This tutorial walks you through the How to Install Kodi 64-Bit Windows 10 process: step-by-step.

How to Install Kodi 64-Bit Windows 10, 8, or 7

  1. On your Windows PC or laptop, download Kodi 64 Bit for Windows (Link).  To download the latest version of Kodi 64 Bit for Windows, go to the “Nightlies” download page (click here).  Then click on the file at the top of the list (like in the screenshot below).  Wait for the Kodi installer file to download onto your PC:

    Download Kodi 17 64 Bit for Windows

    Kodi 64 Bit download for Windows

  2. Launch the downloaded file.  If your Windows computer pops up a “security” notification (like in the screenshot below), then click Yes.

    Install Kodi 64 Bit in Windows

    Click Yes to proceed with the Kodi 64 Bit install process

  3. If the Kodi installer launches (like in the screenshot immediately below), then click “Next” and continue to the next step.  *** If you see an error that says “Unable to start because KB267080 is missing”, then take a quick hop over to our guide to fix that first.  Then proceed with the next step after the Kodi installer launches.

    Install Kodi 64 in Windows

    Click Next to begin the Windows Kodi install process

  4. When Kodi presents you with the “License Agreement”, click “I Agree” or hit Enter on your keyboard
    Kodi installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10

    Click “I Agree” to accept the agreement and continue


  5. Then click “Next” when you see the “Choose Components” part of the installation screen.  IMPORTANT:  Leave the “Select the type of install” dropdown-menu set to “Full“.  Why?  Because this ensures that the “Microsoft Visual C++ packages” box is checked!  This is very important because Kodi needs the Visual C Runtime in order to run.  These files are a set of essential “support files” for Windows to enable Kodi to run.

    How to Install Kodi 64 bit in Windows 7: Step 3

    Leave the dropdown menu set to “Full”. Then click Next to install Kodi.

  6. Now click “Next” when the Kodi installer displays the “Choose Install Location” screen.

    Install Kodi 17 64 Bit in Windows 8

    Click “Next” to accept the default install location (fine for most people!)

  7. Then wait for Kodi 64 bit to install in Windows 7, 8 or 10!

    Waiting for Kodi install to complete

    The Kodi install process will take a few minutes, depending on how fast your PC / laptop runs

  8. The longest “waiting” part of the install process is in the screenshot below.  So just wait for the Kodi install to completely finish.  Then continue to the next step.

    Last part of Kodi Windows install process: Waiting for Visual C Runtime

    If the Kodi install seems to get “hung up” on this step, then just be patient and wait.

  9. After the Kodi installer is all done, click the “Run Kodi” checkbox.

    Finishing the Kodi Windows install process

    Click the “Run Kodi” checkbox and click Next to launch Kodi for Windows

  10. Then click Next to launch Kodi 64 bit for Windows!

Kodi 64-Bit Windows 10 Post-Install Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your Windows 64 Bit version of Kodi is all nice and “neat” :):

  • Did you install TVAddons?  If not, use our handy-dandy install tutorials to set up TVAddons in Kodi 64 Bit for Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • Are you using a VPN when you stream video files with Kodi?  You should use a VPN on all your devices at all times to hide your IP, but especially when you use Kodi.
  • Have you installed a Kodi build?  This is the easiest way to stream movies & TV shows in Kodi