4 Ways to Install Kodi on Fire TV (VIDEO Tutorials)

So you need to install Kodi on Fire TV, eh buddy?  We have at least 4 ways for you:

  1. Use the new 2017 method to Install Kodi on FireStick using the Downloader app
  2. Sideload Kodi onto Firestick using an Android device (VIDEO) (Written Guide)
  3. Use ES File Explorer to install Kodi on Firestick (VIDEO) (Guide)
  4. Install Kodi on Firestick / Fire TV using ADBLink software for computers (PC, Mac, Linux) (Guide)

Psst.. Before Installing Kodi, Enable ADB Debugging

No matter which method you choose, you first need to make sure ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources are enabled to install Kodi on Fire TV.  To do this, go to Settings in your Fire TV, then go to “Device” or “Developer Options” (depending on what version of Fire TV OS your FireStick is running) and enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources.

Let’s get to it..

#1) Sideload Kodi on FireTV / Firestick using an Android device

This is the easiest, most surefire method to install Kodi on Fire TV.  If you don’t have an Android, borrow one from a friend.  You’ll need it for 10 minutes to sideload Kodi onto FireTV with their Android.


  • Easiest method for Installing Kodi
  • Fast
  • Free
  • No computer required
  • We have a tutorial video for this on YouTube.


  • Some people don’t have Android.
    • If you have an iPhone/iPad instead, there’s an iPhone/iPad app for Sideloading Kodi onto Firestick & FireTV for $1.99.  We also have a tutorial video for that on YouTube.


#2) Sideload Kodi on Firestick using iPhone / iPad

*** Note:  Many users report that this method no longer works, because the Sideloader for iOS app has been removed from iTunes app store.  We recommend that you try another method.  iOS users will have the best luck with the ES File Explorer method.  This was the 2nd easiest way to install Kodi on FireTV, using an iPhone.  The process is basically the same as #1 (sideloading Kodi using an Android device), just with an iPhone/iPad and it’s not free (it’s $1.99 unfortunately).


  • Somewhat easy
  • No computer required


  • Sideloader app costs $1.99.  *** Update:  The iOS Sideloader app is reportedly no longer available.
  • Transferring Kodi (an Android app) using an iPhone (an iOS device) is not a “natural” process, so it’s prone to be more likely to fail than other methods.  But the first time I tried it, it worked just fine.

How to Sideload Kodi Using iPhone / iPad

  • Install special browser from AppStore
  • Use special browser to download the Kodi APK file (“installer file”)
  • Install the Sideloader for Fire TV app from the iTunes store onto your iPhone/iPad (it’s $1.99 :( )
  • Re-open the special browser and go to the FILES tab of the special browser, then press the Kodi APK file entry and then press “Open In“.
  • Then press “Copy to Sideloader“.
  • Now, open the Sideloader app.
  • Use the settings in the Sideloader app to auto-detect your Firestick’s IP address.  If it doesn’t auto-detect, get your Firestick’s IP address manually by going to Settings > About > Network on your Firestick.  Then enter the IP address on your iPhone/iPad’s Sideloader for FireTV app.
  • Now go to the Files tab of the Sideloader for Fire TV app on your iOS device.  You should see the Kodi APK file listed there.  Press the Kodi APK file to select it, then click “Send APK“.  It should start the Sideloading process with a progress bar at the bottom.
  • Once it reaches 100, way 2 or 3 minutes if you need to for your Firestick to show the “Kodi Installed” notification.  Then launch Kodi by going to Apps in your Fire TV’s homescreen, then Kodi, then Launch.

#3)  Install Kodi using ES File Explorer

This method works the best.  We can simply install ES File Explorer onto the FireStick, then use it to download Kodi.


  • We get the benefits of ES File Explorer AND Kodi:
    • Ability to install Kodi using ES File Explorer’s Download Manager
    • Ability to install any additional APK files using ES File Explorer
    • Ability to link your cloud storage (Dropbox, for example) to your Fire TV so you can transfer files to your Fire TV very easily (just put it in your cloud storage from another device!).
      • This is GREAT for emulators and ROMs, by the way.
  • Installing Kodi using ES File Explorer is probably the most surefire way to Install Kodi on Fire TV.  It has the least chance of error.
  • No PC required if you sideload ES File Explorer using Android or iPhone / iPad, or just download ES File Explorer from the Amazon app store (just go to Home > Search > es file > Download)
  • We only have to sideload the ES File Explorer app once – from then, we can use ES File Explorer to directly install Kodi or literally any other apps the work on Fire TV (even random Android apps that weren’t meant for Fire TV)


  • We still have to Sideload something (ES File Explorer)
  • This method takes the longest, since you have to first sideload ES File Explorer (takes 10 minutes), THEN use ES File Explorer to install Kodi (takes 5-10 minutes).


#4) Install Kodi on Fire TV using ADBLink software for Computers

This is essentially a last-resort for most people.  Although the programmer-types will usually find this method the best way to install Kodi on Fire TV.

You download the ADBLink software to your computer (PC, Mac, Linux), install it, launch it, enter your Fire TV’s IP address, hit Connect, then use the program to locate the Kodi .APK file on your computer, then click PUSH APK FILE.


  • Tech-savvy people (like programmers) will find this method easy, most likely
  • Free
  • No smartphone / tablet required


  • People who aren’t good with computers will find this method confusing
  • The ADBLink software is clunky (but it works!)

How to Install Kodi on Fire TV Using ADBLink (for Computers)

  • Download ADBLink & Install it
  • Launch ADBLink
  • Enter your Fire TV’s IP Address
  • Click Connect
  • Use ADBLink to locate your Kodi .APK file
    • Download here, here, or here.
  • Click Push APK File
  • Launch Kodi from your Fire TV by going to APPS in youre Fire TV’s homescreen.

The No-B.S. Version (“Summary”)

ADBLink is great if you’re comfortable with computers and getting 2 devices to talk to eachother.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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