Gridiron Legends: Best Kodi Addon Live Football and more!

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Gridiron Legends: Live Sports & American Football Kodi Addon

Gridiron Legends is a popular Kodi addon from NoleNation or Nole Dynasty repositories. It is dedicated to American Football. It offers live IPTV, Game replays, documentaries, and all kinds of coverage to the events associated with the US’s biggest sport.

Whether you are a fan of College Football’s top games from ACC, Big Ten, or any other similar division, there’s a huge library of content for you to enjoy. And that’s what makes this Kodi addon a very special one. Normally, there are no Kodi addons for exclusive coverage of College Football events.

Gridiron Legends Latest Update

Like all Kodi Addons, Gridiron Legends goes through frequent updates over time. The latest update of the addon came in October 2020. In this update, the developers added secondary links to some of the IPTV channels to give you a more stable and dependable streaming experience.

Though the pin systems are not a new update, it’s necessary to know about it to avoid disappointment when trying to set it up on your device. Gridiron Legends uses a Pin system to give access to users. You will have to generate a Pin for the addon in Kodi before using it.

Gridiron Legends Features

Some distinctive features of the Gridirons Legends addon for Kodi are:

It provides you streaming links for a wide gamut of American Football games – all in HD quality and higher resolution.

You can get free access to Live IPTV, Game replays, documentaries on various aspects of the game, and much more on a single platform.

This addon covers almost the entire range of Football events ranging from College Football All Access to NFL, Fear the Spear, Great FSU Offensive/Defensive Players, Game Highlights, and other similar events.

Besides Football, you can even watch content from the WWE Universe, such as Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania, TLC matches, and more.

The Gridiron Regional Networks feature lets you watch network broadcast TV.

In the Gridiron Entertainment section, you can watch as many movies as you want. But, these movies are related to sports only.

There’s also a Pay per View section in the addon that lets you watch your favorite streams in even better resolution. Although you do have to pay for this section to watch what you want.

Its streaming links get regularly updated with all the newest and latest Football games in great resolution.

Its user interface is pretty organized and straightforward, making your search for a particular event or category super easy.

Gridiron Legends Sections


We talk briefly about some important sections of the addon above. Let’s take a look at all the sections. After you install the addon, you can see the following sections on the main menu.

  1. College Football All-Access
  2. NFL All-Access
  3. Gridiron Wrestling Corner (for WWE events)
  4. Gridiron Entertainment
  5. Legends Football League
  6. Gridiron Tomahawk Central
  7. Gridiron Live Streaming
  8. Gridiron Replay Zone
  9. Gridiron PPV Section
  10. Regional Networks
  11. Fear the Spear

The Fear the Spear section has been further divided into the following sections for your ease and convenience.

  1. War Chant Podcast
  2. Great Moments in FSU History
  3. Championship Game Highlights
  4. Great FSU Offensive Players
  5. Great FSU Defensive Players
  6. FSU 2013 Championship Season
  7. Documentaries

How to Install the Gridiron Legends Kodi Addon

Before you start the installation process, there are a few things to consider. First, you will need to install Kodi on your device as Gridiron Legends is a Kodi addon. It cannot work without Kodi. Second, Kodi prohibits the use of third-party add-ons by default for security purposes. Therefore, you need to set Kodi to Allow Installation from Unknown Sources to continue with this installation. Third, in case you already have Kodi set up on your device, make sure it has the latest version to avoid any issues during the installation process.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into the installation.

Step 1: First of all, launch Kodi and then click on that Cog icon on the top left corner of the screen to enter the System page.

Kodi Cog Icon

Step 2: Now, locate File manager and click on it.

File manager on Kodi Krypton

Step 3: Then, from the left column of the page, double click the Add Source option

Add a media source to Kodi

Step 4: Afterwards, double click the <None> option from the box you see in the middle of the screen.

Step 5: In the popup box, type in:

and click the OK button to continue.

Step 6: Name your media source we just entered as noledynasty to differentiate it from others. Please ensure the name is all in lowercase letters; otherwise, you may run into problems during installation. Now, click OK.

Step 7: Go to the main menu and click on the Add-ons option on the screen’s left-hand side.

Kodi menu editor to customize main menu on kodi home screen

Step 8: Hit the Box icon on the upper hand side

Add-ons Box Icon

Step 9: Now select install from the Zip file

Kodi Install from Zip File

Step 10: Choose the source file as noledynasty.

Step 11: choose the file from inside the repository. Here the X X is the particular repo version you are using.

Nole Dynasty Repository Zip File

Step 12: Wait a few moments until you see the message Nole Dynasty Add-on installed.

Nole Dynasty Add-on Installed dialog

Note: This is just the repo installation. Next, you need to add Gridiron legends addon from this repository to Kodi.

kodi 18 leia install Gridiron Legends tv add-on from repo

Step 13: Choose Nole Dynasty Repo

select Nole Dynasty repo for install

Step 14: Choose Video addons

Step 15: Find and choose Gridiron Legends addon

live nfl and ncaa football online

Step 16: Now, click on that install button on the lower right-hand side of the screen to begin the installation.

