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This quick quide shows you how to install Kodi Raspberry Pi edition in about 5 minutes.  To sum up the process, we download the Raspberry Pi version of Kodi, put it on an SD Card, then put the SD Card into the RPi and boot the unit up.  Continue reading for the full step-by-step instructions.

Install Kodi Raspberry Pi

  • Download a copy of OpenELEC here
  • After OpenELEC has downloaded, unzip the “.img.gz” file by right-clicking it and then click Extract Files.  This is the file that has the OpenELEC operating system we need to run Kodi.
  • Run the following command (with no quotes) to find out what device name your SD Card has been given: “parted -l
  • Unmount the SD Card by typing “umount /dev/sdb1” (but replace “sdb1” if your SD Card has a device name other than sdb1)
  • Enter the following command to install OpenELEC (without the quotation marks): “sudo dd if=OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0.0.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
  • Type in the command “sync” to make sure your the changes are synchronized with the SD Card / USB stick before you remove it from the Pi
  • Kodi is now installed via OpenELEC

Issues Installing Kodi Raspberry Pi

  • Users typically have issues with the SD Card they’re using to install Kodi on RPi.  Make sure your SD Card is of a “Class” rating that’s appropriate for the RPi unit.  Also, make sure there’s enough available space on the SD card.

Raspberry Pi Kodi Performance

The fact is, Raspberry Pi’s hardware is only so powerful.  This means that your video rendering in Kodi on Raspberry Pi will never be as strong as the video rendering you get from something like a full-featured Personal Computer running Kodi.

So keep in mind the hardware limitations of the small (yet capable) Raspberry Pi.  We recommend you use Kodi for Raspberry Pi sparingly, and consider upgrading your hardware power to something more substantial like a quad-core Android TV Box.

Raspberry Pi Kodi Tips

  • Make sure to use the right power adapter for your RPi.  Weak power adapters can under-power the little Single Board Computer-that-could, while over-powered adapters can fry the motherboard.  Be sure you look up the right power adapter for your Raspberry Pi if you don’t have the one that was shipped with it.
  • OpenELEC is a great way to run Kodi on Raspberry Pi

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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