in top-tier Kodi TV addons.

While the Kodi third-party scene has shown a massive amount of volatility over this past year, we present to you one of the most die-hard groups out there. The Kodil (KodIsrael) repository includes the most highly sought TV addons known, yet remains standing strong. Don’t let that pacify you, however. Make sure you check the KFire TV home page often to keep on top of the comings and goings within the ever-changing Kodi third-party community.

Safety First

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Setup Kodil Repo Source Location

  1. Go into the Settings (cog icon above main menu).
    Kodil Install for Kodi - System Settings

    Go Into the System Menu

  2. Then, enter the File Manager.
    Kodil Repo for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    Enter the File Manager

  3. Now, choose to Add Source.
    Kodil Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Select Add Source

  4. Then, select None. This enables you to manually add a Kodi media source location.
    Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None

    Choose None

  5. Now, type in (, then click on OK.
    Enter the Kodil Source and OK

    Enter the Kodil Source and OK

  6. Name it kodil just for giggles, then click okay after checking for typos
    Name It kodil Check For Errors and OK

    Name It kodil Check For Errors and OK

  7. Notice kodil is now an available install source, then go back to Kodi’s home screen
    Kodil Source Accepted

    Kodil Source Accepted

Install Kodil Repo

Here, we’ll install the Kodil Repository using the media source location we input above. Once installed, be sure to check out what they have to offer in this repo. It truly boggles the mind.

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  1. Go to Kodi’s Main Menu on the front page, then click the Add-ons selection
    Kodil - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons in Kodi’s Main Menu

  2. Open the Add-on browser (open box icon above the menu)
    Kodil repo Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Enter the Add-on Browser

  3. Choose to Install from zip file
    Kodil Repo Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Click “Install From zip file”

  4. Select the Kodil Repository source in the dialog that opens up, which we named kodil earlier.
    Choose the Kodil Source

    Choose the Kodil Source

  5. Next, open Don’t let the file fool you, which only exists as a private repo for the broken Mobdro Kodi add-on.


  6. If you mouse over to the OK button, the file will not appear to remain selected. This visual glitch within Kodi can confuse some people. The status bar in the dialog box bottom shows it still selected, so click OK.
    Click OK with Selected

    Click OK with Selected

  7. Wait just a moment, then you should notice a popup in the top right indicating Repository Add-on Installed!
    Kodil Repo Installed

    Kodil Repo Installed

Once installation of the Kodil Repository completes, you can access nearly all of the most popular Kodi TV addons in one place. Enjoy what you find in the Kodil repo, but make sure to do so safely with the best VPN for Kodi users!

The Kodil Repository plus a VPN equals happiness