Little Known Ways to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV on Tizen OS

We live in the age of entertainment. There are smart TVs, smart devices, and smart apps to supercharge your entertainment experience. Getting Kodi on Samsung Smart TV is one such way.

With Kodi, you can get an unlimited number of channels and add-ons. And with Samsung smart TV you can get the fantastic visuals on the biggest screen in your home.

So, the combo of the two is one of the best combinations for entertainment in this day and age. Unlimited entertainment, true-to-life visuals, and the best multimedia – all in one package.

This article explains how to download Kodi on Samsung Smart TV and make it work!
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Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Before we answer “Does Kodi work on Samsung Smart TV,” let’s first look at what powers these devices, i.e., the OS. The Tizen OS is Samsung’s proprietary operating system for smart TVs. It is an open-source Linux-based web OS specifically designed to match the aesthetics of home theaters and televisions. On top of its unique design, it has several intuitive features to customize your visual experience. Plus, it supports a range of devices, such as Smart TVs, smartphones, home appliances, and other gadgets. 

Unfortunately, the Tizen OS doesn’t support Kodi, and Kodi doesn’t support Tizen. Both are incompatible, for now. There, you have the answer! That means even if you download Kodi on Samsung TV somehow, it won’t work. 

But, don’t worry; there is an easy workaround if you still want to get Kodi on Smart Samsung TV. And in this article, we will be discussing exactly that in detail. Read on!

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How to Install Kodi on Tizen OS for Smart TVs

Let’s look at three different methods to download Kodi on Samsung TV and make it work. 

Method 1: Use a Firestick

The Tizen OS doesn’t have any version of Kodi available. Therefore, we have to use an inexpensive Firestick or any other android stick to put Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

As Kodi doesn’t support the Tizen OS, we strongly suggest you add a Firestick to your Smart TV instead and install Kodi yourself in about 5 minutes. See the “Add FireStick to Smart TV” section below for step-by-step instructions to add Kodi to your Tizen OS Smart TV.

Alternatively, see our list of Smart TVs that run Android OS. You’ll see that most Samsung TVs run Tizen OS, which has no version of Kodi available for it. Some Smart TVs do run Android, though!

Add Firestick to Smart TV

Use the steps below to add a FireStick to Smart TV for Kodi functionality:

  1. Get a Firestick from Amazon.
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote
  3. View on Amazon button
  4. Plug the Amazon Fire Stick into your Smart TV’s HDMI port.
  5. Then plug the power into the FireStick and follow the Amazon setup process using the on-screen instructions. After you’ve signed into an Amazon account on the Fire Stick and you’re at the Amazon Fire TV home screen, continue with the next step of the Install Kodi on Tizen OS for Smart TVs process.

Check out our easy Install Kodi on Fire TV walkthrough video to put Kodi on your new Firestick.

  1. After you install Kodi, install TV Add-ons using the steps below.

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view on amazon button

Install TV Add-ons in Kodi

Our quick Install TVAddons in Kodi video tutorial shows you how to install the best TV Add-ons for Kodi. There are at least three primary ways to install TV Add-ons in Kodi:

Fastest & Easiest

Install TV Add-ons in Kodi using the Hub Wizard, which sets up all the best Kodi add-ons for you, such as Exodus, SALTS, Phoenix, 1Channel, etc.


The AddOn Installer for Kodi gives you the power to install Kodi plugins one at a time. This is very useful for re-installing TV Add-ons as well. After installing Kodi on Tizen OS for Smart TVs, the AddOn Installer will be one of the most valuable tools for maintaining your Kodi installation.


Install one of many Kodi Builds to completely auto-configure your entire installation of Kodi with the best TV Add-ons, a custom Skin (“Theme”), and even system setting tweaks to improve the overall experience. We recommend checking out Kodi Beast Build, Hyper TT, and Wookie Wizard.

After Installing the Smart TV Stick, Kodi, and TV Add-ons

Leave the Android (“Smart”) TV stick into the back of your television. The stick will serve as your TV’s “second brain. It is usually much better than your Samsung Smart TV’s “first brain.”

Or you can just use them both! Your Smart TV most likely already has an app for most streaming services. For instance, it may already have a Netflix app, which is an easy way to browse Netflix if you use Netflix. Therefore, most of the users will keep using their Smart TV’s Netflix app and then use their Firestick or Android TVbox Stick for streaming Kodi Addons.

