This step-by-step tutorial (with screenshots) shows you how to install the IPVanish Firestick app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV box.


This VPN install method also works on Android TV Box (and all other device types).  For Android TV Boxes, see our How to Install VPN on Android tutorial.  Or use the steps below, but the first download and install the “Amazon Underground” app from Google Play Store.  Then proceed with the step-by-step guide below:

How to Install IPVanish FireStick App

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  2. From the Firestick home screen, select the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the top left corner of the screen.
Press Search icon to Search for IPVanish VPN app for Firestick
Press the Search icon (from the Firestick home screen)
  • Then, using the Fire TV remote to press keys on the on-screen keyboard, enter the word “ipvanish”.
  • Firestick VPN app install
    Enter “IPVanish” into the search box
  • Then use the Down button on the FireTV remote to highlight the word “ipvanish” (it turns to Yellow when it’s “highlighted”).
  • Select IPVanish from the Amazon App Store search results on Fire TV stick
    Select the word “IPvanish” using the Fire TV Remote (the word turns yellow when it’s selected)
  • Then press the center button on the Fire TV remote to search for the IPVanish VPN for Firestick app.  (Hint: If you don’t see the IPVanish app right after the search results appear, then select “Apps & Games”.)
  • Now select the icon of the IPVanish app using the Center button on the Fire TV remote.
  • IPVanish Fire TV app
    Select the IPVanish App from the search results with the Center button on the Firestick remote
  • Press the Center button again to “Get” the IPVanish app.
  • Firestick IPVanish app
    Get the IPVanish app by pressing the Center button on the Fire TV remote
  • After the IPVanish app install is finished, press the Center button once more on the Fire TV remote to Open the IPVanish app.
  • Launch the IPVanish Firestick app
    Press “Open” using the Center button on the Firestick remote to Launch the IPVanish Firestick app
  • Once the IPVanish app opens, select the “Username” box.
  • IPVanish Firestick app username
    Select “Username” with the Fire TV remote

    Select the “Username” box

  • Then enter your Username you got when you signed up for IPVanish with my coupon link.
  • Enter your username in the IPVanish Firestick app
    Enter your IPVanish username
  • Then enter your password you chose when you signed up for IPVanish.
  • Now enter your password into the Amazon Fire TV IPVanish app
    Enter your password
  • Finally, press “Login” to log in to the IPVanish Firestick app.  Just one last button to press after this!
  • Select "Login" to start your Firestick VPN connection
    Press “Login”
  • Lastly, press the Center button on the Firestick remote to Connect instantly to the fastest VPN server available.
  • Now simply press CONNECT using the Firestick remote to connect to the VPN server
    Press the center button to Connect to the VPN!
  • After you’re connected, you will see the graph on your screen as data is securely transferred through the VPN!  Also notice how your “Visible Location” appears, along with your “Visible IP address” in the top left corner of the IPVanish Firestick app.
  • Firestick VPN app in action
    Graph of incoming and outgoing data through the Secure VPN server
  • Test the VPN connection using the steps below.  It takes about 5 seconds.  You just look at your IP address without the VPN connection and make sure it’s different than the IP address that shows with the VPN connected.  For step-by-step instructions, see below.
  • How to Test IPVanish App for Firestick

    1. When the VPN app is Connected to any VPN server, your IP address will be different than when it is not connected to a VPN server.  This is easier to check than it sounds.  Just look at the top-left corner of the IPVanish app screen after you Connect to a VPN server:
    Test the VPN server on your Fire Stick
    This is your Firestick’s IP address when Connected to the secure VPN server
  • See how the “Visible Location” in the screenshot above says “209.123.456.789″? (The “123, 456, 789” are blurred-out in the screenshot above).  This is the IP address of the VPN server when you’re connected to it.  As soon as you Disconnect, the app will reveal your real IP address.
  • Now press the Disconnect button using the Fire TV remote.
  • Make sure you see data transferring securely in your new VPN app
    Press the Disconnect button to finish testing the VPN connection and move on to the last step
  • After you’re no longer Connected to the VPN server, observe how the IP address shown in the “Visible Location” area of the IPVanish app is now different (it now says “70..” instead of “209..” from the previous Step).  This is your true IP address (when the VPN is disconnected).  This is the IP address we want to hide!  See the screenshot below to see how the IP address is different after we Disconnected from the VPN server:
  • IPVanish app for Firestick IP address
    IP address when not connected to the IPVanish app for Firestick.  See how the IP address changed?  This means you’re protected by the VPN!
  • After you’ve successfully tested the VPN by verifying that your IP address is different after you Connect using the IPVanish Firestick app (aka Firestick VPN app), re-connect by pressing “Connect”!  As long as you’re connected, your data is safe.
  • Wrap Up

    If you have trouble, the IPVanish support team is there to help!  Or leave a comment on the KFireTV YouTube channel or on the KFireTV Facebook page.




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