Gridiron Legends Install button

Step 17: Click OK to allow additional dependencies.

Step 18: Wait a few moments as the addon gets added to your Kodi.

Gridiron Legends Failed to Install a Dependency

Oftentimes, users get into this popup message notifying that Gridiron legends has failed to install a dependency. Whenever you get this error, go to Kodi’s log file area. There you should be able to see the Gridiron Legends addon right on the top of the list. Can you see the item right underneath it? This is the repo that normally fails to install. It will most probably be called html5lib-python. To solve this problem:

Click on it to bring up the installation prompt. Now, click on the install button in an attempt to reinstall the dependency once again. In case the dependency installs okay, click on the Gridiron Legends items in the same list once again to try to install it yet again. Usually, going through these steps fixes the problem. However, to make sure you are doing everything right, check your Kodi for the latest updates.

Updated Kodi has all the basic dependencies that you may need to run this addon smoothly. These include dependencies like urllib3 and script. module.requests etc., necessary for successful installation of this addon.

How to Generate a Pin for Gridiron Legends in Kodi

As already discussed in an earlier section, Gridiron Legends has a Pin system to make everything work. In this section, we explain how you can generate a pin for your Gridiron Legends addon without any hassle. Let’s take a look!

First of all, go to the official Pin System Website. Its URL is

Then scroll down and tap on the Generate a Pin option.

Scroll down and wait until the timer comes down to 0. Afterward, tap on the Click to View Pin option.

Copy and save your pin. You will have to enter it into the addon on the first launch.

Filtering Content in Kodi

While using the Gridiron legends addon, you must have noticed that some of the sections within the addon have thousands of videos in a single playlist. This makes filtering content and finding what you are looking for a tad bit inconvenient. However, there’s a very simple way to quickly find what you are looking for. And that is:

  • From the playlist, you want to find a particular video, hit the left button on your Kodi remote to open the side menu.
  • Now scroll down to Search and hit Enter.
  • In the typing window, you can type whatever you want to see, e.g., New York games. As you begin to type, the addon will automatically filter out the results that match your keyword.
  • Click enter when you are done. Now you have a much less subset of videos to choose from.
  • You can easily empty your search keyword by pressing the left button on the Kodi remote once again and clicking on the search.

How to Watch Free American Football Online Anonymously

When you are using Kodi or any other streaming app to watch sports, don’t forget to use an encrypted VPN service. A VPN will save and benefit you in more than one way. It will hide your identity, hide your location as well as your online activities from the prying eyes of your government,  ISPs, or hackers. Without a VPN, anyone can snoop in on your activities, and you may even get into legal trouble for streaming from unknown sources.

Long-time readers of this website know that our go-to recommendation for all kinds of streaming is IPVanish. Many experienced Kodi streamers also prefer this VPN service over others for staying anonymous on the interwebs and unblocking any geo-restricted content while traveling. Entertainment service providers like Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon prime keep some of their content geo-restricted for one reason or another. Using the right VPN gives you the opportunity to bypass any such restriction and watch whatever you want.

ipvanish vpn

IPVanish offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. So you can test the service and make sure it serves your purpose. If not satisfied, you can always get a refund.

Alternatives for Gridiron Legends Kodi Addon

Kodi add-ons come and go all the time. Even a top addon today will go, poof, tomorrow. So keep a watchful eye on working alternatives for Gridiron legends. As of writing this article, the below addons are a great alternative.

Maverick TV

Kodi Maverick TV Addon

Maverick is all around great addon for Kodi that streams TV shows, movies, Sports, Live TV, and more. It provides a combo of free links and Debrid for Real Debrid users. Various sections on the addon include search 4K UHD, New Movie Releases, Debrid Classics, Sports, Latest Shows, and more.

Halow Live TV 

Kodi Halow Live TV Addon

Halow Live TV brings you streamable content, including movies, music, TV, Live Sports, and others from all over the world. There is a huge variety of channels in all different languages of the world for you to enjoy. It’s also free of cost addon. You can use all of its features without spending anything on subscription charges.


Kodi SportsDevil Addon

SportsDevil is one of the most popular Kodi addons for streaming live sports events. It also offers free sports replays, Live IPTV, hundreds of HD sports streams, and more. Many users consider it the ultimate sports addon for Kodi because it offers streams for fans of all kinds of sports, including American Football, Rugby, Baseball, WWE, and more.

Is Gridiron Legends Addon best for watching college football? 

So, that’s pretty much it. We hope the information provided in this write proves useful and helps you get this addon without any hassle. Gridiron Legends addon for Kodi is a relatively new option. However, it has earned its spot among the best Kodi Addons for sports in such a short time. It lets you enjoy live as well as recorded sports such as Football, baseball, rugby, wrestling and more. Thank you for reading.

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