Just make sure you connect your Smart stick to your WiFi network. This is the most common problem people face – they forget to connect their new Android TV stick to their WiFi.

If you have problems with Kodi after it’s installed, check out our Fix Fire Stick Kodi Not Working guide.

Method 2: Cast Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using Chromecast

You don’t always have to install Kodi on TV, Samsung, or any other brand. Sometimes, you can easily Kodi on your screen by casting. Of course, it requires your smart TV has a casting feature. If the casting feature is unavailable, you can use Chromecast to make everything work. If your Samsung TV has these requisites, here’s how you can proceed to watch Kodi on the big screen. 

  1. Get your android smartphone, along with your Samsung Smart TV. 
  2. Open the Google Playstore and look up the Kodi app. Alternatively, you can download the latest Kodi APK file from this download location
  3. Once the download finishes, tap on the APK file to start installing. 
  4. In case your smartphone shows an error, simply go to settings and, under the security tab, enable “Unknown Sources” for now. 

(Don’t forget to enable this feature again once you complete this Kodi installation process. This feature protects your phone from unintentionally installing harmful apps)

  1. Make sure Kodi App is working fine on your smartphone. 
  2. Next, plug the Chromecast into your Samsung Smart TV. 
  3. Activate the Screen Mirroring, Screen Cast, Cast to TV, or a similar feature on your smartphone. Depending on your brand, this feature may be titled differently. Usually, it is under the Display tab on most android phones. 
  4. Wait a few moments for Chromecast to appear on your phone’s screencast feature. Once you see the Chromecast, tap on it, and your phone’s display will start showing up on your Samsung Smart TV. 
  5. Now, launch the Kodi application by tapping on the Kodi icon in the menu. 

That’s all. Congratulations! You have successfully made Kodi work on a Samsung Smart TV. 

Method 3: Get Kodi on Samsung TV using a Windows Laptop or PC. 

Samsung’s Smart TVs come with multiple display ports. You can use these ports to stream Kodi on your Windows laptop or PC. This is a straightforward method as you only have to use your TV as your PC’s second monitor. In case you don’t know how to do this, follow our instructions below: 

  1. open your web browser on your laptop/PC and go to Kodi’s official website to get the Kodi windows installer for your Windows version (64-bit or 32-bit). 
  2. Download and install Kodi on your laptop/PC by following the on-screen instructions. It’s just like installing any other program on your laptop/pc. 
  3. Next, connect your laptop or PC to your Samsung Smart TV with the help of the display port and its corresponding cable. If you have an HDMI cable, that would be great as HDMI can stream 4K videos flawlessly with zero latency issues. 
  4. Once you connect the Smart TV to your laptop/PC, it should start displaying your windows display. 
  5. Finally, double click on the Kodi icon on your laptop or PC to launch the app 

That’s all. You can then use Kodi and start free streaming with your favorite Kodi add-ons on your Samsung Smart TV. 

Wrap Up

Samsung Smart TV’s excellent widescreen necessitates the best video quality to really enjoy the experience. While you can get that from premium subscriptions like HBO Max, Prime Video, or Netflix, these services aren’t free. If you are looking for free-content that doesn’t require you to spend any cash, the Kodi app can deliver the same experience on your Samsung Smart TV. You can use any of the methods we mentioned above to enjoy Kodi on the biggest screen in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you download Kodi on a Samsung Smart TV?

Unfortunately, not, you cannot directly download Kodi on a Samsung smart TV and make it work. That’s because Samsung TVs run on Tizen OS, which doesn’t support Kodi. Luckily, there are some workarounds to this problem. We have discussed these solutions in our article above. Take a look!

How to download Kodi on smart tv Samsung?

If your Samsung Smart TV runs on Android OS, you can get Kodi’s latest 19.4 Matrix for Android by following this link on the Official Kodi website. 

How to use Kodi on Samsung Smart TV? 

Kodi on Samsung Smart TV works like any other app. However, it also depends on the method you follow to install it. For instance, if you are using the second method to cast Kodi on your Samsung TV, you will have to use the smartphone to control the Kodi app. 


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