Use this video tutorial to install Kodi System Tweaks for FireTV & FireStick.  These tweaks are designed to make Kodi run faster and smoother on your FireStick, so set it up now!

How to Install Kodi System Tweaks

  • Go to File Manager, which is just below SYSTEM in the main Kodi home screen
  • Select Add Source
  • Now select NONE
  • Enter “”
  • Click DONE
  • Enter a name for the media source
  • Enter “tvaddons
  • Return to the Kodi home screen
  • Go to SYSTEM
  • Now go to Add-Ons
  • Then select Install From Zip File
  • Now select the newly-added source, “tvaddons
  • Select “begin-here” or “start-here”
  • Then select the file (the file name may be slightly different)
  • Wait for Kodi to finish installing the Addon Installer, after which Kodi will display a notification that says “Addon Installer addon enabled.”
  • Once you see the Addon Enabled notification, return to the Kodi home screen.
  • Now go to PROGRAMS
  • Then select Add On Installer
  • From the Add On Installer menu, select Program Add-Ons
  • Find “Kodi Tweaks for FTV” in the list of Program Add-Ons
  • Select Kodi Tweaks for FTV, then select Install Kodi Tweaks for FTV
  • Finally select Install
  • Wait for Kodi to install Kodi Tweaks for FireTV & FireStick
  • After the tweaks are installed, Kodi will display a notification.  You’re done!  Re-start Kodi to make sure the System Tweaks take effect.  In addition, you should reboot your Kodi device completely (which means unplug the power cable on a FireStick).

What is Kodi Tweaks for FTV?

This Kodi addon is a collection of small enhancements to Kodi that should improve the end user experience for Fire TV / FireStick Kodi users.  After installing Kodi Tweaks for FTV, you can expect faster response time from your Kodi FireStick installation, smoother menu operations, and fewer stream time-outs.  The repository for this TV Addon is “elmerohueso’s Add-on Repository”.




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Wrap Up

If you have issues while installing Kodi system tweaks, ask for help on the KFire YouTube Channel.