Install Kodi Angelus Addon: Easy Guide & Repository

This guide shows you how to install Kodi Angelus Addon.  Angelus is a Kodi video Addon from Illuminate Repository and it provides a range of sections.

There are sections for War films, Sci-Fi Crime Documentaries, Box-sets, TV Shows, Zombie, Thriller, search, etc.

For better security and privacy, it is recommended that you combine Kodi with a good VPN. If you are in search of an inexpensive VPN, IP vanish is a great option, as its servers are extremely fast, with no logs or throttling.

* KFire TV is not affiliated with Kodi, any Repos, Builds, or Addons. KFire TV is information and news-based and has zero tolerance for copyright infringement. You should only use Kodi with content that is in public domain or content you bought and have exclusive right to.

Location of Angelus Kodi Addon

Name: Illuminate Repository


Installing Angelus Kodi Addon

  1. Click the System Settings Icon located at the top left
  2. Next, Click File Manager
  3. Then navigate to the left, click “Add Source”
  4. Click where “NONE” is displayed
  5. Then input the URL:, and then click OK
  6. Ensure the next box down is named “Judged,” and then click OK
  7. Then check again to see if all inputs are correct and click OK
  8. Find the main menu again and click “Add-ons”
  9. Then locate the Add-on Package Installer at the top left and click it
  10. Click Install from zip file
  11. Then, from the box that pops up, select “Judged”
  12. Click  (Be patient as the Repository downloads and pops up around the top right and says Repository Installed)
  13. Now, click Install from repository
  14. Then, click Illuminati
  15. At this point, select Video Add-ons
  16. Now, Click Angelus
  17. Then, click Install

Kodi Addons like Angelus

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