Install Kodi on Mac and TVAddons

How to Install Kodi on Mac: Download FreeTelly

Yes – you can install Kodi on Mac, too.  In fact, there’s a special bundle called FreeTelly available for Mac.  FreeTelly is just Kodi + the best TVAddons, so install Kodi on macbook or any other Mac computer for endless streaming options.

So to install Kodi on Mac, you have two options:

  1. Install FreeTelly (one step involved)
  2. Install Kodi + TVAddons (two or more steps involved)

They both accomplish the same thing.  We recommend first trying to install FreeTelly, since that’s easier.




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Install FreeTelly on Mac

Install Kodi on Mac

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How To Install Kodi on Mac (Method #1: The “FreeTelly” Method)

  1. Download FreeTelly
  2. Launch the installer
  3. Complete the Install
  4. Launch Kodi (labeled “FreeTelly” in this case)

If for some reason this does not work for you, try Method #2, below.

How to Install Kodi + TVAddons on Mac (Method #2: The Kodi + TVAddons Method)

  1. Install Kodi on Mac + TVAddons

    Install Kodi on Mac + TVAddons

    Download Kodi

  2. Launch the Installer
  3. Complete the Install
  4. Launch Kodi
  5. Follow our guide to add as a new File source, then navigate to the new file source, install the Hubwizard zip file or AddonInstaller zip file.
  6. After that, you’re done!

What Do I Do After I Install Kodi on Mac?

After you have Kodi installed (with TVAddons)..

  1. In Kodi, go to VIDEO > Add-Ons.
  2. Then choose a great addons like Exodus.
  3. After you open Exodus, you’ll see the main menu.  From there, things are pretty straightforward!
  4. After you’ve selected a media item, it’ll show you a list of Sources.  Choose a source!  If a source doesn’t work, try a different source.