This tutorial shows you how to install Kodi on Fire TV with iPhone.  Basically, we can use our iPhone to download the Kodi installer and put it to a Dropbox – then use the ES File Explorer app for Fire TV (& Fire Stick) to download the Kodi installer from the same Dropbox.  Or you can use the Install Kodi on Fire TV 2017 method that requires no iPhone and No ES File Explorer at all!  Your choice.

How to Install Kodi on Fire TV with iPhone Using Dropbox

  • Enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources on your Fire TV / FireStick
  • Install the Dropbox app on your iPhone.  Alternatively you can use Google Drive.
  • Download the “ARM” version of Kodi to your iPhone (get it from
  • Use your iPhone to send the Kodi installer file to your Dropbox account (if you don’t have one, it’s free to sign up)
  • Now install ES File Explorer on your Fire TV or FireStick
  • Under “Cloud” in ES File Explorer, select Dropbox.  Then log in to your Dropbox using your Fire TV.
  • After you’re logged in to your Dropbox on your Fire TV using ES File Explorer, select the Kodi installer file and download it.
  • Once the download is complete, choose Open File.
  • If this process doesn’t work for you, try the New Install Kodi on Fire Stick 2017 method, which requires no iPhone, no Android sideloader, and No ES File Explorer!

Many Fire TV users are unable to Install Kodi on FireTV because they don’t have an Android phone to sideload Kodi natively, and they don’t have a computer to use ADBLink to install Kodi.  If you’re one of these iOS users who needs to install Kodi on Fire TV with iPhone or iPad, keep reading!

What’s Needed to Install Kodi on Fire TV with iPhone?

How to Install Kodi on Fire TV with iPhone (“Old” Method):




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  1. UPDATE – This method no longer works due to the “Sideloader for Fire TV” app being reportedly unavailable for most or all iOS users.  We recommend you try another method instead of this method.
  2. Enable ADB debugging & apps from unknown sources in Fire TV Settings
  3. Install “Sideloader for Fire TV” app on your iPhone or iPad (the app costs $1.99)
  4. Download the Kodi .APK file onto your iPhone (go to and click ARM underneath the Android icon)
    1. Direct Download Link (Full link):
    2. Direct Download Link (Shortlink):
  5. Launch the Sideloader for Fire TV app on your iPhone or iPad.
  6. Enter your FireTV‘s IP address into the Settings > Manual IP Address area of the Sideloader for Fire TV app
    1. You can also try “Select Fire TV Device” to have it try to find your FireTV’s IP address automatically
    2. To manually find your Fire TV’s IP address, using your Fire TV remote go to Settings on your Firestick / Fire TV, then About, then Network.  You’ll see “IP Address:  192.168.Something.Something”.  This is the IP address you need to enter into the Sideloader for Fire TV iPhone app.
  7. Select the .APK file you downloaded in Step 3, then click Send APK.  At this point, the APK file should transfer over to your FireTV and install (aka “sideloading”).  If everything goes correctly, you should see a notification on your Fire TV screen saying Kodi Installed.  If so, go to the Apps area of your Fire TV’s homescreen, then you should see Kodi.  Select Kodi and hit Launch!
  8. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Install TVAddons (Video) (Written guide)
  9. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Unblock TV addons (Written guide) with IPVanish.

How to Install TV Addons in Kodi (Video):

Common Issues with Install Kodi on Fire TV with iPhone Process

  • Unable to connect to Fire TV
    • Usually this issue occurs when there’s some network problem.  Usually when this happens, you need to check to make sure your FireTV is on the same wifi network as your iPhone / iPad.  You should also reboot your router, check your IP address, and try again.
  • Sideloader app stuck on “Installing..”
    • If this happens, reboot your phone, your Fire TV, and your router.  Try again.


If you have issues, watch our YouTube videos to see more ways to install Kodi on FireTV.