This tutorial shows you how to install Kodi BEAST, Beast TV, Beast Kids Build, and Beast Encore.  When you’re installing any Kodi build, such as The Beast, you should really do it on a fresh installation of Kodi.  This is the best way to avoid The Beast install problems.

Install Kodi Beast

  • Register for the BEAST at  You’ll need to provide a user name, email, and password to install Kodi Beast successfully.
  • Click Log In and enter your username & password
  • Verify your new account details by clicking the VERIFY button after you log into your Beast account
  • Once you’re verified, launch Kodi
  • Go to SYSTEM >> File Manager
  • Choose Add Source
  • Choose NONE
  • Enter “” without the quotation marks
  • Select DONE
  • Select the box below “Enter a name for this media source”
  • Enter any name – we use “b” for Beast.
  • Choose OK
  • Return to the Kodi Home Screen
  • Go to SYSTEM >> AddOns >> Install from Zip File
  • Select “b” (the source you added in the previous steps)
  • Choose the “” file.  This is the “Wizard” that will install Kodi Beast onto our device.
  • You’ll see a popup notification in the bottom right corner that tells you the Beast has been enabled.
  • Return to Kodi’s homescreen
  • Choose PROGRAMS
  • Move the cursor over The Beast Wizard, but don’t select it yet.
  • Once the cursor is over The Beast Wizard, open Kodi’s context menu.  This can be done by pressing C on a keyboard (for PCs), by doing a “long press” on mobile devices, or using the “Menu” button on a Fire TV remote.
  • Select Add-On Settings
  • Enter your email address and password you used to register for the Beast
  • Choose OK
  • Select The Beast Wizard
  • Choose the Beast build you’d like to install
  • The Beast build you selected will download, extract itself onto your device, and install.
  • For Android-based devices such as Android TV boxes and Amazon Fire TV devices, you’ll need to reboot your device after the extraction is done to complete the installation.  You can do this by unplugging the power from your device and plugging it back in.
  • If you have a non-Android-based device (such as PC, mac), then simply press OK to complete the Beast installation process.
  • Choose OK one more time
  • Kodi should now close itself.
  • After restarting, the Beast should be all set to stream TV shows, movies, and Live TV.
  • If you have issues when you try to install Kodi Beast build, try a different Kodi Build (such as Ares Wizard or Config Wizard, video tutorial links below).

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If you have a problem installing Kodi Beast, try this:

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  1. Reboot your device and try to install Beast in Kodi again
  2. Re-install Kodi
  3. Check if your network signal is strong enough to download the Beast’s files

Wrap Up

Still having problems?  Ask on our YouTube channel.