How to Install iTunes on Mac OR Windows Computers

Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, you should know how to install iTunes!  iTunes is most definitely one of the most popular applications to stream audio and other content, primarily music. iTunes was launched in January 2001, which means that for nearly 16 years, the app has been a mainstay.

iTunes is now a real household name in the online music arena – and it’s one of Apple’s most famous offerings.  Apple’s latest release of the iTunes software, written by the time of this article, was released on January 23th.  This new version of iTunes features some great advanced additions, as well as support and features in over 23 different languages.

Why install iTunes?

The app is more than just a media player, but a comprehensive program that allows users to perform a wide variety of functions.  iTunes lets you convert audio files to different formats and rip CD content.  You can also listen to free podcasts and purchase music through the iTunes Store.  You can even burn your own CDs, for example!  Here are the best features of iTunes (which is available for Mac and Windows PCs & laptops):

  • Listen to free podcasts
  • Purchase individual music tracks
  • Rip CDs and burn CDs (yes – CDs.  The plastic discs that look like drink coasters.)

Install iTunes

iTunes is completely free!  Download iTunes via Apple’s App Store.  Or download iTunes from the official website of the iTunes makers (Apple), via the following link:

  1. To install iTunes, just go to the official iTunes download page (click here).
  2. Then click Download, which is a button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. The iTunes install page will automatically detect what operating system you’re using (Mac or Windows).  Then it will start downloading the appropriate (Mac or Windows) version of iTunes for you.
  4. After the download is complete, launch the download.  The install iTunes process will begin!
  5. Follow the prompts on-screen (typical software install questions) to finish this install iTunes guide.
Install iTunes Windows: "The Download"

Install iTunes for Windows or Mac ( will auto-detect your OS)

The website will automatically detect your operative system and give you the latest compatible version of iTunes based on your system.

iTunes Features

One of the best features of iTunes is that organizing the content is seamless: music can be enjoyed and streamed beautifully.   And the platform also perfectly integrates with Apple Music, which allows users to stream millions of songs.

Apple Music

Apple Music also lets you access exclusive content, such as Beats 1 Radio (hosted by Zane Lowe and other celebrity DJs).  Check out that great music content!

Wrap Up

The installation is incredibly easy and the process should be as easy as following some simple prompts on your screen. iTunes is far more than just a music player: its latest versions are far more focused on other content, including movies and TV shows, which can be viewed with the program.

Install iTunes using the steps above and start organizing your libraries of music, videos and TV shows!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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