This guide shows you how to install Kodi Hyper TT build.  The HyperTT build for Kodi is a collection of TV Addons customized for adult content.  Warning: This Kodi Build contains ADULT CONTENT and is for adults only (18+).  We also have a VIDEO on YouTube of this Install Kodi HyperTT process, if you’d prefer to watch the step-by-step video guide as you follow along with this written article.

Install Kodi Hyper TT

  • Launch Kodi
  • Underneath SYSTEM in the main Kodi menu, go to “File Manager
  • Then go to Add Source
  • Select the “None” box
  • Enter the path
  • Click Done
  • Choose the box that now says “kodi”, which is the box to Enter a name for the media source.
  • Enter a name in the box, such as “HyperTT”
  • Click Done
  • Click OK
  • Hit Escape or click Home to Return to the Kodi dashboard
  • Go to SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from Zip File
  • Select the new source you added (“HyperTT”)
  • Click “builds
  • Select
  • Wait a minute for Kodi to install the zip file
  • You will see a notice in the bottom right corner saying “Top Tutorials Wizard Add-On Enabled
  • Return to the Kodi dashboard home screen
  • Go to PROGRAMS
  • Select Top Tutorials Wizard
  • You will see several different options for what version of Hyper TT to install
  • If you’re on a Firestick, select Hyper TT Firestick Edition
  • If you’re on a PC, select Ultra TTLatest Version
  • The TTWizard will download and install the HyperTT Kodi build.
  • After the install is finished, Restart Kodi. You should also restart your device. If your device is an Android TV Box or FireStick, then power cycle the device.
  • Hyper TT is now installed. The TV Addons installed by the TTWizard will now be visible under VIDEOS > Add-Ons.
  • If you’re on a PC and you see the message “Force close unsuccessful”, then use Windows Task Manager to End Task on Kodi, reboot your PC, then re-launch Kodi.

Problems Installing Hyper TT Wizard?

  • If the Hyper TT Build Wizard installer failed for you, then try to re-install Kodi first.  Then attempt the Hyper TT install process one more time.
  • Make sure to reboot your device after installing Hyper TT Wizard.
  • You may need to restore your device to Factory Default Settings

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