How to Install Kodi Kodil Repository (Exodus, SALTS, Phoenix + MORE)

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Okay, imagine the world of Kodi is a bit like a theme park, and it can get a little confusing. But guess what? We’ve found the Kodil Repository, and it’s like a super reliable ride in the park. This guide we’re sharing isn’t just a regular set of instructions – it’s like a map to the cool parts of Kodi, where you can find things like Exodus, SALTS, Phoenix, and a bunch more.

Now, we didn’t want to make things complicated. We’ve chatted with people who use Kodi a lot and asked the smart folks for advice to make this guide the best helper for you. Whether you’re just starting with Kodi or you’re kind of a pro, we’re here to not just tell you ‘how’ but also spill the secrets on ‘why’ and ‘what’s next’ in the Kodi world. Get ready for a trip that’s not boring, with tips for everyone – whether you’re just getting started or you’re a Kodi expert. Let’s explore the awesome side of Kodi together!

Prerequisites and Safety First

Before we start on the exciting journey of installing Kodi and diving into the world of third-party add-ons, it’s important to make sure that a foundation of safety and privacy. Here’s a breakdown of the prerequisites and safety measures to guarantee a secure Kodi experience.

A. Detailed Prerequisites for Kodi Installation: To get started, let’s ensure your system is ready for Kodi and its add-ons. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Device Compatibility: Check if your device is compatible with the Kodi platform.
  • Sufficient Storage: Ensure ample storage space for the Kodi application and potential add-ons.
  • Updated Operating System: Keep your device’s operating system up to date for optimal performance.
  • Stable Internet Connection: A reliable internet connection is crucial for seamless streaming.

B. The VPN Imperative:

  • Understanding the Role of VPN: Kodi operates in a public space, leaving your online activities vulnerable. Emphasizing the importance of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for an added layer of security.
  • Privacy Enhancement: A VPN encrypts your internet connection, safeguarding your data from potential snoopers, including internet service providers (ISPs) and malicious entities.
  • Data Integrity: Highlighting how a VPN ensures data integrity by preventing data interception and tampering during transmission.
  • Recent Anti-Piracy Crackdown: In light of recent anti-piracy actions, underscoring the increased risk of unauthorized monitoring and the urgency of adopting VPN protection.

C. Navigating the Web Safely:

  • Awareness of Online Surveillance: Shedding light on the reality of internet activities being monitored and recorded by various entities.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Addressing the specific risks related to accessing third-party Kodi add-ons without protective measures.
  • Vulnerability Identification: Demonstrating how seemingly harmless details, like geographical information, can attract the attention of hackers and data thieves.
  • Daily Threats: Acknowledging the growing number of online identity thieves and the challenges of tracking them down.

Setup Kodil Repo Source Location

  1. Go into the Settings (cog icon above main menu).Kodil Install for Kodi - System Settings
  2. Then, enter the File Manager.Kodil Repo for Kodi Installation - File Manager
  3. Now, choose to Add Source.Kodil Installation for Kodi - Add Source
  4. Then, select None. This enables you to manually add a Kodi media source location.Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None
  5. Now, type in (, then click on OK.

    Enter the Kodil Source and OK

    Enter the Kodil Source and OK

  6. Name it kodil just for giggles, then click okay after checking for typos

    Name It kodil Check For Errors and OK

    Name It kodil Check For Errors and OK

  7. Notice kodil is now an available install source, then go back to Kodi’s home screen

    Kodil Source Accepted

    Kodil Source Accepted

Install Kodil Repo

Here, we’ll install the Kodil Repository using the media source location we input above. Once installed, be sure to check out what they have to offer in this repo. It truly boggles the mind.

  1. Go to Kodi’s Main Menu on the front page, then click the Add-ons selectionKodil - choose add-ons menu item
  2. Open the Add-on browser (open box icon above the menu)Kodil repo Kodi Install - Add-on Browser
  3. Choose to Install from zip fileKodil Repo Installation on Kodi - install from zip file
  4. Select the Kodil Repository source in the dialog that opens up, which we named kodil earlier.

    Choose the Kodil Source

    Choose the Kodil Source

  5. Next, open Don’t let the file fool you, which only exists as a private repo for the broken Mobdro Kodi add-on.



  6. If you mouse over to the OK button, the file will not appear to remain selected. This visual glitch within Kodi can confuse some people. The status bar in the dialog box bottom shows it still selected, so click OK.

    Click OK with Selected

    Click OK with Selected

  7. Wait just a moment, then you should notice a popup in the top right indicating Repository Add-on Installed!

    Kodil Repo Installed

    Kodil Repo Installed

Once installation of the Kodil Repository completes, you can access nearly all of the most popular Kodi TV addons in one place. Enjoy what you find in the Kodil repo, but make sure to do so safely with the best VPN for Kodi users!

The Kodil Repository plus a VPN equals happiness

Advanced Settings: Mastering Kodi like a Pro

Seasoned Kodi users, buckle up! It’s time to take your Kodi game to the next level with advanced settings. If you’re ready to go beyond the basics and fine-tune every aspect of your Kodi experience, this section is for you.

A. Getting to Advanced Settings:

  • From Kodi’s Main Screen: Start at the center of it all – the gear icon (Settings) above the main menu.
  • Into the File Manager: Dive into the File Manager to unlock advanced settings.
  • Adding Your Own Touch: Learn how to add personalized media source locations for a custom Kodi journey.

B. Mastering Kodi Customization:

  • Changing Kodi’s Look: Play around with different skins to give Kodi a look that’s uniquely yours.
  • Play It Your Way: Adjust playback settings to control subtitles, playback speed, and more.
  • Library Boss: Dive into advanced library management to keep your media organized like a pro.

C. Fine-Tuning Add-ons:

  • Your Add-ons, Your Rules: Customize your favorite add-ons by tweaking their settings.
  • Team Up with Other Tools: Connect Kodi with external tools for an even smoother experience.
  • Pro-Level Scraping: Boost the accuracy of media scraping with advanced configurations.

D. Network Mastery:

  • Speed Up Streaming: Tweak network settings for faster streaming and smoother content retrieval.
  • Lock It Down: Secure your Kodi connections by playing around with encryption and authentication settings.

E. Quick Tricks with Shortcuts and Macros:

  • Shortcut Magic: Create custom shortcuts for speedy navigation within Kodi.
  • Macros for Laziness: Dive into the world of macros to automate repetitive tasks and make your Kodi life easier.

F. Fixing Hiccups:

  • Logs and Debugging: Learn how to troubleshoot issues using Kodi’s logging and debugging options.
  • Decoding Errors: Understand error messages like a pro to fix advanced-level problems.

G. Backup and Restore Hacks:

  • Protect Your Setup: Regular backups are your friends – know how to keep your Kodi settings safe.
  • Moving to a New Place: Transitioning to a new device or version? We’ve got tips to make it smooth.

H. Community Fun:

  • Explore Cool Add-ons: Check out advanced add-ons and builds made by the Kodi community for extra features.

Security Best Practices

Welcome to the security chapter of your Kodi adventure! We’re not just putting on a VPN cloak – we’re going all-in on securing your digital turf. Let’s make sure your Kodi setup is not just entertaining but also guarded against potential online invaders.

A. Rock-Solid Passwords:

  • Beefing Up Kodi Security: Fortify your Kodi fortress with a super-strong password – we’ll show you how to make one that’s both tough and easy to remember.
  • Password Helpers: Discover password managers – the sidekicks that keep your credentials locked up tight.

B. Extra Protection with 2FA:

  • Double-Down on Security: Set up 2FA for your Kodi account – an extra layer of protection against unwanted guests.
  • Easy 2FA Setup: We’ll guide you through the steps to activate 2FA for added peace of mind.

C. Locking Down Your Device:

  • Encrypt Everything: Learn why encrypting your device is like putting a digital lock on your Kodi treasures.
  • Keep It Updated: Regularly update your device’s software – it’s like installing security patches to keep the bad guys out.

D. Smart Add-on Choices:

  • Trust Your Sources: Only grab add-ons from trustworthy places to avoid potential security headaches.
  • Keep ‘Em Updated: Make sure your add-ons are always up to date to patch up any sneaky security holes.

E. Installing with Caution:

  • Smart Installation Moves: Be savvy when adding third-party goodies and stick to reliable sources.
  • Check Those Permissions: Keep an eye on what permissions your add-ons want – it’s your privacy guard.

F. Scanning for Troublemakers:

  • Anti-Malware Allies: Bring in anti-malware tools for regular checks to sniff out and boot any unwanted guests.
  • Set It and Forget It: Schedule scans to keep your system on lockdown without lifting a finger.

G. Network Know-How:

  • Lock Your Wi-Fi: Make sure your home network is like a fortress, locked up tight to keep nosy neighbors out.
  • Guest Network Magic: If you can swing it, set up a guest network to keep your Kodi fun separate from personal stuff.

H. Backup Like a Pro:

  • Kodi Data Backup: Back up your Kodi data regularly – it’s like having insurance for your entertainment.
  • Cloud Backup Options: Explore safe cloud storage for your crucial Kodi backups.

I. Keep Kodi Logs in Check:

  • Decoding Kodi Logs: Learn how to handle and protect your Kodi logs – keeping your info safe and sound.
  • Regular Log Glances: Make a habit of peeking at your Kodi logs for any fishy business.

J. Educate Your Kodi Crew:

  • Spread the Knowledge: Share these security tricks with everyone in your Kodi circle.
  • Mini Security Lessons: Keep everyone in the loop with occasional quick tips on staying safe.

Troubleshooting Tips

Alright, welcome to the superhero section of your Kodi adventure – the Troubleshooting Tips.

Here, we’ve got your back with easy, step-by-step fixes for those annoying installation hiccups. Think of it as your superhero cape for navigating through any bumps in the road and making sure your installation process is as smooth as butter.

A. Connection Check:

  • Internet Check: First up, let’s make sure your internet is playing nice. A good connection is like the foundation of a strong house.
  • Server Status: Is it you or them? We’ll show you how to check if the server you’re connecting to is having a good day.

B. Source Detective:

  • Verify the Source: Double-check that the source you’re using is correct. A tiny typo can cause big troubles.
  • Source Reboot: If things are still not working, we’ll guide you on removing and re-adding sources – like hitting the reset button.

C. Keeping Kodi Updated:

  • Update Kodi: Make sure you’re using the latest version of Kodi. Sometimes, a simple update is all you need.
  • Add-on Updates: Also, keep your add-ons up to date. An old add-on might not get along with the new Kodi.

D. Decoding Dependencies:

  • Understanding Dependencies: Dive into the world of dependencies. We’ll explain what they are and how to fix issues with them.
  • Adding Missing Dependencies: If something’s missing, we’ll show you how to get those essential pieces in place.

E. Cache Cleanup:

  • Clear Kodi Cache: Sometimes, Kodi’s memory needs a bit of cleaning. We’ll show you how to clear the cache and keep things running smoothly.

F. Detective Work with Logs:

  • Check Kodi Logs: Learn how to be a Kodi detective by looking at logs. They often tell you what’s causing trouble.
  • Error Decoding: We’ll guide you on understanding error messages in logs and taking the right steps to fix the issues.

G. Add-on Rescues:

  • Isolating Add-on Problems: If a specific add-on is misbehaving, we’ll help you figure out the issue and find a fix.
  • Reinstalling Add-ons: Sometimes, an add-on just needs a fresh start. We’ll show you how to uninstall and reinstall without breaking a sweat.

H. Resource Check:

  • Check Device Resources: Make sure your device has enough power for Kodi. We’ll guide you on checking and optimizing resource usage.
  • Close Background Apps: Close unnecessary apps running in the background – it’s like giving Kodi some space to breathe.

I. Community Backup:

  • Forums and Communities: If everything else fails, we’ll point you to Kodi forums and communities. Sometimes, a friend in the Kodi community can save the day.

Conclusion: Your Kodi Journey Starts Here!

Congratulations! You now hold the key to the Kodi Kodil Repository and all the cool add-ons like Exodus, SALTS, and Phoenix. This guide is your go-to for making your Kodi experience awesome.

Remember, safety first! Use a VPN for privacy when diving into the Kodi world. And for the pros out there, we’ve got advanced settings to level up your Kodi game.

Stay secure with strong passwords, 2FA, and smart add-on choices. Troubleshoot any issues with our handy tips – consider it your superhero guide.

Now, go explore the Kodi theme park, enjoy the rides, and happy streaming!





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